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06 February 2020

Phonegate Alert Will Speak on February 10 at the “2020 Expert Forum” in Israel

Phonegate Alert will speak on February 10 at the “2020 Expert Forum” in Israel
Equipe Phonegate 6 Feb 2020

On February 10 and 11, the “2020 Expert Forum” will be held at Tel Aviv University (Department of Public Policy) on the initiative of Dr. Paul Ben Ishaï on: “Mobile and Wireless Radiation and Public Policy”. Our president, Dr Marc Arazi, will speak by teleconference on 10 February on the theme: “International Phonegate Scandal: all overexposed, all deceived, all endangered by our mobile phones”. We would like to thank the organizers for this invitation.

Many other international speakers will participate in this conference, including Dr Devra Davis, Dr Ronald Melnick, Dr Yaël Stein, see the full program.


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