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13 September 2019

Switzerland: 5G Opponents Block 320 of 326 Antennas

5G opponents block 320 of 326 antennas
by P. Michel, 20min.ch, 13 September 2019 - auto-translation

5G opponents have raised objections against almost all building applications for antennas. The suppliers deny this number.

The expansion of 5G antennas by Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt is coming to a standstill: radiation opponents have filed objections to 320 of 326 building applications for the new antennas. These figures have been compiled by the "Schutz vor Strahlung" association. "We are absolutely overwhelmed", says Rebekka Meier to 20 minutes.

In this way, the population shows that "it can also implement a 5G moratorium itself, and it will maintain it in the near future". A total of 20,000 people, united in local groups, had signed the objections. For Meier, the flood of objections is tantamount to a "de facto 5G moratorium".

"Citizens recognize the dangers"

The association sees the reasons for the great resistance in the impact of the technology on health and the environment, which would now be recognized by the population - effects which the telecommunications providers vehemently deny (see below).

"In order to transmit more data faster, 5G antennas focus the transmitting energy on a small area," says Meier. As a result, the radiation between the antenna and the irradiated surface increases sharply. "If one is in an antenna beam, slight to severe damage to health can occur," fear the 5G opponents. Until 5G is introduced, studies on the new frequencies are needed. Until then, cantons should suspend building applications.

Objections cause delay

Provider Sunrise now warns that the coverage of 5G is endangered by the objections. "In the cantons that have relied on delay tactics, a gap of up to 30 percent compared to the other cantons must be reckoned with," says spokesman Rolf Ziebold.

The telecom provider is considering taking legal action against objections that have been made arbitrarily. At the moment, around half of the planned extensions and new buildings are in opposition. "As long as the building applications are blocked, we cannot build, so in many places there is no 5G coverage. The economy and consumers cannot therefore benefit from the advantages of 5G".

Providers speak of Fake News

Sunrise goes to court with the radiation opponents. "Compared to the introduction of 3G, the topic is now very much dominated by fake news," says Ziebold. They want to counter this with facts. He points out the advantages of 5G: It is more energy-efficient than its predecessors, promotes intelligent mobility due to the higher amount of data, and the radiation is weak compared to the use of a mobile phone. "Politicians must now ask themselves whether they want to give up Switzerland's current top 5G position and whether Switzerland can now afford delays," says Ziebold.

Objections were among them

Swisscom, for its part, finds it "paradoxical that the population wants to communicate anytime and anywhere, but at the same time mobile phone systems encounter resistance". "Objections have been part of mobile communications for years, and they make it more expensive and complicated to expand," says spokeswoman Annina Merk. However, it is not the case that objections have been received for practically all building applications. The association's figures could not be confirmed. "Over the years we have noticed that about one third of the planning applications are objected to."

The expansion is on course, says Merk. Swisscom understands the fears. "But on the basis of more than 4000 scientific studies, there is no evidence that mobile radio installations operated within the limits are harmful to people and the environment.

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