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29 June 2015

Switzerland - Published Comments on Electrosmog - 2

Pierre Maudet, Mayor of Geneva, June 2011-May 2012.
Comments by the Editor of this blog, published in Swiss newspapers.

Wi-Fi:  What Benefit?
Tribune de Genève, 15 July 2011

The Mayor of Geneva is promoting free Wi-Fi as an amenity for the Genevois.  Wi-Fi can cause health problems for certain persons who are sensitive to the electromagnetic waves it emits.  WHO has declared that these waves are possibly carcinogenic.  This demonstrates a lack of responsibility on the part of our authorities, especially to have installed Wi-Fi in museums and libraries which are frequented by children.  Children are more sensitive to such pollution.  I would like to draw the mayor's attention to the recent resolution of the Council of Europe, of which Switzerland is a member, on the "potential danger of electromagnetic fields and their effects on the environment".  It suggests the creation of "white zones" free of wireless networks for "electrosensitive" persons and the determination of places to erect all new antennas:  Wi-Fi, WiMax, UTMS, GMS in agreement not only with the area authorities, but also with the inhabitants concerned.

[The Mayor of Geneva mentioned here is currently the State Councillor in Charge of Security in Canton Geneva and was one of three Swiss who attended the 2015 Bilderberg Summit.]

Profit or Public Health?
Tribune de Genève, 17 November 2011

In Switzerland there is "a lack of political will" concerning smoking.  Switzerland has not ratified the WHO convention on tobacco control. a convention which commits the signatories to adopting measures against smoking.  Why?  Because several big tobacco companies are located in Switzerland and have representatives in Parliament.

It is the same for the telecommunications industry.  The Confederation holds a majority of stock in Swisscom.  The two industries have no concern for our health.  Most of our politicians do not either.  The tobacco industry is seducing more and more young people, thanks to aggressive advertising.  The publicity of the telecommunications industry incites young persons to buy the latest smartphones and iPads... The radiofrequencies emitted by mobile telephony are potentially harmful, especially to very young persons.  But our politicians ignore the declarations of authorities like that of the Council of Europe, of which Switzerland is a member, on the potential risk to humans of radiation emitted by this technology and reinforcement of precautionary measures to take when using it.

What is more valuable?  Financial profits or human lives?

Risks of Antennas
Tribune de Genève, 24 January 2012

I thank Mr. Winiger for his article, "Waves are not harmless".  He reminds us that a small "dose" of waves emitted by both big and mini-antennas, may set off strong biological reactions and affect our health. Swiss Re, the big reinsurance company, considers the dangers linked to electromagnetic waves, as "phantom risks".  Asbestos fibers and silicone implants were once considered "phantom risks".  Today, they are called emerging risks and even proven risks, responsible for harmful health effects, costing huge sums of money in medical costs and damages to society.  According to Swiss Re, from a prospective point of view, the dangers linked to electromagnetic fields can be considered as an "emerging risk".  Other reinsurance companies have declared they will exclude coverage of companies for risk of illnesses resulting from exposure to electromagnetic field emissions.  Mr. Winiger also mentioned the increasing over-coverage of the mobile network.  Antennas are sometimes installed too close to schools and nurseries (less than 500 meters), without consideration of the potential effects on the health of children who are more vulnerable to waves.

Pro Juventute and Cell Phones
Tribune de Genève, 29 March 2012

It is troubling that an organization like Pro Juventute, has associated itself with Sunrise [major Swiss telecoms operator] in promoting a prepaid service ("Primobile") for use of cell phones by children from age 9.  One of the fundamental principles of the organization is to preserve the greatest well-being of children.  Electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones can be harmful.  Although Pro Juventute cites cyberbullying as a danger to children, it does not mention the possible health risks such as DNA damage, brain tumors, damage to the blood-brain barrier which protects the brain from toxic substances.  The skulls of children are smaller and more fragile, absorbing more radiation.  The use of cell phones by very young children favors, during the course of their lives, accumulation of much more radiation than adults, which could significantly increase the risk of developing brain tumors.  Instead of promoting the "Primobile" service, Pro Juventute should be serving children by informing them of the precautionary measures to take to limit exposure to radiation:  reducing the number and length of calls, using headsets and keeping cell phones away from the body.  The use of cell phones by children under age 12 should not be encouraged.

Thank You for "Cell Phones of Shame"
Tribune de Genève, 16 April 2012

I thank the 11 April Tribune for the article "Cell Phones of Shame" about the deplorable work conditions and environmental degradation caused by the production of electronic devices, including the generation of toxic waste ("e-waste"), exported to Asia and Africa.

Through the regulation of international trade and aggressive marketing, industrialized countries favor the export of potentially cancer-causing substances to countries of the South:  asbestos, food and industrial products from the Fukushima region, expired medicines, pesticides, cigarettes...

These countries, already overwhelmed by communicable disease, will have to confront an epidemic of cancers which will be devastating.  They have do not have the means for diagnosis or treatment.

We must raise awareness of people in order to pressure governments and multinational companies to regulate these practices which are spreading diseases and deteriorating living conditions.  When we buy the latest model of a cell phone or computer, we should think about the health, environmental, and social impact of their production on less fortunate populations.

We should especially sensitize young people because they are the future custodians of all life and the planet.

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