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23 October 2019

5 Billion Mobile Phone Users in the World: How Many Users Are Exposing Themselves to Levels of Microwave Radiation Beyond Regulatory Standards?

Serious damage can be caused to
the unborn child in the womb from
exposure to microwave radiation
emitted by wireless technologies.
Re-Posted: 23 October 2019: More than ever relevant! **

5 Billion Mobile Phone Users in the World: How Many Users Are Exposing Themselves to Levels of Microwave Radiation Beyond Regulatory Standards?
by Meris Michaels, mieuxprevenir.blogspot.ch, 22 July 2017

“While the Swiss are very disappointed in the new European directive on roaming, there has been no attention accorded to the evolution of the "Phonegate" scandal, revealing that 9 out of 10 mobile phones exceed the legal standards of radiation set by the European Union when used in contact with the body. These same norms govern Switzerland. This scandal, which echoes "Dieselgate" in terms of the failure of international monitoring protocols, risks to be even more serious.” - Extract from "Phonegate" - Readers' Mail, Tribune de Genève, 13 July 2017

“PhoneGate… is more about the massive discrepancy between how phones are tested and how they are actually used in real life. In other words, the cell phone makers aren’t deceiving the regulators. Instead, the regulators allow the cell phone makers to deceive the public, while still complying with the law.”

“As a physician, I am deeply concerned about what this means for our health and especially the health of our children.” 
- Dr. Marc Arazi, French physician who launched the alert on Phonegate

The Swiss are more concerned about the high cost of phone calls made when in other European countries than they are about the health consequences of exposure to mobile phone radiation. How many of these 5 billion persons are aware of the health effects of microwave radiation emitted by these devices? How many people know that there are warnings in cell phones manuals or in the cell phone itself that regulatory radiation standards may be exceeded when the phone is held against the body? How many people carry the phone in the pocket or tucked in the bra, or use it glued to the ear for long phone conversations?

Today, in walking to the store, I saw a number of persons talking with their cell phone held to the ear and especially noticed how people hold them in their hands, one young woman holding it nearly up against her breast. Pregnant women hold them against their abdomen. Young mothers hold cell phones against their baby’s head. It is extremely disturbing that the public is unaware that the radiation of many cell phones exceeds the regulatory limits and can cause serious damage to health, especially to unborn children in the mother’s womb and to young children.

Whom can we rely on to warn us? The authorities of most countries do not seem to be doing so. We have approached the State Councilor responsible for health in Geneva who says it is not the responsibility of their department, but that of the Federal Councilor in Bern. The Swiss federal government holds the majority of shares in Swisscom, so are they going to issue warnings? All we want are recommendations on reducing exposure. A few safety precautions are published on the official site of the Federal Office of Public Health, but who looks at them?

That is why the California city of Berkeley’s “right to know” notice at points of sale of cell phones is so important:

“To assure safety, the Federal Government requires that cell phones meet radio frequency (RF) exposure guidelines. If you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is ON and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF radiation. Refer to the instructions in your phone or user manual for information about how to use your phone safely.”

In Switzerland, we have not been able to raise basic awareness of the public of the health risks of wireless technology. People are too addicted, distracted or attached to the convenience of their devices. They are being deceived by the industry, public health and regulatory authorities such as the industry-influenced World Health Organization, and the media into believing the devices are safe when this has never proven to be so. People also never think of the passive radiation that they are exposing everyone around them to: children, babies, pregnant women, the elderly and electrosensitive persons. This is a violation of basic human rights.

We would like to see:

- the provision of waves-free housing for electrosensitive persons in cities and white zones in the countryside as well as waves-free cars on trains and other public transport;

- basic awareness-raising through distribution of information to every inhabitant, suggesting ways to reduce electrosmog in the living environment.

- limiting or banning use of Wi-Fi in school classrooms

- educating the medical milieu about the health effects of microwave radiation and diagnosis and treatment of electrohypersensitivity.

We are skeptical about priorities such as advocating the reduction of limit values of mobile phone antenna emissions in sensitive places. Few people will support such an initiative because everyone is too attached to their wireless devices, especially with the federal government’s agenda of promoting digital technology. And what about the preparations under way to introduce 5G technology? We should already be educating the public about the likely health effects of this new technology. Instead, the press has free rein in promoting its attributes, such as faster speeds of data transmission being demanded by the younger generation. And, of course, nothing should stand in the way of the economy. The authorities are not even considering understanding the health effects that may arise from introduction of these new technologies and in the end, impact negatively on the economy in terms of rising health costs.

The Swiss Confederation is promoting digital technology at every opportunity. In some senior homes, it is installed in every apartment. The telecoms companies are going into senior activity centers to give courses in use of smartphones, tablets and the internet. You can be sure that no mention is made of safer use of these devices which seniors could share with their children and grandchildren.

The medical profession is colluding in micro-waving the population by placing Wi-Fi in all medical establishments and encouraging use of mobile phone apps in health care. The telecoms industry is selling its customers all-inclusive technology “packages”, (TV, internet, cordless phone) emitting high levels of radiation and giving everyone the false idea that the only way to access the internet is through Wi-Fi. Physicians believe this too. The office of one cardiologist was saturated with high levels of radiation. She insisted that Wi-Fi is necessary for Internet access and use of her mobile phone. This type of ignorance on the part of the medical profession is inexcusable.

We are seeing increasing cases of many types of cancers in younger persons: brain, colon, thyroid, breast. We are hearing about growing numbers of people suffering from burnout. Autism, Alzheimer’s and many other disorders are on the rise. Fertility is at an all-time low. Yet almost no one incriminates wireless technology as one of the environmental factors causing these disorders. So why does the Geneva Cancer League have no Wi-Fi on its premises?

Wi-Fi is now being tested on public transport in Geneva.  The radiation in an enclosed metallic structure is intensified. More and more people are being passively irradiated against their will and electrosensitive persons can no longer take public transport, further isolating them in their suffering.

More and more public schools are starting to install Wi-Fi in classrooms for students at increasingly younger ages. Private schools are more apt to be equipped with Wi-Fi and some are now introducing students to virtual reality.

And then there is the issue of the non-thermal effects of microwave radiation. But we should not underestimate the seriousness of the Phonegate scandal which takes into account the thermal effects of microwave radiation. We are being deceived on every level, including by the manufacturers who test mobile phones and the authorities who set the radiation standards.

The non-thermal health and biological effects of chronic exposure to the pulsed microwaves emitted by wireless technologies at very low levels of exposure, way below the current “safety” standards, are  extremely serious.

Our radiation exposure levels are set on the "thermal effects only" paradigm, as recommended by conflicted organizations such as the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This has been shown by many scientists to be an industry-friendly ruse, which has catastrophic consequences for all of us - since we are all now exposed to this radiation 24/7 at levels which are said to be 10 (to the 18) times – 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (one quintillion) – greater than the natural levels to which we have been exposed for most of our time on the planet.

For more information see:

- "Cell Phone Radiation Scandal: More Exposure Than Manufacturers Claim"
(Environmental Health Trust)

- Phonegate Alert Association

- "The 10 Detrimental Health Effects of Wireless Devices (article from Finland)

** Note: Since this article was posted in 2017:

- the Swiss Parliament tabled an interpellation on Phonegate on 20 March 2019 :
"Phonegate scandal: Swiss deputies on the front lines"

- a popular federal initiative, “For a health conscious and energy-efficient mobile communications”
 was been launched on 15 October 2019, calling for 100,000 signatures by 15 April 2021 after which it will be put to a nationwide vote:

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