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26 February 2022

Mobi-kids: Daniel Krewski, an Author with Multiple Conflicts of Interest

Mobi-kids: Daniel Krewski, an author with multiple conflicts of interest
Equipe Phonegate 25 Feb 2022

Is the Mobi-kids study (which analyzes the impact of wireless phones on the risk of brain tumors for young people and was published at the end of December 2021) reliable or not? Our association Phonegate Alert has the right to ask this question publicly. Indeed, our research reveals that many conflicts of interest of the authors of the Mobi-kids study are either simply hidden or underestimated. This is the case for another author of the study, Canadian scientist Daniel Krewski.

As a reminder: when the Mobi-kids study was published in Environment International, the authors “forgot” to include the section on conflicts of interest. Mr. Joe Wiart, one of the authors, worked for Orange Labs during the whole period of the study (2009-2016). Our intervention with Ms. Elisabeth Cardis, coordinator of the study, allowed us to rectify this lack of transparency (see our press release on the Phonegate Alert website).

Since then, our research has discovered that five employees of the Orange group were directly involved in one of the strategic components of the study: measuring the exposure of children and young people diagnosed with brain tumors (see our press release).

To date, the authors to whom we have written have still not justified their position regarding the participation of the mobile telephone operator – and the latter does not appear in the reported conflicts of interest.

As far as Mr. Daniel Krewski is concerned, however, it is because of our action that his name has appeared in the section on conflicts of interest, which is evident below.

« D. Krewski holds a peer-reviewed university-industry chair in risk science administered by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC – Industrial Research Chairs Grants (nserc-crsng.gc.ca)). The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association was a past partner in this program, but had no active role in the research program of the Chair, which operates independently of the industrial partners. Dr. Krewski also serves as Chief Risk Scientist and CEO for Risk Sciences International (www.risksciences.com) a Canadian company established in 2006 in partnership with the University of Ottawa, which has conducted contract work on radiofrequency fields for Canadian federal government clients. »

Although this information is extensive, it does not provide a complete picture of the numerous and repeated conflicts of interest that this scientist has with the telephone industry – and not only with this industry.

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