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30 June 2016

26 Days After the NIH's National Toxicology Program Reported that Cell Phone Radiation Definitively Causes Cancer

Texting(image by JhaymesisviphotographyLicense DMCA
[Our comment:  Although this article is specific to North America, we'd like to add that on 16 June, the Swiss National Council of Parliament voted by a very small margin to raise limit values of cell phone antennas and to ease regulations for their installation - despite (limited) reporting of the NTP study in the Swiss media, issue of a press release by the 1500+ members of Doctors for the Protection of the Environment, and messages sent to Deputies mentioning the study.] 

26 days after the NIH's National Toxicology Program reported that cell phone radiation definitively causes cancer
by Katie Singer, opednews.com, 29 June 2016


26 days after the NIH's National Toxicology Program reported that cell phone radiation definitively causes cancer, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler announced the Spectrum Frontiers Proceeding. On June 20, Wheeler said that 5G "is a national priority.... 5G buildout is going to be very infrastructure intensive, requiring a massive deployment of small cells...(that will) open up unprecedented opportunities for frequency reuse and denser, more localized networks." Mr. Wheeler said that "we" will "stay out of the way of technological development.... Unlike some countries, we do not believe we should spend the next couple of years studying what 5G should be, how it should operate, and how to allocate spectrum... Turning innovators loose is far preferable to expecting committees and regulators to define the future."

FCC Commissioners will vote on Mr. Wheeler's proposal on July 14, 2016 without any public input or discussion.

29 June 2016

Switzerland: This Vote Sends the Wrong Signal

This vote sends the wrong signal
by Meris Michaels, Readers' Mail, 24 heures,
28 June 2016

Re article entitled: 
"Towards stronger mobile antennas"

The vote of the National Council on modernization of the mobile phone network was very close: 96 against 89 with 3 abstentions. It sends a message that nearly half of the population does not want modernization which could mean an increase in limit values of mobile phone antennas. Inversely, this vote sends the wrong signal to the world which takes Switzerland for a model of application of the precautionary principle by adopting lower limit values than other countries.

Did the minister responsible for communication, Doris Leuthard, influence the vote by saying that only high frequency radiation is possibly carcinogenic, and not that of mobile phone installations? According to Dr. Robert Baan, responsible for the IARC/WHO monograph establishing this classification, it is the same for all types of radiofrequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum: high frequency radiation emitted by antennas, cell phones, Wi-Fi etc.

27 June 2016

Electromagnetic Radiation: Scientific Fact Versus Political Spin and Misinformation: Extracts from Letter to the Mayor of Vancouver

Olga Sheean's letter to the Mayor of Vancouver, "No Safe Place"
 contains so much good information on the issue of electromagnetic radiation that we are producing some of it in separate posts.

Scientific fact versus political spin and misinformation 

SPIN: Non-ionizing Wi-Fi radiation does not generate enough heat to do damage and, therefore, this non-thermal form of radiation is not harmful to humans. 

FACT: Scientific studies—and the telecommunications industry itself—confirm that non-thermal radiation is harmful to the human body.4 

• “Weak non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation in the environment can be linked to more ‘modern illnesses’ than even the pessimists thought possible,” says Dr Andrew Goldsworthy. “Modern science can now begin to explain how.” (For details, see: http://bit.ly/1taEDi3.)

• The American Academy of Environmental Medicine reports that: “epidemiological studies demonstrate that significant harmful biological effects occur from nonthermal RF exposure” (http://bit.ly/24XtIpS).

• A Swisscom patent application clearly states that non-thermal wireless radiation “has a genotoxic effect … elicited via a non-thermal pathway” and that “when human blood cells are irradiated with electromagnetic fields, clear damage to hereditary material [DNA] has been demonstrated [with] indications of an increased cancer risk.” The international patent (http://bit.ly/1OQbG4V), filed in 2003, was for technology to reduce the ‘electrosmog’ from wireless local networks, intended to reduce the cancer risks associated with non-thermal exposure to microwave radiation. (For more details, see: http://bit.ly/1BCVa0W.)

Electrical Sensitivity And Autism – Different Sides Of The Same Coin?

Peter Sullivan, founder of Clear Light Ventures
Electrical Sensitivity And Autism – Different Sides Of The Same Coin?
by Lloyd Burrell , electricsense.com, 25 June 2016

In 1999 Jack was at pre-school. One day Peter and his wife were informed by the school that because of Jack’s behavior they wouldn’t be able to continue schooling him.

The teacher suggested they have Jack undergo a psychological evaluation.

So they contacted the Children’s Health Council. Jack was diagnosed with sensory dysfunction, which is at the low end of the autism spectrum.

This was really hard for Peter and his wife to hear.

They started working on therapies to reduce his sensory load, to make the environment softer end de-stress it.

26 June 2016

Switzerland: Cell Phone Radiation Changed Blood Values of Cows (2015 Article)

Cell phone radiation changed blood values ​​of cows
argauerzeitung.ch, 10 May 2015 (summary of Google translation from German)

Whether electromagnetic fields make humans and animals sick, has been studied for decades. Now a new study shows that cell phone radiation has effects on cows.

Michael Hässig1, veterinarian at the animal hospital of the University of Zurich, found evidence of this.

The researchers exposed ten cows for a long period to mobile phone radiation at a strength that is common in the vicinity of mobile phone masts.

Before, immediately after, and one month later, they examined the cows's blood. The results indicated that the radiation influenced the activity of enzymes that regulate the pH in the blood. "The blood values ​​changed 10 percent of the normal range during irradiation," says Hässig.  A pH in the normal range is important for all metabolic processes.

On the question of whether one can infer by the results that this is a threat to humans, Hässig replies: "In principle, yes."

No Safe Place: Letter to Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson

No Safe Place - shattered lives, healthcare set to crash − you can’t fix this fast enough

A letter to Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson by Olga Sheean, 15 June 2016

Click here to read the letter:  (click again on "download").

Also sent to: • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau • David Eby, MLA • Hedi Fry, MP • Elizabeth May, MP • Joyce Murray, MP • The David Suzuki Foundation • Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe, PHIRE/Radiation Research Trust • Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, the Klinghardt Academy • Elizabeth Kelley, Director, EMFscientist.org • Dr Joel Moskowitz, Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, saferemr.com • The Vancouver Sun • Metro News • The Globe and Mail • The Tyee

Dear Mr. Robertson,

In 2003, when I worked for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, the Director General Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland resigned because cell phone radiation was making her ill. Along with countless other doctors, researchers and scientists, Brundtland has stated that “research shows deleterious effects” from the use of cell phones and other devices emitting radiation. “This is not an innocent technology,”1 she says. It’s an inconvenient truth that we ignore because we’re so far down the rabbit hole of wireless living.

Your campaign to bombard the city with harmful radiation (benignly referred to as Wi-Fi) clearly demonstrates that you are uninformed about the scientifically proven harmful effects of nonionizing/non-thermal Wi-Fi and other electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It also shows that, as an elected public servant, you have failed to do your own due diligence. In promoting free Wi-Fi as a positive enhancement to the community, you have led people to believe that there is no danger involved and that they can use their various electronic gadgets to their hearts’ content—with no regard for others (babies, children, transit passengers, neighbours etc) affected by them doing so.

National PTA Executive Director Removes Safe Technology Advocacy Organization From PTA Convention

(Choice of image by Editor of "Towards Better Health")
This is worse than our experiences in Geneva where an association of pediatricians does not reply to our letters regarding the risks of children using wireless technology, where there seems to be a collusion among members of the medical profession to avoid this issue altogether.

National PTA Executive Director Removes Safe Technology Advocacy Organization From PTA Convention

Safe Tech for Schools Maryland. 25 June 2016

The National PTA has banned an Oregon based health non- profit Wireless Education Action from exhibiting at the 2016 Annual National PTA Convention.

National PTA Executive Director Nathan Monell wrote that:

“The National PTA hereby revokes Wireless Education Action as an exhibitor at the Convention. Neither the Wireless Education Action nor any of its members, representatives, and, or agents, including yourself, shall be allowed to exhibit, attend, or in any other way participate in the convention.”
Click here to read the June 20 2016 letter.

Without a vote from the voting body of the National PTA, the Executive Director issued a statement that- advocacy to protect children from the health risks of wireless radiation is not in accordance with the Mission of the National PTA.

Hybrid & Electric Cars: Electromagnetic Radiation Risks

Electric car 
(Choice of image by Editor of "Towards Better Health" - from
Alternative Energy News )
The original of this article contains summaries and links to several studies and news articles on the topic. 

Hybrid & Electric Cars: Electromagnetic Radiation Risks
saferemr.com, 24 June 2016

Hybrid and electric cars may be cancer-causing as they emit extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or magnetic fields. Recent studies of the levels of EMR emitted by these automobiles have claimed either that they pose acancer risk for the vehicles' occupants or they are safe.

Unfortunately, the little research conducted on this issue has been industry-funded by companies with vested interests on one side of the issue or the other which makes it difficult to know which studies are trustworthy.

25 June 2016

A Study in Journalistic Skepticism: Cell Phones and Cancer

“It was as if they didn’t want to hear that their cell phones might not be as safe as they had long been told.”

A Study in Journalistic Skepticism: Cell Phones and Cancer
by Paul Raeburn, undark.org, 24 June 2016

A study finding links between cell phone radiation and cancer in rats was rightly covered with skepticism — but reporters should keep open minds.

A FEW WEEKS AGO, the federal government’s National Toxicology Program released data suggesting that radiation from cell phones might increase the risk that certain rats will develop certain tumors.

The NTP, an inter-agency program run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, found occurrences of two tumor types — malignant gliomas in the brain and schwannomas of the heart — in male laboratory rats exposed to radio-frequency radiation. While they noted that the new results represented only “partial findings” in an ongoing study, the government scientists also said that the results “should be considered of particular interest, as those same cells showed alteration in earlier phone radiation studies.”

24 June 2016

American Medical Association CEO Is Concerned about the Rapid Proliferation of New Health Apps and Devices

[Photo: Everett Collection via Shutterstock]
Is It Fair To Call Digital Health Apps Today's "Snake Oil"?
by Christina Farr, fastcompany.com,
21 June 2016

American Medical Association CEO James Madara is concerned about the rapid proliferation of new health apps and devices.

Back in the middle of the 19th century, the American Medical Association declared war on the so-called "snake oil elixirs" that were all the rage. Today, it has identified a new target: digital health apps.

In a speech delivered at the AMA's recent annual meeting, CEO James Madara described the digital health industry as peddling apps and devices that "impede care, confuse patients, and waste our time." Without naming names, he referenced ineffective electronic medical records, direct-to-consumer digital health products, and apps of "mixed quality."

22 June 2016

Storyline vs. Rest-of-the-Story: Brain Cancer Incidence, Cellphone Use, and Trends Data

Storyline vs. Rest-of-the-Story:  Brain cancer incidence, cellphone use, and trends data
saferemr.com, 21 June 2016

Many countries monitor brain cancer incidence using cancer registries which document the number of new cases diagnosed each year. Although brain cancer is rare, about 25,000 cases will be diagnosed in the U.S. this year; the lifetime risk is between 1 in 200 and 1 in 250. Three case-control studies suggest that the risk may double after 10 years of heavy cellphone use. Only 35% of brain cancer patients survive for 5 or more years. Some scientists argue that brain cancer incidence has been stable over time so one need not worry about the findings from these controlled studies. However, the facts tell a different story.

A one-page fact sheet can be downloaded from http://bit.ly/braintrends2:
[Note:  We have reproduced the information in this fact sheet below, including the links.]


Microwave Radiation – Is It Frying Your Eggs?

Microwave Radiation – Is It Frying Your Eggs?
Posted by Lloyd Burrell, electricsense.com,  20 June 2016

Is microwave radiation from your gadgets frying your eggs?

Devices like laptops, cell phones and cordless phones emit a form of electromagnetic field (EMF) called microwave radiation or radio frequency radiation.

19 June 2016

U.S. Government's Premiere Test Program Finds Cancer Risk from Cell Phone Radiation: A Game-Changing Global Wake-Up Call

"If ever there was a time to re-think our growing dependence on wireless in schools, cars, homes, and energy production, this is it. There is no other suspected cancer-causing agent to which we subject our elementary school students or place directly in front of the brain and eyes with virtual reality. It makes no sense to continue building out huge wireless systems until we have done a better job of putting the pieces of this puzzle together. This latest report from the NTP should give us all pause."

US government’s premiere test program finds cancer risk from cell phone radiation: a game-changing global wake-up call
by Devra Davis, oup.com, 19 June 2016

Have you heard that cell phones cause cancer, then they don’t, then they do? Confused enough yet? Let me break it down for you. Contrary to some claims, the new US government study by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) is hardly a shot in the dark or a one-off event. With this largest best-conducted animal study, we now have three different studies within the past six years where animals develop some of the same cancers from cell phone radiation as people. In the NTP study, male rats exposed to wireless radiation develop more unusual highly malignant brain tumors—gliomas—as well as very rare tumors of the nerves around and within the heart—schwannomas.

Rodent studies are the gold standard for testing chemicals. In fact, as the American Cancer Society notes, the NTP study comes from a world-renowned test program that involved twice the usual number of animals and triple the typical number of independent reviews of the pathology data. The NTP review process included blinded evaluations by statisticians and pathologists who did not even know the name of the ‘test agent’ they were examining.

Studies on Electrosensitivity (ES) and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

An invaluable source of information on studies on ES and EHS.

Studies on electrosensitivity (ES) and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)
Michael Bevington, June 2016
Link to 16-page document.

There are many thousands of peer-reviewed studies relevant to ES/EHS. This very limited selection of about 200 studies and references aims to provide an indication of the wide range of studies available.  This selection does not attempt to give the earliest or most recent studies on any topic. This selection concentrates on positive studies which indicate the range of relevant evidence.


1 General, reviews, Historical evidence

2 Specific ES/EHS symptoms from man-made environmental radiation

18 June 2016

Bloomberg Gets It Wrong On The $25 Million Dollar Cell Phone Cancer Study

"10K Reports from wireless companies such as AT&T,Verizon and Microsoft have, for years, indicated that they face financial liability from potential health damages from radio frequency electromagnetic exposures. This new study makes it clear this liability is real."

Bloomberg Gets It Wrong On The $25 Million Dollar Cell Phone Cancer Study

Environmental Health Trust, 10 June 2016

In a June 2, 2016 Bloomberg interview Faye Flam was brought on to comment on the National Toxicology Program Study where she said it was like “the studies that showed coffee was good or bad.” Bloomberg also ran an earlier piece by Faye Flam entitled, “Cell Phones and the Anatomy of a Cancer Scare.” Faye Flam is a columnist who focuses on sex and evolution. In response, Dr. Devra Davis wrote a letter to Bloomberg. See the letter below.

June 10, 2016 Letter to Bloomberg

Contrary to Faye Flams’ comments in Bloomberg’s May 27, 2016 article, the National Toxicology Cell Phone Radiation Rodent study is not “just another study” with “just a few rats.” It is the world’s largest study of its kind to date. The results are not, as Flam stated, “hard to interpret.”

16 June 2016

Switzerland: Norms Eased for Antennas

A somewhat different article.  
Our comment:  The commerce minister does not know what she is talking about:  "According to WHO, only high frequency radiation is possibly carcinogenic, replied Doris Leuthard: This is not the case for mobile phone installations."  Mobile phone antennas also emit high frequency radiation!  Once again, the evening news on Suisse Romande's main TV station did not report the results of this legislation, just as it did not report on the NTP study.  It only reported on "sexting".

On the bright side, the 46-member Council of States still must give a ruling.  The Federal Council will have to take into consideration the fact that almost half of the Swiss population, as expressed in the very close vote of the National Council, will not tolerate an increase in limit values.

Norms eased for antennas
by Caroline Zuercher, 24heures, 16 June 2016
(translated by the Editor of this blog)

Mobile telephony:  The National Council accepted Thursday to raise limit values for the installations which power our cell phones.

The National Council wants to improve the mobile phone network.  By 96 votes against 89 and three abstentions, it supported a motion which foresees raising limit values for antenna radiation in spite of health fears expressed by some.  The Council of States must still give a ruling.

Many other countries have much higher limit values, emphasized Manfred Bühler (UDC/BE).  Speaking on behalf of the committee, he said, "If we want to optimize the network and align it with the needs of consumers and the economy, we must either build a great number of new antennas, or raise the authorized limit values."  Doris Leuthard, minister in charge of the affair, added that the quantities of data are increasing monthly which makes the actual installations obsolete.

Health at stake

Switzerland: Soon More Powerful Mobile Phone Antennas?

(Choice of image by Editor of "Towards
Better Health")
Our comment: Switzerland has just set a deplorable example for the world.  By increasing electrosmog in the environment, these decisions will have a devastating impact on the health of the population and in the long run, will be very costly for the economy of the Confederation:  medical care, absence from work.  Vulnerable persons:  children, pregnant women, the electrosensitive will suffer enormously.

Soon More Powerful Mobile Phone Antennas?
ats/nxp, 16 June 2016 (translated by the Editor of this blog)

Switzerland:  The National Council wants to ease protection against non-ionizing radiation in order to develop the mobile network.

In order to modernize more rapidly mobile phone networks, the protection against non-ionizing radiation must be decreased.  The National Council approved Thursday 96 votes for, 89 against and three abstentions, a committee motion in this direction.

The development of the mobile network is held back in Switzerland by very strict conditions regarding protection against non-ionizing radiation.  "With a reasonable adaptation of the limit values, the network could be expanded and modernized without resorting to new installations," Kurt Fluri (PLR/SO) pointed out.

Wireless Education: Safe Schools, Healthy Workplaces

"Wireless Education" has created a number of friendly, online training courses, providing the information one needs to make wireless devices safer to use.  http://www.wirelesseducation.org/

Wireless Education:  Safe Schools, Healthy Workplaces

by Brett West, Director, Education Services, Wireless Education, June 2016

The benefits of wireless technology are immense and in order to utilise it safely, risk management should be the focus.

Wireless Education is the education portal of Wireless Tech Safety. Our team are all technology specialists, who used to think that Wireless technology is harmless, until we did the research...

Families are often not aware of the dangers of wireless technology. Many times when you think of a wireless device you think of a mobile phone, however, there are other devices in the home that emit radiation. Modern homes will have cordless phones, smart phones, electronic tablets, smart meters and even wireless baby monitors. All these devices are constantly searching for a signal and emitting radiation pulses that can have an effect on you and your family.

So we created a number of friendly, online training courses. These quickly provide you with all the information you need to make your wireless devices safer to use.

No Cell Phones for Babies

"People are adults and informed of the risks."  The article, "Cell phones under scrutiny: an American study revives concerns. In Switzerland, the risk is considered minor."  (Tribune de Genève, 7 June 2016) does not mention the risks of cell phones to children's health.  Here is our critique :

No Cell Phones for Babies
by Meris Michaels, Readers' Mail, Tribune de Genève, 11-12 June 2016

The article, "Cell Phones Under Scrutiny" mentions that 97% of the population over age 16 uses a cell phone.

What about children under 16?  The other day, I saw a 3-year-old playing with a smartphone in the tram.  Her mother had no idea of the health risk from the radiation of this device.  A young child cannot read such articles or manuals warning of dangers.

We are going to develop virtual reality (VR) headsets for children where smartphones are found very close to the brain and eyes.  All manuals warn that a cell phone should not be held near the body.  Certain VR headsets should not be used by children under age 13.  Their skull, not yet fully developed, allows radiation, classified "possibly carcinogenic" by WHO, to penetrate deeply into the brain.

"Human beings are ready to take other risks," comments Dr. Christian Hess.  We are talking here of adults : young children do not smoke, do not drink, but they use cell phones.  They are incapable of judging the risks.  Many parents are not aware of risks.

We must inform the whole population now of the health issues of cell phones and their use to reduce radiation.  The risks are far from minor!

15 June 2016

Setting the Record Straight on NTP Cell Phone Cancer Study

[ A child this young should NOT be using a cell phone! ]
Robert Melnick:  "In my view, a pediatrician would be acting irresponsibly if he or she knew and understood the implications of the human and animal cancer data on cell phone radiation and did not offer precautionary advice to the parents of his or her patients."

Setting the Record Straight on NTP Cell Phone Cancer Study

microwavenews.com, 10 June 2016

Ron Melnick Corrects ‘Misinformation,’ Rebuffed by the New York Times

On May 31, the New York Times ran a piece in what it calls “The Upshot” on the National Toxicology Program’s (NTP) cell phone animal study. The column is a regular feature in theTimes that seeks to give readers context for stories in the news. This one was titled “Why It’s Not Time to Panic About Cell Phones and Cancer.” It was written by Aaron Carroll, a pediatrician at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Carroll outlined reasons for his skepticism over the cancer results, calling the $25 million NTP study “imperfect.” This prompted a response from Ron Melnick, who led the study’s design team before he retired in 2009. In an eight-point rebuttal, Melnick corrected what he called “numerous and misleading statements.” The full text of his letter is reprinted below.

14 June 2016

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? Probably, but it's Complicated

"Bottom Line:  Cellphones probably cause cancer if the exposure is close enough, long enough, and in sufficient magnitude. We don’t yet know the risk for a given level of exposure in humans. We need more data in this area, not only for cellphones, but for bluetooth devices, wifi and all the other RF-EMF devices out there. Until then, reduce your exposure whenever possible."

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? Probably, but it's Complicated
by Christopher J. Portier, Wendy L. Leonard, Scientific American Blog, 13 June 2016

The degree of risk almost certainly depends on the length and strength of exposure—but we still don't know how significant the actual danger is

Before you trash your cellphones (or rather, responsibly recycle and dispose of them), a careful review of the data—and the real life human implications—is needed. Here are the facts:

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) just concluded a massive 2-year study investigating the potential health hazards of cellphone use on rats and mice – most notably including the specific radio frequencies and modulations (RF-EMF) currently used in our U.S. telecommunications industry.

The NTP have chosen to publish their preliminary findings in rats, rather than wait. This study found that cellphone exposure increases the incidence of malignant gliomas of the brain, i.e., brain cancer, and schwannomas (also called neuromas) of the heart in the male rats. While schwannomas are not cancers, they are tumors and can profoundly impact the protective sheathing of the peripheral nerves, which can lead to severe pain and disability.

13 June 2016

Switzerland: Limit Values for Mobile Phone Installations

Press Release
Doctors for the Protection of the Environment
7 June 2016

(Unofficial translation from French by the Editor of this blog.)

Limit values for mobile phone installations

Prevention or concern a posteriori?

An American study published in the last few days shows more cancers in animals in response to long-term irradiation from mobile phones.  At the same time, on 16 June, the Parliament is going to decide whether the limit values of mobile phone installations should be increased (motion 16.3007).  This means that people and animals would be exposed to a greater intensity of radiation.  Doctors for the Protection of the Environment (MfE) is asking the Parliament to reject the motion.  The Swiss Farmers' Union is requesting the same thing.  The Swiss Landowners' Association and HabitatDurable Suisse also reject the motion.

10 June 2016

Is Constant Wi-Fi Exposure Impacting Your Heart Disease Risk?

We are using more and more wireless gadgets to monitor our health, increasing our exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Electrical impulses are what trigger the heart to beat. This internal electrical system is vulnerable to outside electromagnetic fields. Cardiac conditions including  angina,  arrhythmia, hypertension, and tachycardia have been linked to exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Is Constant WiFi Exposure Impacting Your Heart Disease Risk?
Lisa Nelson, RD, LN Health Pro, healthcentral.com, 13 February 2012

Heart disease is a lifestyle disease. Yes, there are genetic or hereditary factors that play a role, but how you choose to live has a major impact. By lifestyle this makes me automatically think diet choices and activity level, but there are other factors that fall under "lifestyle".

09 June 2016

Industry Hides Truth about Cell Phone Dangers

This appropriate warning came from Dr. Carlo:
“When you put the science together, we come to the irrefutable conclusion that there is a major health crisis coming, probably already underway. Not just cancer, but also learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and psychological and behavioral problems—all mediated by the same mechanism (RFR).”

Industry hides truth about Cell Phone Dangers: brain tumors did develop in all 5 engineers who tested cell phones

by Nancy J. Thorner (Open Post), patch.com, 
13 January 2016

Think before using your cell phone for extended periods. It is thought that Beau Biden found this out the hard way through his death.

The public has been intentionally misled by industry and utility propaganda to believe that smart meters are safe because cell phones are safe. The usual defensive comment is that a smart meter will emit less Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) than a cell phone call. So why should we worry?

Compared with adults, research on children shows that microwave radiation is absorbed twice as much into their brain, up to triple in their brain’s hippocampus and hypothalamus and up to ten times as much into the bone marrow of the skull. Frightening is that half of the world’s four billion cell phone users are under twenty.

"Smart" Watches for Children Dumb and Dangerous?

Parents program reminders on their smartphones that
will pop up on the watch at certain times.
Our comment:  Here is another "smart" watch being commercialized for children ages 3 to 8.  Since campaigning for funding is still on-going, we could find no instruction manual on its site, but we suspect such a manual would list precautions similar to those for Re-Vibe anti-distraction wrist wear.  Such devices encourage greater use of cell phones.  We are not at all happy about such developments.  Everyone wants to get on the bandwagon and profit from the sale of "smart" devices, while giving little or no thought to increasing exposure of young children to microwave radiofrequency radiation.

Octopus, icon-based watch that kids can read & understand!
by Joy

The first icon-based watch that teaches kids good habits and the concept of time. It's a watch, it's a scheduler, it's an assistant.

07 June 2016

Cell Phones Under Scrutiny

For Christian W. Hess, former head of the neurology service at the Ile Hospital in Bern, and former member of the executive committee of the national research program devoted to the subject, this report "definitely must be taken seriously".

The association, Doctors for the Protection of the Environment (MfE) considers that even in the absence of the final report, this study is going to generate new discussions on precautions regarding use.  According to it, this discussion must be undertaken at the World Health Organization (WHO), particularly to see whether it is necessary to raise the level of danger of cell phones.

For the time being, no proof of harm has been
established.  In order to reduce exposure to
the head, it recommended to use a low-radiating
head set.  Peter Dazeley/Stone Sub
Cell Phones Under Scrutiny
by Caroline Zuercher, Tribune de Genève, 7 June 2016
(translated from French by the Editor of "Towards Better Health")

Electrosmog : An American study revives concerns.  In Switzerland, the risk is considered minor.

What is the effect of cell phones on health?  A vast toxicological study on rats and mice in the United States revives this issue which one could qualify as old.  Partial results revealed 27 May suggest a link between rare cancers, cerebral glioma and cardiac schwannoma, and exposure to signals replicating those of a cell phone.

The rats in question did not have an easy life.  Researchers at the National Toxicology Program (NTP, which comprises several American public agencies) exposed them to radiofrequencies of 900 MHz according to the norms of GSM and CDMA.  And this, 18 hours a day until age two, in a regular cycle:  10 minutes of exposure, then 10 minutes' pause.  The result?  A "low incidence" of tumors was observed in male rats while specimens in the control group, not exposed to waves, were not affected.  No significant effects were observed in female rats.  The studies on mice are continuing.

06 June 2016

The BabySafe Project: Know Your Exposure

The BabySafe Project: Know Your Exposure
by Patti Wood, Pathways, 4 June 2016

The BabySafe Project is a joint initiative of Grassroots Environmental Education and Environmental Health Trust

More than 100 doctors from around the world are urging pregnant women to limit their exposure to wireless radiation.

The beautiful and awe-inspiring process by which a few cells develop into a new life is truly miraculous. As if following some invisible instructions, the intricate and complex steps for the creation of a new life unfold, forming delicate organs and vital systems and making billions of important connections and patterns in just the brain alone…

The BabySafe Project is a campaign to educate pregnant women about wireless radiation (also known as RFR or radio frequency radiation) and its potential harm to developing babies.

Today we live in a virtual “sea” of this type of radiation, from cell phones, routers, computers and tablets to a myriad of wireless devices created to make our communication faster and our lives more convenient. In fact, wireless communication is the fastest growing industry in the world. Unfortunately, RF radiation limits set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are outdated and not based on current exposure levels or emerging science, and in 2011 the World Health Organization confirmed that radiation from cell phones is a possible carcinogen.

Link Between Cell Phone Use and Cancer

(Choice of photo by Editor of "Towards Better Health")
Nigeria, along with many other countries, has reported on the NTP study, but in French-speaking Switzerland?

Link between cell-phone use and cancer
by Prof. Foluso Ladeinde, dailytrust.com (Nigeria), 6 June 2016

This one is scary stuff! Barely two weeks ago, preliminary results of an elaborate, over ten-year, $25 million, study funded by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) of the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH), were released. The study tested the possibility of links between cancer and exposure to the type of radiation emitted from cell phones and wireless devices. The study used an unprecedented number of rodents that were subjected to a lifetime of electromagnetic radiation starting in utero. Radiation intensities that include the plausible amounts emitted by wireless devices were used in the study. The findings seem to present some of the strongest evidence to date that links the formation of rare cancers in the brains and hearts of rats to the kind of radio waves emitted by cell phones and wireless devices.

Is Wi-Fi Causing Your Diabetes?

Is WiFi Causing Your Diabetes?by Wen Dee, zipzapinsights.com, June 2016

The most common forms of diabetes are Type 1: (Juvenile diabetes) that is usually genetically controlled, and Type 2 diabetes: (adult onset) and is attributed to lifestyle and obesity. Another type of diabetes, that isn’t widely diagnosed is Type 3 diabetes.

Type 3 Diabetes is caused by environmental exposure to electromagnetic pollutants (EMF’s, Wifi). WiFi is all around us in today’s society, including in the home: Enabling wireless devices/technologies such as, cell towers, cell phones, computers, tablets, wireless landline phones, video game consoles and a growing amount of other home appliances are rapidly being hooked up onto the wireless network.

Communications and utility companies claim the wireless networks (WiFi) that continuously emit electromagnetic frequencies into the home and environment are safe, yet many scientists (not paid by the communication industry) that can prove WiFI – Wireless technologies can cause severe health effects, get largely ignored.

05 June 2016

It's Not Smart to Put Your Smartphone in Your Bra or Trousers

Never carry your cell phone in your bra.
See "Cell phones and breast cancer" on the site of the Environmental Health Trust.

It ’s not smart to put your smartphone in your bra or trousers 
by Sola Ogundipe, vanguardngr.com, 
4 June 2016

A bra may not be the safest place to keep your smartphone. Neither is a pants or trousers pocket. As a woman, there is a very good reason why you should never put your smartphone in your bra. There is increasing evidence linking radiation from smartphones and breast cancer. 

As a man, it should interest you to know that your smartphone should never be kept in your the pockets of your pants or trousers. 


04 June 2016

WSJ Reports Murray Cellphone Cancer Case May Cost Wireless Industry Over 1.9 Billion Dollars

RE-POSTED 3 June 2016:  The November 2015 WSJ article was written by Ryan Knutson, the same journalist who reported on the NTP study.

WSJ Reports Murray Cellphone Cancer Case May Cost Wireless Industry Over 1.9 Billion Dollars
rfsafe.com, November 2015

A lot has changed since David Reynard, of Madeira Beach, filed the first lawsuit in 1992 claiming cell phones cause brain cancer. Now over 20 years later there are a growing number of prominent doctors and scientists that are raising warning flags over phone radiation. And your kids could be facing a greater risk from RF exposure. ​

Reynard alleged his wife’s fatal brain tumor was caused by her cell phone. Publicity about the Reynard case caused the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) to pledge $25 million for research to allay the public’s fears. However, this industry funded research backfired on the wireless industry when its lead researcher Dr. George Carlo came forward with claims that his industry funded research pointed to increased cancer among other health risk.

As Dr. Carlo states in his 2002 book entitled “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age: An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries about Cancer and Genetic Damage”:

“The big picture is disturbingly clear. There is a definite risk that the radiation plume that emanates from a cell phone antenna can cause cancer and other health problems. It is a risk that must be seen and understood by all who use cell phones so they can take all the appropriate and available steps to protect themselves and especially to protect young children whose skulls are still growing and who are the most vulnerable to the risks of radiation .”

03 June 2016

Cancer Cluster at University of California, San Diego

Photo by Hazel Leung / UCSD Guardian
This cancer cluster sounds similar to the one in a building at San Diego State University (not the same university).  See our post, "San Diego State University Brain Cancer Cluster from Cell Tower?"

Literature Building Occupants Demand Relocation to Avoid Health Hazards
by Kevin Santos , ucsguardian.org, 
3 June 2016

Graduate students from the Literature Department released a petition last week calling for the immediate relocation of the Literature Building’s occupants due to the uncommonly high number of cancer diagnoses among the facility’s faculty and graduate students.

Between 1991 and 2008, 16 occupants of the Literature Building were diagnosed with a form of cancer, nine of which were breast cancer cases. In response, UCSD conducted an in-depth review of the facility in 2008 and addressed potential hazard areas, particularly those involving electromagnetic fields and mold.

01 June 2016

Are More People Getting Brain Tumors? GBMs, the Most Virulent Type, Are Rising

"The increase in GBMs in the temporal lobe (the region of the brain closest to the ear and potentially to a phone) was seen in all three 'major cancer registries', ranging from approximately 1.3% to 2.3% per year, a finding that is statistically significant."

News Media Nix NTP Phone Cancer Study; “Don’t Believe the Hype”
Microwave News, 31 May 2016

Are More People Getting Brain Tumors?
GBMs, the Most Virulent Type, Are Rising

Senior managers at the National Toxicology Program (NTP) released the preliminary results of their cell phone radiation study late last week. They were so concerned about the elevated rates of two types of cancer among exposed rats that they felt an immediate public alert was warranted. They considered it unwise to wait for the results to wend their way into a journal sometime next year. Not surprisingly, the NTP report generated worldwide media attention.

There were some startling reactions. Both the American Cancer Society (ACS) and Consumers Reports immediately shelved their long-held, wait-and-see positions. In a statement issued soon after the NTP’s press conference, Otis Brawley, ACS’ chief medical officer, said the NTP results mark a “paradigm shift in our understanding of radiation and cancer risk.” He called the NTP report “good science.”

50 Tips on Smartphone Safety, Cell Phone Safety for Children, and More

These tips are posted on a Verizon Web site. We have reproduced below those on how to reduce radiation from your cell phone.

Cell phone safety: 50 tips on smartphone safety, cell phone safety for kids, and more
by Angela Stringfellow, tccrocks.com, Verizon, 11 May 2016

Cell phone safety is a top priority for people all over the world—especially those with children. There are many tips for ensuring that both you and your kids are using your cell phone or smartphone safely—from being careful when you cross the road, to learning the driving laws in your area, which way to carry your phone for radiation reduction, and monitoring and limiting the amount of time your child or teen spends using their device.

We’ve rounded up 50 valuable tips from experts on mobile devices, wireless, safe Internet usage, and more to help you get the most from your cell phone. Play it safe by using your device when it’s safe to do so, avoiding calls and texts from anonymous numbers to steer clear of phishing and other scams, learn strategies for monitoring your kids’ cell phone use to stay on top of potential problems, and teach your kids about smart mobile usage.

How Might Cellphone Signals Cause Cancer?

File photo by Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images
[Clicking on the link to the original article will also take you to other articles posted on PBS on this subject.]

How might cellphone signals cause cancer?
by Larry Greenmeier, Scientific American / reproduced on pbs.org, 30 May 2016

The release of a study Friday linking cancer in rats to the type of radiation emitted by cellphones presents some of the strongest implications in more than two decades of research that higher doses of such signals could be linked to tumors in laboratory animals — unsettling news for billions of mobile phone users worldwide. Still missing, however, is a clear understanding of exactly how radiofrequency (RF) radiation used by mobile phones might create cellular-level changes that could lead to cancer.

The study by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) found that as the thousands of rats studied were exposed to greater intensities of RF radiation, more of them developed rare forms of brain and heart cancer that could not be easily explained away, exhibiting a direct dose-response relationship. NTP acknowledges that the research is not definitive and that more research needs to be done.

Cell Phone Radiation Study Confirms Cancer Risk

Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD of Orebro University:  “This NTP evidence is greatly strengthening the evidence of risk, is sufficient to reclassify cell phone radiation as a known cancer-causing agent, and confirms the inadequacy of existing public safety limits.”

Cell Phone Radiation Study Confirms Cancer Risk

Orebro University, Sweden , May 31, 2016

The National Toxicology Program under the National Institutes of Health has completed the largest-ever animal study on cell phone radiation and cancer. The results confirm that cell phone radiation exposure levels within the currently allowable safety limits are the “likely cause” of brain and heart cancers in these animals, according to Dr. John Bucher, Associate Director of the NTP. One in twelve (12) male rats developed either malignant cancer (brain and rare heart tumors) or pre-cancerous lesions that can lead to cancer. Tumors called schwannomas were induced in the heart, in the same kind of cells in the brain that have lead to acoustic neuromas seen in human studies. The NTP says it is important to release these completed findings now given the implications to global health. No cancers occurred in the control group.