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28 November 2014

Tender Clowns Against Electrosmog

"Innocenzo": Godeliève and Jonathan (with Nathanaël Morier
in the background) in full rehearsal yesterday at their
home in Ponts-de-Martel.  (Richard Leuenberger)
I attended the premier of “Innocenzo”, presented by the Piti Theater Company in Colombier and found it very enjoyable, magical, entertaining, and above all, informative about concerns regarding our exposure to electrosmog. The principal actors, Godeliève and Jonathan, are creative and talented. I admire their engagement to raise awareness of this issue among the general public, especially young children, and wish them much success in their determination to present this play to audiences in English- and French-speaking countries.

Tender Clowns Against Electrosmog
L’Impartial, 22 November 2014

Godeliève and Jonathan of the Piti Theater Company are going to present « Innocenzo » to voice concerns about electromagnetic pollution, a show based on personal experience…  "I was ill, but I didn’t know why," explains Godeliève Richard of Ponts-de-Martel. "I was no longer able to sleep and suffered dizziness and headaches…"  After a tough battle, she discovered that she was suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. She developed strategies, her health was restored, but her life is complicated. How to survive being "disconnected" when Wi-Fi is everywhere?  She and her companion Jonathan Mirin live on the heights of Ponts-de-Martel.  "We don’t have Wi-Fi. The computer is wired and also the phone... There are many ways to protect one’s home when one is electrosensitive. It’s possible, but complicated."

From bees to electrosmog

Godeliève and her companion Jonathan Mirin, a native of Massachussets, are the founders, creators, and principal actors of the small troupe, Piti Theatre Company, based in Ponts-de-Martel and in Massachusetts (the couple regularly travel back and forth).

In 2012, the company created a show about the disappearance of bees in collaboration with Evologia. It is an educational show, mainly for schoolchildren, and continues to run, including in the United States.

The Piti Theater is now finalizing a new show, « Innocenzo », based on Godeliève’s personal experience. It is the story of a clown who falls ill, a victim of electrosmog, and how he emerges from this or at least limits the damage. For example, "switch off Wi-Fi, switch off the cell phone. These things are easy. We have not created this show to say that one must get rid of one’s smartphone!"  Its intention is not to alarm people. Jonathan: "We are trying to create a light and humorous show".  We learn for example that near Mayenfeld, there is a "white zone" where inhabitants have decided to no longer use wireless technology.

Lost cause ?

"There is harm, which is little known," says Jonathan. "If we are aware of it, we can make informed decisions." Godeliève:  "The information is not clear. Some studies more or less financed by the industry" conclude that this technology is without risk while other more independent studies show the opposite. A lost cause?  "If I thought so, I would no longer have hope," says Godeliève.

A first premier of « Innocenzo » will be presented on 26 November at the Colombier Center for Prevention and Health, accompanied by explanatory information from the Association romande alerte aux ondes électromagnétiques (ARA). The other dates have not yet been fixed but we will probably see “Innocenzo” playing at the ABC in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Assistance for the staging has been provided by Dominique Bourquin. Carrie Ferguson is the lyricist. On stage, apart from Jonathan and Godeliève, we see the musician from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Nathanaël Morier. The latter is not electrosensitive. This does not prevent him from "now switching off my cell phone when I am sleeping, in order not to be disturbed!"

Automatically, Wi-Fi !

As a precautionary measure, in order to ensure that schoolchildren are protected against the effects of electromagnetic pollution, the cantonal authorities of Neuchâtel played a pioneering role in adopting an ordinance in 2010 (see our edition of 1st November) in order to fix the conditions for use of computers in classrooms. The ordinance stipulates that only wired networks (metallic cables or fiber optics) are authorized in nurseries and kindergarten. Internet access via Wi-Fi is strictly forbidden, as well as in primary and secondary school classrooms. As to whether or not Wi-Fi is harmless, the PLR of Neuchâtel is taking up the issue (today’s edition).

Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds are also following the Wi-Fi trend. One can connect in parks and at the swimming pool. "It is being imposed on the population without asking our opinion," says one mother. She does not suffer from any disorders due to radiation, but is offended by the presence of Wi-Fi everywhere "even in campsites! When one also finds this in picnic areas and in our forests, we cannot complain about kids remaining glued to their tablets instead of being interested in their surroundings. Socially, it’s nil!"

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