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10 September 2018

Germany: Elementary School Students Demonstrate in Hamburg against their Cell Phone Parents

Elementary school students demonstrate in Hamburg against their cell phone parents

Only children spending time on their smartphone? Haha, the reproach can also be returned.

Around 70 children in Hamburg have the motto "Play with me! Not with your cell phones!" Protests against the mobile phone consumption of their parents. They want parents to be less concerned with their cell phones and pay more attention to their children.

With homemade posters, they went through St. Pauli on Saturday, chanting: "We are here, we are loud, because you are looking at your cell phones". Also: "Please abstain from using your cell phone at the sandbox".

Seven-year-old Emil Rustige from Eppendorf called for the demonstration, and his parents registered the demonstration for him with the police.

The police came and closed off the road with motorcycles and team vans. "We take the children's demo just as seriously as an adult event". There were no riots.

According to the new leisure survey, Germans have less and less time for others because they prefer to use their smartphones. The devices are also popular with children: almost half of 4 to 13-year-olds already have their own smartphone, reports the Children's Media Study 2018.

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