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07 May 2017

France: Biocoop Demi-lune in Poitiers : Customers Are Switching Off Their Cell Phones for Electrosensitive Persons

After 8 weeks' trial, Biocoop Demi-Lune in Poitiers is going
to set up mornings without cell phones.
© Radio France - Mélanie Barbotin
Biocoop Demi-lune in Poitiers : Customers are switching off their cell phones for electrosensitive persons
by Mélanie Barbotin, France Bleu Poitou and  France Bleu, 9 April 2017 

No cell phone in the Biocoop Demi-Lune store in Poitiers Monday mornings.

A first in Poitiers:  a Biocoop store is reducing its wave emissions to accommodate persons sensitive to electromagnetic waves.  Every Monday morning, customers are asked to switch off their cell phone or put it in airplane mode.  The customers, far from taking offense, are ready to go along with this.  "I am not addicted to the cell phone, so this doesn't bother me", explains a customer.  "I am not hypersensitive, but I am sensitive to the problem of waves and at home, I pay attention and switch off my cell phone," says another.

A trial initiative during eight weeks

The store tried the operation for 8 weeks and wishes to adopt it every Monday morning from 9 April.  "Customers are curious and even ask for information," says the person responsible for the Valérie Lebon store.  The employees must also adapt.  "We keep only one phone line."  We switch off all that we can, like cash registers and Wi-Fi."

Without a cell phone, it's tolerable for them - the store manager

The place was not chosen by chance.  It all began with Alterondes 86, an association for persons suffering from hypersensitivity to waves.  The association noticed that the store was more isolated than others, with less mobile antennas, although there is one on the roof of the supermarket next store.  Equipped with sensors, the affected persons noticed that by simply switching off the cell phones of customers, they too could do their shopping, like everybody else.  "For them, it was tolerable, even with waves outdoors," said the manager.

A malady not recognized by scientists

70 000 persons suffer from electromagnetic waves:  nausea, headaches, insomnia, and even burns. Even if this malady is not recognized by medicine, for persons who suffer from it, daily life is very complicated.  Marie, in perfect health and against Linky smart meters, has come to help at the entrance to the store in order to inform customers, "because for some, it is difficult to go out," she explains.  "Some people, those who are most afflicted, must go around with a veil made of copper and silver cloth in order to limit the impact of waves on their body."

In a store like Biocoop, where buyers are looking for organic products, good for health, the cause of hypersensitive persons has found its audience.  "It is important that we also think of others," concludes one customer.

Translation by the Editor of "Towards Better Health"

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