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26 June 2016

Switzerland: Cell Phone Radiation Changed Blood Values of Cows (2015 Article)

Cell phone radiation changed blood values ​​of cows
argauerzeitung.ch, 10 May 2015 (summary of Google translation from German)

Whether electromagnetic fields make humans and animals sick, has been studied for decades. Now a new study shows that cell phone radiation has effects on cows.

Michael Hässig1, veterinarian at the animal hospital of the University of Zurich, found evidence of this.

The researchers exposed ten cows for a long period to mobile phone radiation at a strength that is common in the vicinity of mobile phone masts.

Before, immediately after, and one month later, they examined the cows's blood. The results indicated that the radiation influenced the activity of enzymes that regulate the pH in the blood. "The blood values ​​changed 10 percent of the normal range during irradiation," says Hässig.  A pH in the normal range is important for all metabolic processes.

On the question of whether one can infer by the results that this is a threat to humans, Hässig replies: "In principle, yes."

For Yvonne Gilli, National Councillor of the Green Party2 and member of the association  of Doctors for the Protection of the Environment, the new study results present evidence that there is a danger for humans. Because there can be no nocebo effect with cows, these results could support research in human medicine, says Gilli.  Studies in humans show that electromagnetic radiation causes biological effects in the human body - for example, changes in the brain waves or reduced sperm quality. Long-term studies are missing."The rapid development of wireless technology is one step ahead of research," said Gilli.

The World Health Organization classifies the use of mobile devices as potentially carcinogenic. Regarding mobile phone antennas, WHO says there is no danger.3  

Notes by Editor of "Towards Better Health":

1 Dr. Michael Hässig, Professor at the University of Zurich, continues to undertake studies of the adverse effects of non-ionizing radiation (NIR) on animal health:
- Webbased database for adverse effects from NIR on animal health (NUNIS) 2012-2017
- Influence of oxidative stress by non-ionizing rays in the frequency band of cellular telephones on bovines 2012-2016 - http://www.research-projects.uzh.ch/p15887.htm (in German)

2 Dr. Gilli left the Parliament in December 2015.

3 According to Dr. Robert Baan who was in charge of the IARC monograph establishing this classification, it is the same for all types of radiofrequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum:  high frequency radiation emitted by mobile phone antennas, cell phones, Wi-Fi etc.  In June 2016, the Swiss minister in charge of communication, Doris Leuthard, wrongly said mobile phone antennas were not included in this classification, and therefore were not "potentially carcinogenic".  It is feared that her statement may have influenced the National Council of the Swiss Parliament to vote in favor of raising the limit values of mobile phone antennas.  The vote will pass through the "senate" in the fall of 2016.

Original article in German:

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