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30 August 2016

Petition Addressed to WHO and the Ministry for Health, Vienna: Wi-Fi and Mobile Communications-Free Protected Areas, Mandatory Declaration of Wireless Areas

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"Towards Better Health")
Wi-Fi and Mobile Communications-Free Protected Areas, Mandatory Declaration of Wireless Areas

Petition addressed to:
World Health Organization,
Ministry of Health, Vienna

Started byTanja Pernul

[Translated by the Editor of "Towards Better Health".  Note, we are not sure when this petition was launched, but at least a year ago.  
Access to the petition in German.]

Dear World Health Organization Representatives at the Regional Office for Europe, Sg. Minister Dr. Sabine Oberhauser, 

Stop the Wi-Fi and mobile communications mania and ignoring human rights!

Everyone can decide freely about his life - then he shall also be free to decide whether he wants to use Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies. We have the right to do so!   There must also be zones for people who are not willing to sacrifice their health for this.

I call for awareness of the health effects caused by the now considerably increasing radiation in the high frequency range.

-> Wi-Fi at work: educating employees who work in a wireless area. (Most have no idea!) Consent of the employee.

-> An END to public wireless zones e.g. in the Villach main square in Carinthia, Velden, among others; Merkur Markt etc. (our food is also irradiated and - in Villach - there are no longer organic food markets.  What good is organic food if it is vibrating bio-incompatible frequencies); all shopping malls, ...

In such areas, there must be separate radiation-protected zones - Hotspots - only spots where wireless seekers go.

-> An END to phone masts on schools and kindergartens. It is a fallacy that there is no radiation directly below cell phone masts. Who gives anyone the right to now also expose the next generation to radiation?

-> An END to mobile phone masts on / in church towers and other religious institutions.

-> Reduction of mobile networks and legislation for the prohibition of other radio-frequency radiation from mobile communications.

-> Identification of Wi-Fi areas. The rising numbers of ELECTROSENSITIVE PERSONS MUST BE INFORMED, the consequences can be life threatening !!!

-> A general plan which also impacts on an extended tenancy law: Protection for tenants of communal housing.  Separate residences and more rights for tenants who want to live Wi-Fi-free.

> Ban Wi-Fi in wellness centers, hospitals (where people are recovering their health, especially older people, debilitated people, children, the chronically ill).  Electrosensitive people have the right to be provided emergency / hospital care !!!

-> Protected wireless areas at schools / universities. Everyone has the right to education. The electrosensitive are denied this !!!

-> The recognition of the diagnosis of  EHS (electrohypersensitivity) - in Sweden and France EHS is recognized - and recognition of imaging techniques such as dark field microscopy, securing this diagnosis.

-> More "scientific work"! There is now already the biocompatible possibility of wireless communication based on LIGHT (VLC = Visible Light Communication). The science has prompted more research.  More awareness that we do not have long-term studies on mobile and wireless communication.

-> General arrangements for restaurants, hotels, wellness facilities. Again, these must be protected from radiation, with separate areas for guests - set up like non-smoking laws. Separate radiation-protected areas, hotspots where guests can use Wi-Fi.

Restaurants, hotels, even organic farms (farm holiday) are FORCED to offer Wi-Fi!!! even when they are against this, otherwise they would lose guests and thus, their existence. This can be avoided by a general plan, where wireless zones are precisely established and where it is possible for sensitive people to participate in a social life. How would you see your life if you could not go to the city to run errands, make dates to go out to dinner, the pub, the cinema, theater or other events? Nowhere to go on holiday, take public transport, make a plane trip?  So it is for a growing number of people ... especially electrohypersensitive persons, who are mercilessly excluded from having a social life.

And that is not "natural selection" ...

- There have always been sensitive people (especially HSP - highly sensitive people, 20% of the population, according to Dr. Elaine Aaron, USA). They are the way in which society has been guided to protect the people who can no longer look after themselves. They were then and are today truly strong, the pioneers who show us what man is destroying... That's DISCRIMINATION !!! And as such FORBIDDEN! It is time to wake up!

Why is that important? because it affects everyone - some sooner, others later. The 'strong' go ahead with diagnoses - and every one of us has RESPONSIBILITY, for himself and for others!

Original petition in German:

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