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22 February 2018

Swisscom's Aggressive Marketing Campaign

UPDATE (22 février 2018):  Swisscom has announced it will install the first test 5G antenna in Ittigen in March and if all goes well, the Swisscom mobile network will be connected to 5G at the end of 2018. No mobile phone, however, in Switzerland will be equipped with this technology which is expected to arrive on the market only in 2019. Installation of 5G technology will greatly increase the harm being done to the health of the population from exposure to radiofrequency radiaiton.

Limit values for mobile phone antennas must be raised to accommodate 5G. There is great resistance from the Swiss population, however parliamentarians say they do not want to receive any more letters from individuals with regard to this issue. The next vote on the increase of limit values will take place in early March by the National Councillors, members of the Committee on Transport and Communications. Do we have a hope of a vote in our favor? The Confederation has the majority of shares in Swisscom and most likely, once again, money will take precedence over health.

Swisscom's Aggressive Marketing Campaign
1st April 2017

Swisscom is going into certain Swiss communes to inform inhabitants of the deployment of the network and new products associated with it.  Example of a notice:

"Dear inhabitants of xxx,

Every day, Internet and digital television offer you new possibilities.  Did you know that with Swisscom TV 2.0 you could develop your own TV program?

On the occasion of the extension of the network, our experts are proud to present the new related products and are at your disposal for personalized advice."

Attention:  these products are harmful to health!

Among other products, this concerns the Vivo offers of Swisscom.  This system is connected to boxes which emit Wi-Fi and pulsed waves to allow availability of DECT devices (Swisscom HD phones), in addition to sending waves over the 220 V network in order to watch TV in any room.

The Wi-Fi and DECT are activated by default.  Thus, if one is in a building and eight neighbors subscribe to Vivo, there will be 16 new emitters of pulsed waves active 24 hours a day : 8 Wi-Fi and 8  DECT.

Do the representatives of Swisscom talk about the biological effects of waves that are harmful to health?  Of course not!  All that Swisscom wants is to profit from their offers, to the detriment of the health of its naïve and ignorant users.

Swisscom representatives are also going into senior centers, delivering talks on the Internet of Things, connected cities, and conducting courses on how to use their products.

Where are the awareness-raising  campaigns?  The population and the authorities are alarmed by ever-increasing health and insurance costs, but neither the pubic health authorities, nor individuals take responsibility to reduce exposure to radiofrequency radiation, and prevent a good number of health disorders.

by Meris Michaels

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