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12 February 2016

Appeal of Doctors and Healthcare Professionals "To Better Understand and Recognize Electro-hypersensitivity" - 11 February 2016

PLEASE NOTE:  This is an unofficial translation of the Appeal and will be replaced if/when an official text in English is issued. 

michele-rivasi.eu, 11 February 2016

On the occasion of the symposium at the National Assembly on 11th February 2016, "To better understand and recognize electro-hypersensitivity"

We, doctors, scientists and health professionals,

Considering the Freiburg Appeal launched in 2002 by physicians, during our consultations, we have found in recent years a dramatic increase in severe and chronic diseases among our patients, such as:

Symptoms usually found in mobile phone use:

- Pain and / or heat in the ear
- Disorders of surface sensitivity, type dysesthesia (tingling, burning or itching) on the face, scalp or arm

Then gradually, and permanently:

- Headache, associated typically with stiffness and pain in the neck.
- Tinnitus, hyperacusis,
- Visual disturbances, type blurred vision,
- Anomalies of deep sensitivity (false vertigo), malaise
- Skin lesions with sensation of burns (causalgia) and / or itching,
- Muscle disorders (myalgia, spasms, twitching) and / or joints (arthralgia, stiffness)
- Cognitive disorders.

Second stage:

- Onset of severe cognitive disorders (attention deficit and concentration, loss of short term memory)
- Vegetative symptoms sympathomimetic (chest tightness, tachycardia)
- Digestive or urinary disorders,
- Insomnia, chronic fatigue and possibly depressive tendency.

And finally, in the absence of treatment and protection measures, the evolution is marked by the progressive constitution of pathological lesions, totally irreversible: delirium, absences, spatial disorientation or temporal state of dementia resembling Alzheimer's disease, including in young subjects.

In children, headaches and sleep disorders, dyslexia, attention and concentration disorders, loss of memory attachment, sometimes behavioral problems (child refusing to go to school without reason)

Considering that we know the living environment and habits of our patients, we often see a correlation in time and space, between the occurrence of these disorders and the beginning of the extension of electromagnetic wave radiation, in cases such as:

- The installation of a mobile phone mast in the vicinity of the home or the patient's workplace - the intensive use of a mobile phone - using a DECT-type wireless phone at home or at work.

Electromagnetic fields thus appear to partly explain the appearance of these disorders.
As indicated in the International Scientific Declaration on Electrohypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, signed by scientists and doctors from around the world gathered at the Royal Academy of Medicine in Brussels in May 2015, on the initiative of the ECERI [European Cancer and Environment Research Institute], biomarkers have been identified in EHS sufferers that establish the existence of true debilitating conditions.

So much so that some people must isolate themselves from places polluted by electromagnetic fields (WiFi, mobile phone ...) to continue to live under the most normal conditions possible.

However, this disease is still not recognized by the French health authorities.

In the context of the recognition by the Incapacity Dispute Court of Toulouse, of the 80% disability suffered by a patient with electro-hypersensitivity, we believe it is finally time to discuss this major public health issue.

This pathology is complex and multifactorial, we are clueless about these people, whose physical suffering is real and symptoms found. Although scientific controversy on this subject remains in some respects, these patients exist and medical responses must be given to alleviate their suffering.

We need to be better informed on the health impacts of electromagnetic fields and to be equipped with tools to better help these patients.

We solemnly appeal to the French government and particularly to the Minister of Health to make the health impact of electromagnetic fields a health priority and consider these patients, whose numbers are growing, and who for the most part are in great difficulty and social insecurity.

It seems essential, as a precaution, to lower exposure to electromagnetic fields in the general population; especially regarding children, reduce their exposure to Wi-Fi and tablets in schools.

Independent and thorough research should be conducted on the subject and electrohypersensitive persons should be able to take refuge in "white zones".

Finally, the decisions of some departmental centers for disabled persons [Maisons Départementales des Personnes Handicapés - MDPH] to recognize electrohypersensitivity as a disability must be definitively validated and applied by all MDPH in order for all EHS persons to be supported.

List of top 50 signatories of the Appeal before the Conference:

Pr Dominique BELPOMME (75)
Pr Pierre LE RUZ (72)
Catherine NEYRAND – masseur kinésithérapeute (26)
Christian BORDES, osthéopathe (31)
Dr Gérard DIEUZAIDE (31)
Dr Nathalie BOSCH chirurgien dentiste (83)
Dr. Valérie BOURIN-KLEIN, généraliste (38)
Dr Jeanine ISRAEL, retraitée (38)
Anne Marie CHARRIER, orthophoniste Nantes
Sandy RONDIN – Infirmier Puériculteur en Unité de Protection Maternelle et Infantile (44)
Colette PRALUS, kinésithérapeute (83)
Dr Patricia LOPEZ (69)
Dr Michaël RAMAIN (94)
Dr Marie HANOTTE (69)
Dr Alain LACHARD (83)
Dr Sylvie GOURLET, vétérinaire (89)
Dr Antoine ROPHE (83)
Dr JENNESSEN Ralph (Var)
Francis GLEMET, pharmacien industriel (34)
Dr Didier TARTE, retraité (27)
Dr. Jean-Claude ALBARET (10)
Dr Dominique ERAUD (75)
Dr Vinciane VERLY (Bruxelles)
Jean-Pierre MARGUARITTE, osthéopathe (92)
Dr Bernard COADOU, retraité (33)
Dr TOURRE 26120 Chabeuil médecine générale et sportive
Dr Eric MENAT Médecin Généraliste libéral 31
Dr Michel ANGLES 12
Danielle PERSICO, Pédiatre (26)
Sylvie RINAUDO, docteur en chimie (75)
Philippe Masson, dentiste (75)
Dr Yvon GUIBERT (84)
Nathalie BUISSON infirmière libérale (26)
Dr Véronique RIGAULT, Centre hospitalier de Lannemezan (65)
Véronique CHAVANAT, Orthophoniste (78)
Katia TAMISIER, infirmière en retraite (79)
Dr André MERGUI (30), stomatologue
Adeline BARROIS, Infirmière (59)
Dr Lionel FABRE (83)
Dr Paul GUILLON (41)
Dr Sophie LIBERT (75)
Dr Maryline LE ROULIER (91)
Françoise de SAINT-PAUL, infirmière anesthésiste (47)
Dr Nicole SICARD (12)
Dr Pierre LENTHERIC (30)
Dr Jean-François PAILLE (74)
Dr Catherine BILLOD, généraliste, homéopathe et ostéopathe (01)
Dr Martine VONDERSCHER, retraitée (38)
Dr Elise DONVAL, retraitée (92)
Véronique RIVE, intervenante en domobiologie (29)

Original text in French:

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