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31 May 2014

Corded Landline Phones Are the Safest Phones

Use corded landlines!
Use Corded Landlines!

Corded land line phones are the safest phones!

Cordless DECT phones constantly transmit electromagnetic radiation from the base and when you talk on it. Cell phones also transmit, even when you aren’t using them. The World Health Organization says this radiation may put the user at risk for brain cancer. They classified radiation as a 2b carcinogen, which is the same category as DDT, lead and engine exhaust. WHO Press release, May 2011

This radiation creates a toxic environment for your family and your neighbors as the radiation transmits for a long distance, and even through walls.

Its very important to protect children as their brains absorb more radiation than adults. The best advice is to unplug and remove cordless phones and use cell phones for emergencies only.

29 May 2014

World's Biggest Study Into How Mobiles Affect Young Brains

World's biggest study into how mobiles affect young brains: £1m investigation will examine if memory and attention are affected by radiation from devices 
by Jenny Hope, Daily Mail, 19 May 2014

· £1m investigation will involve 2,500 children aged 11 and 12
· Will examine memory, attention and other thinking skills are affected
· Findings will be used to update current guidelines on usage
· Estimated 70 per cent of children aged 11 and 12 in UK now own a mobile

A £1million investigation in to the affects of mobile phone on the attention span and memory of young people has been launched by scientists (library image)

The world’s largest ever study into whether mobile phones are interfering with children’s brains has been launched by British scientists.

The £1million investigation will examine whether memory, attention and other thinking skills are affected by radiation from the devices.

27 May 2014

Chemtrails, Wireless and You

Pioneer researcher Dr. George Carlo headed the first extensive wireless radiation research for Motorola from 1993 to 1999 and lost his funding over his alarming findings. In an email to a researcher, Dr. Carlo now worries:
“EMR is most likely a synergen. The exposures such as pesticides, chemtrails, harvesting of forests and urban sprawl are not causes competing with EMR – they are additive and synergistic [or amplifying] causes. They are insults to the system that requires strong biological compensation to overcome. EMR depletes that ability to compensate, and thus the person or species succumbs to the effects of the environmental insult more severely and more rapidly.” [ABCs Of Cell Phones And Other Hazards Of The Wireless Age by William Thomas]

Chemtrails, Wireless and You
by William Thomas, 21 February 2013

Next time you’re on a cellphone looking up at those long lingering plumes spreading across the sky, you might decide to end that call. If you spot any cell towers, roof-mounted transmitters or high-voltage power lines within a mile of your location, you may wish to evacuate the area immediately. And once home, you will want to permanently disconnect all wireless devices, including computer routers and “always-on” portable phone cradles. Because what you see in the sky is what you breathe. And chances are you’ve been breathing barium for more than a decade.

26 May 2014

Do Mobile Phones Cause Brain Tumors?

"My doctor said he was absolutely convinced it was my
mobile-phone use" that caused the brain tumor.
Neil Whitfield with wife Caroline and sons William and Harry
(who do not own mobiles) Photo:  Warren Smith for The Telegraph
Do mobile phones cause brain tumours?
by Maxine Frith, The Telegraph,
25 May 2014

While the scientific community is still arguing over phone safety, one man tells Maxine Frith why he has banned his children from using mobiles

When Neil Whitfield was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 44, he left the consulting room in shock.

He had been struggling with debilitating headaches, short-term memory loss and fatigue for months, and faced a brutal choice between risky surgery or leaving the tumour where it was and coming to terms with the fact that it would kill him within five years.

But what also shocked him was his doctor’s theory about what had caused the tumour.

“He said he was absolutely convinced it was my mobile-phone use,” said Mr Whitfield, from Wigan, Lancashire. “He told me that mobile phones were going to be the smoking gun of the 21st century in terms of cancers. I hadn’t even thought about it before.”

At the time of his diagnosis in 2001, Mr Whitfield was working as a sales manager and had been a regular user of mobile phones since 1995. He never used one again.

India: Bollywood Star Juhi Chawla Expresses Concern Over Impacts of Mobile Radiation

Juhi Chawla asserted that we should be masters of
electronic gadgets and not the slaves.
Clearly highlighting that mobile phones are perhaps the only device that has been used, overused and abused at the maximum, Juhi Shawla said that it stood as a ticking health time bomb with most remaining oblivious to it.

Juhi Chawla expresses concern over impacts of radiation
by Manogya Loiwal, India Today,
24 May 2014

Bollywood star Juhi Chawla is on a pursuit to educate users on the menaces of mobile radiation. Asserting that we should be masters and not slaves of the electronic gadgets, the former Miss India believes that we should make use of the technological advancements at our own advantage.

Discussing the perils of mobile radiation at an event organized by the Ladies Study Group at The Pala, ITC Sonar, Kolkata, the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders' co-owner expressed her growing concern over the issue. Clearly highlighting that mobile phones are perhaps the only device that has been used, overused and abused at the maximum, she said that it stood as a ticking health time bomb with most remaining oblivious to it.

24 May 2014

Dr. Lisa Bailey, Breast Surgeon, Warns Women: Do Not Keep Your Cell Phone in Your Bra

This is Part 2 of the Environmental Health Trust program, 'Skeptical About Cell Phones and Health?' Dr. Lisa Bailey, M.D., presents evidence that breast cancer in young women is related to carrying a cell phone in their bras. Dr. Lisa Bailey, M.D., is a breast surgeon and former President of the American Cancer Society, CA

Part 2 Dr Lisa Bailey Cell Phones in Your Bra, Bad Idea! (9 April 2014 - 13 mn.)

20 May 2014

Spain: New Law Gives Telephone Companies the Right to Install Mobile Phone Masts on Roofs Without Residents' or Council Permission

Following is the press release (near verbatim Google translation from Spanish) issued on 19 May 2014 by CAVAragón and ASIDES denouncing the new law on telecommunications which gives telephone companies the right to install mobile phone masts on roofs without either residents' or council permission.

CAVAragón and ASIDES Denounce the New Law on Telecommunications
Press Release, 19 May 2014

CAVAragón and ASIDES are denouncing the new law on telecommunications, saying it is a law for the profit of telecoms companies which invalidates the powers of councils and autonomous communities in matters of urban planning and territory, as well as environment.

In particular, the installation of antennas on the roofs of buildings poses an environmental and health risk to exposed persons. Emission controls are now in the hands of telecoms operators.

The law does not take into consideration the resolutions of the European Parliament in health and environmental matters, or the recommendations of resolution 1815 of that Parliament in the field of human health prevention, nor does it consider the recent recommendations of the European Environment Agency. It ignores the May 2011 declaration of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an international body of the World Health Organization, stating that radiation used in mobile telephony is possibly carcinogenic.

19 May 2014

Public Needs to Know Smart Meter Health Risks

Blood sample tests of persons exposed to smart meters reveal "rouleaux", a
condition where red blood cells clump together, preventing the cells from
absorbing and carrying oxygen.  This condition is a precursor to many
serious diseases.   (Photo source: "Take Back Your Power", text source:
(Note:  This is not the image published with the article.)
19 May 2014:
Excellent article on smart meter health risks by the Executive Editor at The Oakland Press.

GILBERT: Public needs to know smart meter health risks
by Glenn Gilbert, The Oakland Press, 17 October 2013

If physicians have differences of opinions over the health dangers posed by such devices and appliances as cell phones, smart meters and microwave ovens, how does that make you feel?

Do you trust government studies, such as those cited by the federal Food and Drug Administration and Federal Communications Commission, which say electromagetic and radiofrequency field exposures are too low to worry about?

Canada: Regina, Sask: Basement Fire Linked to Installation of Smart Meter

The scene of a house fire started on the 1400 block Oxford St.
in Regina on 8 May 2014 while workers were installing a
smart meter (Photo:  Bryan Schlosser, Regina Leader-Post)
Basement fire linked to installation of smart meter
by Austin M. Davis, The Leader-Post
15 May 2014

A fire started at a Glencairn home as SaskPower workers installed a smart meter on Wednesday afternoon.

"From what we know right now, Grid One (Solutions) was on scene exchanging the meter, upgrading to the smart meter, and accidentally grounded the electrical circuit which resulted in the ignition and subsequent fire," said Gerard Kay, deputy chief with Regina Fire and Protective Services.

Grid One Solutions is one of the contractors working with SaskPower on a large part of the smart meter installation process. Many employees are SaskPower workers but rely on Grid One Solutions' equipment and management expertise.

15 May 2014

Scientists Under Attack: Árpád Pusztai, a GMO Whistleblowing Hero

Scientists Under Attack — Árpád Pusztai, a GMO Whistleblowing Hero!
by Dr. Michelle Kmiec, Guest Writer for Wake Up World, 12 May 2014

Dr. Árpád Pusztai (pronounced Poos-tie) is well known for his controversial discovery that GM potatoes actually cause damage to the intestines and immune systems of rats. In his now-famous words:

“If I had the choice I would certainly not eat it [GMO foods]. We are putting new things into food which have not been eaten before. The effects on the immune system are not easily predictable and I challenge anyone who will say that the effects are predictable… I find it’s very unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs”.

SCENIHR Preliminary Report on Potential Health Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

Letter from Susan Foster, Advisor, Radiation Research Trust to John Ryan, Acting Director, Public Health Directorate, European Commission:

May 8, 2014

John F. Ryan, Acting Director
Public Health Directorate
Health and Consumers Directorate General
European Commission,
L – 2920 Luxembourg

SCENIHR Preliminary Report on Potential Health Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

Dear Mr. Ryan:

The concern about the 2014 SCENIHR Preliminary Report has been swift, severe, and global. It causes those who know the science and comprehend the potential for harm from microwave radiation to ask if SCENIHR is truly a body worth listening to, or has it lost all credibility. In hopes that all is not lost, I am writing to express my profound concern that industry-bias is destroying the ability of standard-setting bodies to protect the citizens of Europe, and indirectly, citizens on a global scale.

14 May 2014

New French Study: Excessive Mobile Phone Use Poses Significant Risk for Brain Tumors

What is troubling about this new study from France is that it suggests “excessive phone” use (15 hours a month – which works out to only 30 minutes a day) is a significant risk factor for brain tumors. The study was undertaken among adult users in France. What about children? How many of us have seen a child or adolescent holding a 30-minute cell phone conversation during just one call? Children, whose bodies are still developing, are more vulnerable to cell phone radiation.

Will this study be reported in the U.S. media? It has appeared in the mainstream on-line sites of the French media, including Le Nouvel Observateur, and in the Swiss media: Tribune de Genève, Le Matin... This article is from a business site in Australia.

Excessive mobile use poses significant cancer risk
by James Harkness, workplaceinfo.com, 13 May 2014

A new study suggests excessive mobile phone use in an occupational setting is a significant risk factor for brain tumours.

13 May 2014

Mobile Phone Use and Brain Tumors in the CERENAT Case-Control Study

"Risks were higher for gliomas, temporal tumours, occupational and urban mobile phone use...

"Conclusions: These additional data support previous findings concerning a possible association between heavy mobile phone use and brain tumours."

Mobile phone use and brain tumours in the CERENAT case-control study
Occup Environ Med doi:10.1136/oemed-2013-101754

Comment on The Globe and Mail article, "Could WiFi in Schools Be Harming Our Kids?"

Following this paragraph are our comments on the Canadian newspaper's (The Globe and Mail) 11 May 2014 article,  "Could WiFi in Schools Be Harming Our Kids?":  Note they are quoting a spokesperson from Swisscom. 

"Switzerland prides itself on having among the most stringent regulations on electromagnetic radiation in the world. As of 2000, it has supplemented its exposure limits (which are in keeping with Canada’s) with much more restrictive limits for installations of power lines, television and radio transmitters, and mobile phone base-stations in well-frequented locations. The new regulations were accompanied by an aggressive public awareness campaign about the health risks of RF radiation. Swisscom, the national telecom company, promotes its line of low-radiation “Ecomode” phones and routers as “safer” – openly acknowledging the risks inherent in these devices. And for 10 years, Swisscom has been installing wired Internet connections in Swiss schools for free. Why not wireless? As company spokesman Carsten Roetz wrote in an e-mail, “because there’s no reason to put a radiation source that isn’t absolutely necessary in schools.” Of Switzerland’s 6,800 schools, Roetz estimates that fewer than 100 have opted for wireless connections."

Our comment:

What is written about Switzerland is not exactly true. The journalist cited a spokesperson from Swisscom, a pro-industry source of information. There is a move in Switzerland to install Wi-Fi in schools. Swisscom has confirmed that its "services end at the school's router. Each school is responsible for the in-house provision of its individual areas and classrooms... This means that it is the school's governing body or the canton that decides whether to opt for a wired or wireless solution". Furthermore, in a 2004 patent application for WLAN (Wi-Fi), Swisscom cited studies showing "that mobile radio radiation can cause damage to genetic material, in particular in human white blood cells, whereby both the DNA itself is damaged and the number of chromosomes changed. This mutation can consequently lead to increased cancer risk." - http://www.safeschool.ca/uploads/WiFi_Swisscom_Patent.pdf

05 May 2014

Robotic Bees to Pollinate Monsanto Crops

UPDATE:  Watch this 2-minute video clip on "new bees", sponsored by Bayer, Monsanto, Syngenta...

Robotic bees not only for pollinating Monsanto's GMO mono-crops but also for potential military uses—surveillance and mapping. “The dime-sized cyber-bees have yet to be outfitted with neurotoxin tipped stingers.” (See also "Robobees".)

Robotic Bees to Pollinate Monsanto Crops
by Russ McSpadden / Earth First! Newswire

Pollinators participate in the sexual-reproduction of plants. When you eat an almond, beet, watermelon or sip on coffee, you’re partaking of an ancient relationship between pollinators and flowers. But since the 1990s, worldwide bee health has been in decline and most evidence points to toxic pesticides created by Shell and Bayer and the loss of genetic biodiversity due to the proliferation of GMO monocrops created in laboratories by biotech companies like Monsanto.

But never worry, those real life pollinators—the birds and the bees, as they say—may soon be irrelevant to the food needs of civilization. Harvard roboticists are developing a solution to the crisis: swarms of tiny robot bees made of titanium and plastic that can pollinate those vast dystopian fields of GMO cash crops.

03 May 2014

Switzerland: Electrosmog: Mobile Antennas Are Making Calves Sick

Stalls:  Calves cannot avoid radiation from mobile
phone antennas (Photo:  Getty Images)
Electrosmog: Mobile antennas make calves sick
by Christian Birmele, editor K-Tip, 23 April 2014 (translated by Google and the Editor of this blog)

Dozens of calves have been suffering in recent years from cataracts. Many lived in the vicinity of mobile phone antennas. Studies of the University of Zurich. Blind animals no longer found the udder of their mother and died.

[The abstract of the 2009 study may be viewed here.]

In people, electrosmog from mobile phone radiation can cause discomfort. Patients have headaches, muscle cramps or nerve inflammation. Electrosmog expert Peter Schlegel says: "Every year, about a hundred people who are affected contact me."

Animals can also suffer from the constant irradiation. The first scientifically documented case in Switzerland was made ​​public 15 years ago: In the barn of farmer Hans Sturzenegger from Reutlingen ZH, 50 calves over several years became blind. The cause of blindness: severe cataracts. Professor Michael Hässig of the veterinary department of the University of Zurich knows the consequences: "a blind calf cannot find the udder of its mother and go to it. » The diseases were first proven after a mobile phone antenna had been erected just 20 meters away from the stable. When the telecom company removed the mast, after years of fighting, there were no more diseases. Hässig’s studies followed the case for several years.