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13 January 2018

Can Cell Phones Cause Female Infertility?

"Men typically produce sperm cells in their billions. Which in a sense makes sperm expendable.  But all the eggs that a woman can have in her ovaries are there before she was born and are irreplaceable.  For this reason I believe that the damage to women’s ovaries is way more catastrophic. Women and expectant mothers must be made aware of these dangers and must protect themselves."

Can Cell Phones Cause Female Infertility?
by Lloyd Burrell, electricsense.com, 13 January 2018

It’s estimated that there are over 48 million infertile couples worldwide [1]. Approximately 35% of women and 45% of men worldwide are considered to have reduced fertility (to be sub-fertile) and about 7% of women and men are effectively infertile [2,3].

If male fertility problems are considered central in about 40% of couples experiencing child bearing hurdles [4], we can deduce that a staggering 60% is due to female infertility.

What could be the cause of these high rates of female infertility?

Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

According to the World Bank some three quarters of people on the planet now use a cell phone. Some people have more than one cell phone – that’s a lot of cell phone radiation!

Cell phones and similar mobile wireless devices operate by producing, sending and receiving radio frequency waves, commonly called cell phone radiation – which is a form of microwave radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Our governments and the telecommunications industry consider cell phone radiation to be safe and yet there are thousands of studies linking these exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects and serious diseases including:

  • brain cancer
  • heart disease
  • chronic fatigue
  • fibromyalgia
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease

Could it be a coincidence that the high rate of female infertility during recent years is occurring at a time of a significantly increased population exposure to RF radiation from mobile phones?

Do cell phones cause female infertility – let’s take a critical look into research.


In a study by Courtney Lynch and co [5,6], the researchers looked at women trying to get pregnant, measuring alpha-amylase (an enzyme with known association with stress) levels in the saliva of. They found that women with the highest levels of this enzyme in their saliva had a 29% reduced probability of getting pregnant compared to those with the lowest levels.

Other studies by Augner C. [7,8] found that people living within a 100-meter radius of Cell Phone Towers had higher levels of biochemical stress markers, notably, salivary alpha-amylase. The study’s [7] authors concluded that; “…self-declared base station [ Cell Phone Tower] neighbors are more strained than others.”

The studies findings suggest that women who are trying to get pregnant who are exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cell towers and cell phones and similar are likely to express increased levels of salivary alpha-amylase causing them to have a 29% reduced probability of getting pregnant.


A 2017 study [10], was carried out to investigate the long-term effects of mobile phone radiation on the female reproductive function; they found that “mobile phone radiation induces (…) coupled with significant decrease in antioxidant enzymes in hypothalamus, ovary, and uterus of mice”

The conclusion of the study was that “that the long-term (…) mobile phone exposure impairs female reproductive system possibly via inducing both oxidative and nitrosative stress”

A 2013 review paper [9] examined previous research on chronic EMF exposure-induced infertility in females and males and correlated them with findings on EMF induced oxidative stress.

They found a link between EMF exposures and “oxidative stress and overproduction of free oxygen radicals in female and male infertility.”

A 2017 study [25] which examined the role of oxidative stress in female infertility and in vitro fertilization found that, “oxidative stress may damage the oocytes [cells in the overies] and may impair their fertilization capacity [it] may also lead to embryo fragmentation and formation of numerous developmental abnormalities… overproduction of reactive oxygen species has a significant impact on the success of in vitro fertilization (IVF)”.

Oxidative Stress is a very strong inducer of tissue damage; these studies indicate that cell phone radiation may cause significant damage to the tissues of the female reproductive system.


An experiment [11] carried out to investigate toxic effects of cell phone radiation on the ovaries of rats found that exposure to RF radiation resulted in a decreased number of follicles – thereby adversely impacting hormone secretion (women begin puberty with about 400,000 follicles each with the potential to release an egg cell at ovulation for fertilization [26]).

The study’s authors concluded, “microwaves of mobile phones might decrease the number of follicles in rats by several known and, no doubt, countless unknown mechanisms.”

This implies that chronic exposure to long-term mobile phone radiation may severely affect ovarian and uterine activity and lead to infertility.

A Chinese study [12] revealed the occurrence of RF radiation-induced toxic changes to female rats’ reproductive organs. Though, the frequency used experimentally is only likely to be found in military radar installations, they concluded that toxicities of the female organs are closely associated with exposure to EMFs.


A study [13] evaluated the effects of electromagnetic field on fertilization and consequent embryonic development in mice. The research found a gradual decrease in fertilization rate with increasing EMF exposure and intensity and as such reduced possibility of embryo implantation.

Impairment of fertilization, implantation, and other consequent embryonic developmental phases all impede a woman’s chance of conceiving a child.


A paper by Williams & Fletcher [14] discussed the effects of ionizing radiation (Note: RF radiation is a type of Ionizing radiation) from electromagnetic fields on the growing fetus. They found that, the risks of prenatal exposure to ionizing radiation vary and depend largely on the stage of development.

The consensus was that “the fetus is most susceptible to radiation during organogenesis (two to seven weeks after conception) and in the early fetal period (eight to 15 weeks after conception). (…) Spontaneous abortion [Miscarriage], growth restriction, and mental retardation may occur at higher exposure levels.”

A case-control study [15] carried out to investigate the effects of Extremely Low Frequency-EMF on spontaneous abortions found out that “ELF-EMF electromagnetic fields exposure is probably related to early spontaneous abortions.”


Another very recent study (2017) from Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, CA [16] was carried out to examine the association between magnetic field exposure and miscarriage. They found that women who were exposed to higher magnetic field levels had a three times increased risk of miscarriage even after controlling several experimental variables. The increased risk of miscarriage was persistently observed regardless of the sources of Magnetic Fields.

Other studies e.g. [17,18] have found evidence linking exposure to magnetic fields exposures during pregnancy to an increased risk of miscarriage.


UCLA research [19] carried out to probe the relationship between prenatal and postnatal exposure to cell phones and behavioral problems in young children found a nearly double increased probability for a higher degree of occurrence of overall behavioral problems in the children.

In their conclusion, the stated that “Exposure to cell phones prenatally-and, to a lesser degree, postnatally-was associated with behavioral difficulties such as emotional and hyperactivity problems around the age of school entry.”


Another study [20] aimed at investigating the effects of exposure to EMFs produced by mobile phones on the renal (the kidneys) development of prenatal rats discovered ‘degenerative histological changes and cellular apoptosis in the nephrons of exposed rats’.

Several other animal studies, e.g. [21–23] have continued to provide evidence as regards the detrimental effects of prenatal exposure to RF Radiation on the overall well-being of the child when he/she is eventually born.

The research indicates that cell phone radiation can have harmful effects on the development of children’s kidneys in the womb – before they are born.

Can Cell Phones Cause Female Infertility?
What does all this tell us?

With the exception of the Courtney Lynch study, [5,6] which found that cell phone radiation can decrease your chances of conceiving a baby by 29%, most of the studies that have been conducted are animal studies.

2 points are worthy of note:

  • it’s unlikely that we’ll get human studies in the near future because this requires invasive techniques given that the female reproductive apparatus is located deep inside body.
  • we can make meaningful inferences from animal studies since most human medical discoveries were first tested and validated on animals before extrapolation to the human body system.

Clearly the combination of data from these studies show that cell phone radiation poses a serious hazardous health risk for women of childbearing age. These EMF exposures can adversely impact their ability to conceive, carry and deliver healthy children.


The studies indicate that cell phone radiation in isolation poses a serious health risk for women of childbearing age and this latest study from Kaiser Permanente [16] indicates a three times increased risk of miscarriage from magnetic field exposures – note two-thirds of homes have elevated magnetic fields largely due to wiring issues.

But what about when these different EMF exposures are combined? And what about when the other EMF exposures that we are now exposed to in our everyday lives, like electric fields and dirty electricity, are thrown in?

Male Or Female Infertility – What’s The Biggest Threat?

It’s much easier to study the causes of male infertility without reverting to animal studies. Numerous studies have been done on this aspect of infertility – the evidence is now strong that cell phone radiation can cause male infertility.

Here’s the thing – men typically produce sperm cells in their billions. Which in a sense makes sperm expendable.

But all the eggs that a woman can have in her ovaries are there before she was born and are irreplaceable.

For this reason I believe that the damage to women’s ovaries is way more catastrophic. Women and expectant mothers must be made aware of these dangers and must protect themselves.

For my cell phone radiation protection tips click here. Your comments are welcome...


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