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06 February 2020

President of the Austrian Medical Association: Clear words about 5G

President of the Austrian Medical Association: Clear words about 5G

Dr. Thomas Szekeres
Statement ao. Univ. Dr. Thomas Szekeres President of the Austrian and Vienna Medical Association - auto-translation

Presentation: "Austrian Infrastructure Report 2020" Infrastructure symposium Future Business Austria - "Future infrastructure 5G: from digital dream to reality". 04.11.2019, Novomatic Forum

Dear Sirs and Madames,
Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to be able to take part in this very interesting event in the Austrian Infrastructure Report 2020 entitled "5G Future Infrastructure: From Digital Dream to Reality". The discussion about 5G technology is a very important and, above all, very varied one, and it is certainly up to those responsible that the dream that is to become a reality does not turn out to be a nightmare.

I do not want to spark a dispute here today, but as a health representative I would like to look at the discussion from a different perspective, and maybe we can then discuss one or the other argument. The fact is that neither mobile phone opponents nor supporters can present long-term studies. That is why both sides should and should demand this.

It is also a fact that in 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radio radiation as potentially carcinogenic to humans based on epidemiological studies on brain tumors (group 2B). Since then, additional studies have confirmed the causal link between cell phone use and cancer.

Leading sciences concluded that high-frequency electromagnetic radiation for humans is a clear carcinogen (group 1). In medicine, however, we are also increasingly observing the consequences of incorrect usage behavior, such as addiction, behavioral disorders or increasing the risk of accidents through distraction. The question is therefore: Have health damage to people from mobile phone radiation been proven to date? Well, there are already several judgments around the world, even high court judgments, which unequivocally recognize the damage to health caused by mobile phone radiation.

On the basis of the information available so far, the development of 5G means that the population is likely to be exposed to a further, and considerable, high-frequency exposure that is already too intensive in many places. From the medical point of view, transferring huge amounts of data in the immediate area of ​​human life by means of microwave technology is to be seen as a wrong development.

However, I do not want to stand in front of you and offer no solutions in return. Because digitization without loss of comfort can also be achieved with wired solutions. These are faster, more secure and not potentially harmful to health. If the data transmission is to be wireless, frequencies in the infrared spectrum and in the light spectrum are also available as LiFi (Light Fidelity). Because the overarching goal can only be a data transfer in a health-friendly form.

Let's look out into the world: In cities like Brussels, Geneva or Silicon Valley, 5G has been stopped again. This was largely due to safety concerns, the potential health risks and the fact that a high transmitter density can be expected. Many questions remain unanswered or are simply not answered: How many channels are planned? What does the high transmitter density do? Where does the electricity come from for each individual transmitter? Is there data security?

I therefore ask our politicians to examine the 5G technology more closely in accordance with the precautionary principle. Every technology in the EU has to be tested for its harmlessness to human health, from the electric toothbrush to the chewing gum. In mobile phone technology, however, it is sometimes a little quicker to assess, perhaps too quickly.

As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, the problem is complex and it is important that we solve this problem today rather than tomorrow. I'm looking forward to an exciting discussion and hope that maybe we can think of one or the other solution today.

Source: https://www.bau-biologie.at

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