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09 January 2019

Spain: Higher Court of Justice of Aragon Links Electrosensitivity with Workplace Accidents

TSJA links electrosensitivity with workplace accidents
elperiodicodearagon.com, 8 January 2019 - translation

This worker began to suffer the symptoms of his illness in 2009, after having been exposed continuously to electromagnetic fields

The Higher Court of Justice of Aragón (TSJA) has confirmed a ruling that links the electrosensitivity contracted by an employee of an energy company as the cause of an industrial accident resulting from his work as an engineer in electrical transformation centers.

According to the Independent Association for the Defense of Health (Aisedes), this worker began to suffer the symptoms of his illness in 2009, after having been continuously exposed to electromagnetic fields.

In 2013, this association points out, the company's medical services rated him as a person sensitive to electromagnetic fields, and yet he had to continue his work in places close to Wi-Fi and telephony antennas.

The statement refers to two sentences, one from the Supreme Court of Italy and one from the High Court of Justice of Madrid that established a direct connection between radiation and serious diseases.

The scientific community, adds Asides, has been denouncing for years that the increasing levels of electromagnetic pollution pose a risk to health and that radiation protection institutions are being "influenced" by telecommunications companies.

Despite the fact that administrations such as in France have launched prevention campaigns, successive laws in Spain establish exposure limits for the population that are "far above" those recommended by experts.

The association highlights that the ruling recently issued by the TSJA joins other judicial decisions of Spanish courts that have granted work incapacity to workers affected by electrosensitivity.

"If urgent measures are not taken," Asides warns, "according to experts' forecasts, we will see an increase in health problems related to electromagnetic exposure, such as cancer, electrosensitivity, infertility and child behavioral disorders.

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