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12 February 2022

Mobi-kids: Orange at the Heart of the Study!

Mobi-kids: Orange at the heart of the study!
Equipe Phonegate 10 Feb 2022

Our investigation into the Mobi-kids study shows how the Orange industrial group was active at the heart of the scientific process. Five employees of its subsidiary Orange Labs took part in the elaboration of the exposure measurement tools for children with brain tumors.

Following our various e-mails to the authors of the study as well as to the coordinator of the scientific team, Ms. Elisabeth Cardis, the article published on December 30, 2021 has been modified. The part “Conflicts of interest”, omitted according to Ms. Cardis, has been incorporated in the new version (see our previous press release).

Joe Wiart at the forefront of Orange

This first success for our transparency action, however, remains all relative. This is what we wrote to the authors of the Mobi-kids study in an e-mail dated February 4, 2022. Thus, concerning Mr. Joe Wiart, at the forefront of Orange Labs, we asked the authors the following question:

“In this regard, we do not understand the distinction you make for Mr. Joe Wiart. Indeed, how can he be listed under conflicts of interest and at the same time consider that he has no conflicts to declare?”

Our association Phonegate Alert also informed Mobi-kids scientists of its new findings regarding the role of Orange while wanting to know if they were thinking of rigorously updating the “Conflicts of interest” section of their article.

Five Orange employees to measure children’s exposure

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