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EMF Studies

25 October 2011

Film Review: "FLOW (For Love of Water)"

"FLOW (For Love of Water)" (Irina Salena, 2008, 83 mn.  (See film here.) 

This documentary explores water issues in the United States, India, South Africa, Lesotho and Bolivia. The privatization of water by three European companies has resulted in charging people for the cost of this vital resource. Since poor people cannot afford to pay for clean water, they drink and use dirty water. Every day, 30,000 persons die from water-borne diseases while companies such as these earn profits for their investors.

Film Review: "Homo Toxicus"

We are swimming in a sea of toxic substances

"HOMO TOXICUS" (Carole Poliquin and Isaac Isitan, 2008, Canada, 87 mn) : This excellent documentary on the health effects of environmental pollution takes us from school children in Montreal to the Inuit populations of northern Canada to Native Americans living near an industrial complex in Ontario. The film begins with the blood analysis of the producer, which reveals the presence of 110 toxic substances. To learn how these substances are affecting our health, she travels first to northern Canada.

12 October 2011

"Wi-Fi Refugees" Moving to Green Bank, West Virginia to Escape Electromagnetic Radiation

"While not a formal diagnosis in America, electromagnetic sensitivity is recognized in several European countries.  Last May, the World Health Organization classified the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones it as a possible carcinogen."  More and more persons are becoming sensitive to wireless technology.  Some have become so ill that they must live in "white zones", areas free of this type of non-ionizing radiation.  Here is an excellent short news story on this fairly new and troubling phenomenon.  (Click here for the video.)  See also this short videoclip about the National Radio Quiet Zone produced by Al-Jazeera reporter John Terrett.

"A massive radiotelescope prohibits any mainstream electronics from being used nearby

(Green Bank, West Virginia, 22 September 2011, Chris Hurst, Anchor/Reporter)

Tranquil Pocahontas County is not where Diane Schou planned to end up.

“It’s difficult for me to know that it’s an affliction that anybody can share with anyone,” she says. “Anyone can get this.”
Schou and her husband were farmers in Iowa. When a cell phone tower was built near their home she says her problems started.  "I had hair loss. I thought it was old age," she recalls.  "I had a rash, I thought it was something I had eaten.  I was extremely tired."

Eventually she connected the dots. She says the electromagnetic radiation from the tower made her sick. Her doctor agreed, saying her symptoms were caused by electromagnetic sensitivity.

“We told him about the cell tower and his reaction was, ‘Move.’”