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01 September 2016

France: Electrosensitivity Is Not a Priority for the Secretary of State in Charge of Disability

Crédit : Steve Johnson – CC by 2.0
Electrosensitivity is not a priority for the Secretary of State in charge of disability
by jay / electrosensible.info, 19 August 2016
(translated by the Editor of "Towards Better Health")

In July, the Secretary of State in charge of disabled persons and the fight against exclusion toured the various "canteens" in Ariège, profiting from this by meeting the stakeholders in the fight against disability.

During this visit, she was asked about electrosensitivity and the recognition of our society of this condition and the least one can say is that for this Secretary of State, there is no need to take urgent action...

Ségolène Neuville explained that "it is a topic which is still being researched.  On a scientific and medical level, it is a diagnosis that is difficult to make, with extremely diverse symptoms."

Gross modo, she repeats the same argument without getting her feet wet as the World Health Organization on the subject of electrosensitivity, saying the symptoms are real but the causality with electromagnetic waves has not been established. 

Ségolène Neuville reminds us that there are many doctors who specialize in the subject but it is still marginal, and documented tests are still only in the early stages.

As for studies, currently they are being more and more oriented towards the psychosomatic causality, notably with the Cochin study 1 whose purpose is to show that psychotherapy improves the quality of life of sick persons...

She nevertheless admits that people "are living with real suffering, they have totally real symptoms".  According to her, there are sick persons recognized as being disabled but for one Marine Richard, how many sick persons are left adrift and do not find any solution to their health problems?

For now, the only response to this problem will be an ANSES report negotiated with forceps in the Abeille law which should be presented at the end of the year but without any certainty of providing adequate answers regarding this condition, this being contrary to our concerns...

We must therefore not await a credible response from this government, for which the subject of electrosensitivity and the health effects of waves is not a political issue worth fighting for in spite of society excluding part of its fellow citizens.

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