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29 November 2019

Switzerland: The Report of the Working Group on Mobile Communications and Radiation is Available

The report of the Working Group on Mobile Communications and Radiation is available
FOEN, 28 November 2019 - unofficial translation

Link to the report in French:
Rapport «Téléphonie mobile et rayonnement» (PDF, 2 MB, 28.11.2019)

28.11.2019 - The Mobile Telephony and Radiation Working Group has submitted its report on the needs and risks associated with the deployment of 5G networks to the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC). This unprecedented and comprehensive report compiles the facts on the subject of mobile telephony and radiation and sets out options for further action by the interest groups concerned. In addition, it presents accompanying measures and recommendations. DETEC will decide what action to take.

Results of the Working Group Report

The working group was tasked with presenting facts and options for the future development of mobile phone networks. It was not its task to comment on the deployment of 5G or to conduct scientific research on the health effects of mobile telephony. 5G mobile antennas, the installation of which has started, must comply with the current preventive limit values (installation limit values) set out in the Ordinance on Non-Ionizing Radiation (ORNI) (see FAQ).

Options for the development of mobile telephony

In this report, the working group sets out five options for the possible forms that the evolution of 5G and its related effects could take. It also presents suggestions on how population and economic coverage could be provided by broadband services in the future and how the population's exposure to radiation could be managed, taking into account the evolution of mobile telephony.

Accompanying measures

The six accompanying measures proposed by the working group for the development of mobile telephone networks are an essential element of the report. These are the following measures:

  • Harmonization and simplification of the implementation of  ORNI in cooperation with the cantons;
  • development of exposure and health effects monitoring launched by the Federal Council in April 2019 as part of the entry into force of the ORNI revision;
  • strengthening public information in the field of mobile telephony and radiation;
  • intensifying research on the potential health effects of mobile telephony;
  • creation of an environmental medicine consultation service on NIR with the support of the Confederation;
  • Continuation of discussions with representatives of interest groups and search for solutions within the framework of the "Mobile Telephony of the Future" exchange platform.

What happens now?

The working group submitted its report to DETEC, which will decide on the next steps.

Rapport «Téléphonie mobile et rayonnement» (PDF, 2 MB, 28.11.2019)
Working group on mobile telephony and radiation on behalf of DETEC

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