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04 April 2018

France : Orange Recalls its Hapi 30 2017 Cell Phones Due to a SAR Level Above the 2 W/kg Limit

The action of the association Alerte Phonegate to protect the health of mobile phone users takes a new turn with the announcement at the request of the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR)  of the first market withdrawal of the cell phone model Hapi 30, marketed by the telecoms company Orange, for a SAR level above the 2 W/kg limit.  

Orange recalls its Hapi 30 2017 cell phones
by Benoît le mar, livebox-news.com, 3 April 2018 (translation)

Orange is launching a recall of the Hapi 30 cell phones. ANFR has detected a defect: a SAR level above 2 W/kg in a particular case of use. The manufacturer has been warned and Orange proposes a free exchange of the phone until next May. This 2017 model will be changed for a 2018 model which does not have this defect.

Orange has sent Emails and letters to owners of the Orange Hapi 30.

The Orange Hapi 30 is a flip phone using the 2G and 3G+ networks as well as HD-quality voice made by Mobiwire (ex-Sagem Mobile).  The model sold in 2017 has a defect: the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) has detected a SAR level above 2 W/kg during the sending of MMS on the 2G network with the flap closed and against the body of the individual.  For Orange, this non-conformity is of no risk to health or safety.

Orange thus invites its users to proceed with a free exchange of their phone before 18 May via a "numéro vert" put in place for this purpose and provided in the letter or Email.  This line is reserved to purchasers of the phone in stores as well as on-line, customers or not, of Orange.

The new model of the Orange Hapi 30 (2018) presents no problem indicated by ANFR.  The latter is sold at the same price as the former,  39,90€.

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