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02 March 2018

From Dieselgate to Phonegate

From Dieselgate to Phonegate
2 March 2018 - See also arazi.fr

The Tribune de Genève recently published an article on banning diesel cars in cities in Germany.  Pollution prematurely kills 13,000 persons in Germany.  Health priority:  Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich affirm that they have no other choice.  In the city of BMW, the ban of motors not having the Euro 6 standard, that is, 300,000 vehicles, is foreseen.  "I see no other alternative.  The level of pollution is becoming terrifying", says the mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter.  "The health of citizens takes precedence."

Many media, particularly in Switzerland, continue to ignore Phonegate, an industrial and health scandal similar to that of Dieselgate.  When will the sale of mobile phones whose SAR values exceed the European regulatory standard of 2 W/kg be banned?  These are not being tested at 0 mm distance from the body.  Most consumers use or keep mobile phones against the skin (in the hand, in a pocket or bra).  When will the use of mobile phones by young children be banned?  When will the public health authorities issue stricter warnings about cell phone risks?

Does the German Federal Office for Radioprotection (BfS) know about this serious public health issue?  We compared the SAR body of three mobile phones on the site of the BfS, measured at a certain distance from the body, to that of ANFR (French National Frequencies Agency) at 0 mm distance from the body:

Make & model - SAR W/kg - BfS - separation distance - ANFR (0 distance)

Blackberry Z10 - 3 models : SAR : 0.52 to 0.99 - to 1.5 cm - ANFR: SAR : 6.80

Nokia Lumia 530 - SAR : 1.19 - à 1.5 cm - ANFR : SAR : 6.57

Apple iPhone 5C - SAR : 1.0 - à 0.5cm - ANFR - SAR : 3.11

Someone should alert the BfS and journalists writing articles such as the one just appearing in Forbes:  "Which Smartphones Emit the Most Radiation?".

Many times, we have asked for translations into German (the official language of three European countries:  Germany, Austria and Switzerland) of the press releases of Dr. Marc Arazi, the whistleblower who uncovered the Phonegate scandal.

Who would like to help us relay information in German on Phonegate?

by Meris Michaels

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