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23 January 2018

France: The Council of the Order Wants to Pursue the Physician of Electrosensitive People

Etienne Cendrier, Spokesperson for Robin des Toits, wonders : “Has Prof. Belpomme been targeted because he was about to scientifically establish the causality of electrohypersensitivity”?

The Council of the Order wants to pursue the physician of electrosensitive people
Press Release, Robin des Toits, robindestoits.org, 22 January 2018

ENEDIS has seized the Council of the Order of Physicians with a complaint against Prof. Belpomme for certificates delivered to electrosensitive people (intolerant to electromagnetic pollution) in order for them to avoid installation of Linky meters.

Robin des Toits, which was behind the mediatization of electrosensitivity in 2008 and wants recognition of this affection, was able to question Prof. Belpomme. He simply wanted to confirm the full scientific validity of what he has done with regard to electrohypersensitivity (EHS). For the rest, he is relying on the impartiality of the Council of the Order.

Robin des Toits wanted to continue the investigation to find out more. We have discovered that this seizure of the Council of the Order was leaked to the press (APM dispatch and JIM article of 19 December 2017). By whom? It appears to us that there can only be two possible sources of this disclosure which breaches its secrecy: either Enedis or the Council of the Order itself, the APM dispatch mentioning an “ordinal source”…

We were disturbed to discover that the president of the Council of the Order has recently joined the Academy of Medicine whose positions – one could almost speak of militancy – against the recognition of EHS are well known.

Etienne Cendrier, Spokesperson for Robin des Toits, wonders : “Has Prof. Belpomme been targeted because he was about to scientifically establish the causality of electrohypersensitivity”?

Indeed, Prof. Belpomme has already published on electrohypersensitivity in a peer-reviewed scientific journal and according to our information, several other articles should be published later.

Etienne Cendrier
National Spokesperson

Attention changement d'adresse de Correspondance :
55 rue des Orteaux
75020 Paris
Tél. : 33 1 47 00 96 33


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On 16 June 2008, twenty scientists launched an appeal in the « Journal du Dimanche », co-signed by several renowned cancer specialists, to warn against the dangers of cell phones:

AFFSET (French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety, the antecedent of ANSES) issues a communication in which it commends scientists for taking up “the recommendations which it has formulated since 2005 concerning mobile telephony” :

The Academy of Medicine, in a press release signed by André AURENGO, judges this appeal to be “alarmist”, reflecting “demagoguery but in no way a scientific approach” and whose purpose would be “to unsettle opinion [in the absence of formal proof]”

We will learn from the "Canard Enchaîné" that André AURENGO and Rolland MASSE, both members of the Academy of Medicine, have also been members of the scientific council of Bouygues Télécom!

Then, we learn from the same "Canard Enchaîné" in 2013 that André AURENGO becomes the spokesperson for the Academy of Medicine.

The same year, ANSES recommends limiting exposure to mobile phone waves :

A proposed law is formulated aiming to mitigate exposure of the public to electromagnetic waves. This will be the Abeille Law, voted in 2015. The Academy of Medicine cries out denial of scientific expertise which would find the law responsible for casting in stone a goal of moderation of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Title of the article in the "Quotidien du Médecin":  "The Academy of Medicine denounces an alarming law”:

Already, twenty years earlier, just before asbestos was definitively banned, the Academy of Medicine issued a report minimizing the risks of asbestos with regard to smoking.

Translated by the Editor of "Towards Better Health"

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