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11 July 2016

Chemtrails in Switzerland

Lately, we have noticed more and more "chemtrails" in the skies over Geneva. So much so, that we wrote the following opinion piece, published in the Tribune de Genève on 8 July. One "doubting Thomas" or should we say, "troll", phoned us to challenge the opinion, saying these were only condensation trails from planes, that special weather conditions were causing these to linger in the skies, and the newer reactors produced such trails. This person also does not believe that electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless technologies may cause adverse health effects.

No better than GMOs...
Tribune de Genève, 8 July 2016

« Berne leaves the door open to GMOs », a technology which could threaten the health of man, animals, and the environment. And other technologies? For some time, on fair-weather days, we notice airplanes leaving vast white trails in the sky. Afterwards, the sky becomes white, gray, temperatures fall and sometimes, it rains. Are these planes spraying chemical substances? Who owns these planes? We fear the substances being sprayed are harmful to man and the environment. Agrochemical companies like Monsanto are developing GMOs resistant to these chemical substances, aluminum, for example, which affects the quality of the soil.

Are they practicing geoengineering to cool the atmosphere? Is the purpose more important than human life and the balance of nature? Are they thinking of children who are more vulnerable to chemical substances? We would like to receive from the authorities honest and clear replies regarding this troubling reality."

We wrote to the Swiss authorities along similar lines, not mentioning the word "chemtrails" and received this reply:

Summary reply from the Swiss Federal Office of the Environment: 

The internet abounds with sites spreading the theory according to which condensation trails contain chemical substances. The Civil Aviation Authority has received several requests for an explanation of this phenomenon which at first view seems troubling. In fact, nothing indicates or proves that planes are undertaking systematic and intentional spraying of substances harmful to health in the Swiss skies. The phenomena qualified wrongly as "chemtrails" are nothing other than condensation trails which form under certain conditions.

The intensified presence of condensation trails is due to the general increase in air traffic and the design of modern reactors. These latter reject colder gases than the older thrusters. This characteristic favors the formation of condensation trails. Clouds composed of droplets of water or ice crystals can form in the wake of planes flying at high altitude. If conditions are right, these trails form cirrus clouds and make these typical streaks in the sky: thin trails which persist for hours and widen with time or trails which change due to the effect of the circulation in the troposphere of humidity and heat, forming fluffy, flat, milky or misty clouds. The impression of a grid pattern in the sky results from the precise navigation pattern of the planes (vertical or horizontal plans) by air traffic control when they evolve at certain altitudes.

Nicole Reichen, OFEV

Our difficulty with this explanation is that sometimes, one does not see these streaks on sunny days, even though air traffic remains the same. The skies almost always change after appearance of these trails:  from clear blue to milky white to gray and then it sometimes rains.  The sun feels much stronger on days of "spraying" and even I feel unwell now when outdoors on such days.  

Analysis of rainwater in Switzerland has revealed high levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium.  Everyone would do well to read this 2013 article by neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, who writes about the dangers to man and the environment of aerial spraying of nanosized aluminum compounds.

We also strongly recommend you read my article on chemtrails whose facts and more noticeable "chemtrails" over Long Island convinced me that this is taking place:  "Geoengineering and chemtrails:  Suffolk  County, Long Island".  Dennis Kucinich, Congressional Representative at the time, had placed chemtrails and weaponization of the atmosphere and space on the agenda for discussion of the Space Preservation Act, but was then pressured into removing these items. He was one of the few persons of integrity in the United States Congress to raise the issues of electromagnetic radiation from wireless technology, nanoparticles,  genetically modified organisms, and chemtrails.

Finally, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment has posted a fact sheet on geoengineering on its site:

Fact sheet on Geo-engineering, 14 July 2011

What are the risks related to geo-engineering?

The constant injection into the stratosphere of aerosols of sulphur in quantities of the order of several million tons per year, could rapidly lower the median global temperature.  This technique is considered by many partisans of geoengineering as the most likely option for solar radiation management (SRM).  Simulation results indicate that it could influence the profile of precipitation over the whole planet and compromise the provision of food for billions of persons in Asia and Africa, by weakening the summer monsoons.  Moreover, aerosol particles could cause thinning of the ozone layer which absorbs, in the stratosphere, UV radiation from the sun, dangerous for living organisms.

Document available only in French or German:
Link to left of OFEV text on climate change: http://www.bafu.admin.ch/klima/13877/14398/index.html?lang=en

by Meris Michaels

Please note, translations are unofficial.

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