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08 September 2015

Brain Cancer and Cell Phones Addressed By U.S. House of Representatives

Brain Cancer and Cell Phones Addressed By U.S. House of Representatives
posted by RFSAFE on Youtube, 7 September 2015

Capitol Hill better act fast as it continues to overlook cell phone radiation is most likely the source for America’s surge in Brain cancer among politicians who have died at alarming rates since the explosion of wireless communications.

It only took one Google search to reveal 23 potential political occupational brain tumor victims that have died since 1995, the source itself makes a disclaimer it is still incomplete from 1922-2010. The list separated for comparison (1995) is the year RF Safe’s Founder last held his daughter as a result of a birth defect attributed to RF Radiation exposure.

That’s at least 23 political figures in 15 years that have died from brain cancer during the vast expansion into the wireless age we live today.

But what about the oldest records of political figures that died prior to 1995 of brain tumors before cell phones were standard issue in every Senator’s car, toting their briefcase phones that evolved into today’s common place pocket gadgets and wearable computers – COMPLETELY untested for human safety.

OK, now lets take into consideration that over the course of 73 years prior to 1995 there were only 13 political deaths related to brain tumors found while two of them may have also been cell phone users in the very late 80’s , early 90’s.

MAKE THE RIGHT CALL! PAY ATTENTION TO THE TRUTH NOT WIRELESS FUNDED PROPAGANDA! From 1922 to 1995 political figures died of brain cancer at an average rate of 0.178 per year. From 1995 to date political figures are dying at a rate greater than 1.533 per year. Single site source, however it’s the largest reference available, simply because the government is not funding wireless researchers — the wireless industry says it isn’t needed and will scare consumers.

Source: http://www.rfsafe.com/was-cell-phone-...

Recently Doctors found that people who use cell phones for more than a year had a 70 percent greater risk of brain cancer than those who used the wireless devices for less than a year. The study, published in the International Journal of Oncology, found that people who used mobile phones for more than 25 years had a 300 percent greater risk of developing the dreaded disease than those who used mobile phones for one year or less. The study’s authors concluded that “glioma and also acoustic neuroma are caused by RF-EMF emissions from wireless phones.” EVERY SINGLE ONE of the world’s largest studies – Interphone, Hardell and the recently concluded CERENAT studies have all pointed towards a common risk to increased brain cancer!


Washington has lost control of the FCC, this is clear from the statements made in-behalf of the CTIA in recent opposition to Berkeley’s Right To Know law to inform consumers of the risk of RF Radiation exposure, passed on May 12th 2015. It is no assumption (see video) that the current FCC chairman and former longtime CEO of the same CTIA organization holds the same position on hiding the truth about cell phone radiation hazards.

Best hope for real change in wireless safety at a federal level in America is to vote for Harvard Professor Larry Lessig 2016 BY TAKING THE LOBBYIST OUT OF POWER - He's Running for President 2016, check out his plan! https://lessigforpresident.com/home/

[Professor Lessig is defending the city of Berkeley's "Right to Know" cell phone ordinance pro bono against CITA, the wireless industry association.]


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