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26 February 2018

Switzerland: What Interests Does Martin Röösli Represent? Corruption at the Level of the Swiss Federal Council?

Martin Röösli
What interests does Martin Röösli represent?
funkstrahlung.ch, posted 26 February 2018 (Translation)

On the one hand, experts recommend protective measures against excessive radiation exposure, but claim that the applicable limit values ​​would offer sufficient protection. Why do they make such recommendations when everything is okay? 

Why does Professor Martin Röösli in particular argue that there are supposedly no indications of health effects below the limit values? He is well aware of the many industry-independent studies that prove just the opposite. Does he simply ignore them because they do not fit into the concept? Does he rather refer to studies that are influenced by the industry and give the all-clear as desired?

It pays to have a closer look behind the person of Martin Röösli.

He is mandated by the Federal Council and the Federal Office for the Environment to assess the protective effect of the limit values. He regularly states that, from a scientific point of view, there would be no need to adjust the limits. In professional circles this function is called "Firewall". This is in the sense of his client, who takes a lot of money with the allocation of mobile radio licenses and in return guarantees the mobile phone service providers high limit values ​​per ordinance. Why did not Röösli speak from a medical point of view at the end of 2016, when Parliament was supposed to increase the limit values, but fortunately narrowly refused? Why does he give interviews just before the next vote on the limit value increase in Parliament, and  give the green light for a limit value increase from a medical perspective?

Who does the Bundesrat trust? Martin Röösli trained as a primary school teacher and studied environmental engineering and statistics. He has a doctorate in the field of epidemiology. He then specialized in environmental statistics and now manages this area at ​​the Tropical Institute in Basel. Why does the Federal Council rely on a specialist who does not have a degree in medicine, biology or physics?

Röösli also works for the Research Foundation for Mobile Radio and Electricity (FSM), which was founded and financed by the industry. It systematically denies the risks of radiation. He is also a member of a NGO with the misleading name International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection ICNIRP). It is an association of 14 members, initiated by industry and military circles, which has to answer for far too high radiation limits internationally and also in Switzerland. Why does not Martin Röösli disclose his ties to the mobile industry?

It is also well-documented that the WHO project on the health risks of mobile communications is briefed  by the ICNIRP association. Therefore, it is not surprising that the new advisory group for non-ionizing radiation (BERENIS) of the Federal Office for the Environment is headed and administered by ICNIRP member Martin Röösli. The circle closes and it should be clear that the wolf has been put in charge of guarding the lambs.

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