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12 November 2022

United States: Microwave Injured Veterans Network

Microwave Injured Veterans Network 

Microwave Injured Veterans Network (MIVN) focuses on helping veterans to better communicate their injury to primary care providers. According to Pew research there are around 20 million veterans living in the U.S. Those veterans that are sensitive to microwave radiation due to their injury unfortunately have to be aware of the amount of microwave radiation around and inside of their residence and workspaces. While most people never think about these devices as harmful microwave injured veterans have to consider removing WiFi from their homes and not living inside of the radiation lobule of a cellular tower or small cell facility. We believe that these veterans have a right to accommodation without shame or ridicule.

MIVN believes that these veterans have a right to know about the hazard and they have a right to opt-out. In some cases, microwave injured veterans that try to opt-out are charged extra monthly rates to do so. MIVN views the extra rate as a form of financial shaming of the microwave injured veteran and should be illegal. The veteran has to pay the utility company a fee to not have a device aggravate his or her symptoms! This is wrong.

MIVN stands against cellular microwave radiation devices that may be installed in residential areas, near schools, and government agencies that can aggravate the microwave injured veterans symptoms. Our mission is to continuously seek out relief and wellness for microwave injured veterans and we believe that cellular microwave radiation runs counter to that mission. It is impossible for a microwave injured veteran to experience relief and wellness when a cellular microwave tower is located within 3000 feet of his or her home.

MIVN is sympathetic to the investors that placed their trust in this "next generation" technology. They want to make a return on their investment but not at the cost of the microwave injured veteran having to pay even more ongoing medical copays and industry opt-out fees.

We believe that small cellular facilities must be placed back up high on the high towers above the tree line and 3000 feet away from microwave injured veteran homes and places of employment. We believe that ignoring the health risks associated with small cell facilities will not make the health risks magically go away.

​If a veteran had a child after having his or her DNA damaged from multiple collocated microwave devices while in-service, that child may also be sensitive to nearby microwave devices. MIVN believes this is a form of genotoxic induced microwave sensitivity. Typical behavior modification corrections such as grounding, removing of privileges, or school detention will not help a microwave sensitive child alter his or her behavior is altered. We further believe that the the only approach that will improve the microwave sensitive child's behavior would be to remove him or her from the radiation lobule entirely. In other words...moving away.

MIVN will keep you informed as to the latest news and resources regarding microwave injured veterans and the fight for relief and wellness.


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