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27 March 2020

Top Adviser in the Netherlands Warns against Uncritical 5G Roll-Out

Top adviser in the Netherlands warns against uncritical 5G roll-out
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NEWS / ABROAD: The chairman of the Radiation Committee of the Netherlands National Health Council, Hans Kromhout , now warns the country's decision makers against uncritical 5G roll-out.

The Dutch professor believes that all the benefits of 5G must be carefully weighed against the risks to public health that this society runs.

This is what the Dutch daily newspaper 
De Telegraaf writes.

Hans Kromhout does not believe that the precaution of mobile radiation meets the standards used to protect the population from other risks such as chemicals, pesticides and medicines, where the requirements of Hans Kromhout are strict.

Hans Kromhout particularly criticizes the radiation authorities for ignoring clear research results such as the US NTP project that lasted 19 years and ended with a clear conclusion of cancer findings in experimental rats.

“The US NTP study, which provided clear evidence of the association between cancer and exposure to EMR (ed. Electromagnetic radiation) - was well executed and represented a major breakthrough. Still, some groups try to explain away,” he tells the newspaper.

Distrust of ICNIRP

Hans Kromhout criticizes the fact that a large number of countries adopt their limit values ​​from the private research firm ICNIRP quite uncritically and calls it "quite unusual" that a company such as ICNIRP can make such an impact.

“It's a bit of an opaque club where it's unclear how members are elected. Call it self-governing. In that sense, one cannot attribute an independent status to the organization, ”he tells the newspaper.

Two of the world's key posts in the field are occupied by Dutch. In the ICNIRP, Dutch Eric van Rongen is chairman until he resigns and becomes deputy chairman in May 2020.

Since 2006, Dutch Emilie van Deventer has been the head of the WHO office The International EMF Project in Geneva, which since its establishment in 1996 has worked very closely with ICNIRP.

ICNIRP's main founder and first chairman, Michael Repacholi, left ICNIRP in 1996 to become a leader in the newly created WHO office, which has significantly served for the telecommunications industry's sponsorship funds.

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