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11 July 2020

Michigan: Perry Woman's Space-X Lawsuit Sent to Different Federal Court

Perry woman's Space-X lawsuit sent to different federal court
By JOSH CHAMPLIN Argus-Press Staff Writer Jul 4, 2020

FLINT — A federal lawsuit filed by a Perry woman claiming satellite signals from SpaceX satellites affect her health was transferred to United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, according to court records.

Jennifer Mergos originally filed her suit in Michigan’s Western District in Grand Rapids.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX

U.S. Magistrate Judge Phillip J. Green signed an order June 1 that transferred the case to Michigan’s Eastern District, since Mergos is a resident of Shiawassee County, where that court has jurisdiction.

“Plaintiff’s complaint lacks factual detail and consists largely of legal conclusions,” Green wrote in the order. “Nevertheless, plaintiff clearly alleges that defendant, by utilizing a hazardous product and/or engaging in hazardous conduct, is subjecting plaintiff to physical harm.”

Green ruled that “while the allegations in plaintiff’s complaint may appear tenuous,” the court was obligated to transfer the case, due to “the gravity of the allegations.”

Mergos claimed in her 22-page lawsuit that SpaceX technology “actively threatens (her) activities of daily life, use of public spaces, services and livelihood.” She is seeking at least $75,000 in damages. No further proceedings have been scheduled.

In the lawsuit, Mergos quotes a PBS story explaining the satellite program: “SpaceX’s Starlink initiative … is to provide internet coverage by using thousands of satellites that beam wireless internet coverage down from space … What SpaceX wants to do is launch satellites into lower orbits so that they can beam internet at you.”

The filing also states SpaceX is “forcing” Mergos’ interaction and exposure to a harmful product, and “plaintiff does not consent.”

“Creating forced exposure to Class 2B carcinogens, causing harm to the environment and ignoring federal and state rules and regulations is reason to revoke a corporation’s business license or dissolve the corporation,” the suit claims. “Especially when wired, fiber-optic networks are already paid for by tax dollars, faster, safer, more secure, cost-effective and in compliance with rules and regulations.”

Mergos’ suit claims the public’s right to natural resources, including air, water and the sea shore is rooted in Roman and common law doctrine, and public spaces historically guarantee public safety, and SpaceX’s products represent “a violation of public trust” and “irresponsible corporate behavior.”
In her filing, Mergos also notes she had an operation in 2008 to remove a tumor from behind her left ear, “where her cellphone antenna rested for 10 years,” and was diagnosed with “microwave sickness,” which qualifies her under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Mergos stated that in the presence of microwave radiation, she experiences “migraines, tinnitus, nose bleeds, dizziness, physical pain, elevated body temperature and discomfort.” 

“(SpaceX) threatens the environment by microwaving it, as a side of its product,” Mergos’ lawsuit states.

“I don’t want to live in a microwave,” Mergos said, after filing the lawsuit in April. “Radiation is damaging to all living entities, from grass to whatever life form you want to pretend is at the top. Somebody needs to protect our future, and no one is doing it. They’re building this around us, and it’s illegal. I think anyone with a functional brain who wants to continue breathing, is against anything that prevents you from transporting oxygen and that has these effects.”

Mergos also believes the super-rich control the narrative when it comes to technology, and have undue influence on politicians, academia and the media.

She doesn’t know what will happen as the result of her lawsuit, but felt she had to act.

“Anyone who reads non-industry-funded literature can connect the dots. I don’t know what’s going to happen with this lawsuit, but rich people view most people on this planet as an inconvenience and try to eliminate us with microwave radiation and by spraying things. Somebody needs to do this. It should be front page news all around the world. I don’t know why this burden has fallen on my shoulders. I’m simply a mom,” Mergos added.


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