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03 April 2017

Electromagnetic Radiation and Its Impact on Autism

EMF Radiation and its impact on Autism
brightsandz.com, 26 March 2017

Is it just a coincidence that the number of Autism cases in India (and globally) have spiked just corresponding to the proliferation of electronics, domestic appliances and wireless communication technology in our homes?

Autism is beginning to take pandemic proportions worldover.  Here's how
nations stack up in terms of autism numbers.

The pace of technology absorption at home has hastened in the last 2-3 decades. If you reflect back on your childhood, chances are you would remember far lesser number of gadgetry at home in those days. This has simply led to stronger and more numerous EMF radiation sources in our homes, creating denser electromagnetic smog in our homes. With the advent of smart city, smart home, internet of things and sensor networks – we are adding ever increasing sources of EMF Radiation in our life spaces. 

In an earlier blog, we had covered the effect of EMF radiation on modern day epidemics including Cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Infertility and Autism. April 2nd is celebrated world over as Autism day with an intent of creating awareness around Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This blog looks back at the rising footprint of Autism in India and the rising evidence linking EMF Radiation to Autism.

What is Autism?

Autism is a disorder that deals with the development of the brain. These types of disorders vary in degree and severity. It is manifest in multi level anomalies around a child’s social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, speech delay and movement repition. (See the full list of symptoms of Autism here)

Why is Autism a cause of concern?

Till a few years back, Autism was less frequent, often rare – infact negligible. Today, the incidences of Autism are so widespread that central agencies on disease managements in different countries are beginning to call this a crisis. We present a few Autism facts for India –

1. An estimated 10 million children in India are reported to be suffering from Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – Autism in short. (International Clinical Epidemiology Network Trust (INCLEN))
2. Around 1.47% of children between the ages 2 to 9 are affected by Autism (CDC 2012). The estimate was 1 in 150 until some years. The current estimate has more than halved the number and 1 in 68 children is suspected to be suffering from Autism.
3. Over the last 11 years, numbers of Autism cases have increased 300% in India. (Centre for disease control estimate 2002, 2012)
4. An estimated 18 million people in India suffer from Autism ( Action for Autism ). As per our numbers, 19.5 million people in India suffer from Autism.
5. India reports the highest number of people who suffer from Autism in the world and is only second to Japan in terms of per capita Autism population.
6. India houses ~ 42% of the world population of autism
The number of Autism cases in India is 10 times the number of reported Autism cases in China.
7. India presents a very grim picture in terms of Autism numbers when compared to other nations (with public data sources on Autism)

EMF Radiation and Autism

It is reported that the incidence of Autism in US in the 1940s were 1 in 100,000. In 2009, US health data showed this incidence to be 66 in 10,000. In 7 decades incidences of Autism in US had grown 660 times. Studies by different medical experts have linked the increase in Autism numbers to the increase in microwave radiation expsoure in children.

In India, there is lack of concerted data – but we stacked some empirical numbers on instances of Autism and increase in urban tele-density (mobile penetration). While there are multiple sources of EMF Radiation – the main one that seems to have increased in a span on 10 years is cellular technology. The numbers tally, albeit empirically – showing some signs of a causative relationship between EMF radiation and Autism.

Factors leading up to Autism

Autism affects at a very early stage of brain development. Initially it was thought that the reasons for Autism were genetic or chemically induced in the body (due to vaccines etc). This in some form is partly correct as well.
1. The effect of EMF Radiation in Autism was long postulated, but was first proven in 2007 by Tamara Mariea and George Carlo. They proved the etiological (causative correlation) between EMF Radiation and Autism. Thereafter, more studies have provided credibility to the EMF Radiation – Autism theory. ‘
2. In 2011, researchers at Stanford went on to prove that genetics is not the most critical factor in Autism and only accounted for less than half of the malady.
3. In 2013, Dr. Martha Herbert and Cindy Sage proposed that EMF Radiation directly accounts for Autism through multiple mechanisms such as DNA mutation in sperm, Calcium channel mutations in cell membranes eventually leading to cellular inflammation – causing Autism.
4. This theory was supported by Dr. Martin Pall in 2015 – who re-iterated the inflammatory effects of EMF Radiation leading to retention of chemical toxins and Calcium in the cells.
5. There is a gethering body of evidence that prolonged expsoure to EMF radiation leads to overwhelming toxin pathways – movement of toxins out of the brain cell/ retention of toxins inside the brain cells – thereby leading to Autism.

A child’s skull is 50-75% thinner than an adult skull and EMF Radiation can penetrate 10-50% more area of the brain triggering negative effects in the brain tissues and cells.

Other factors that have a direct build-up on risks of Autism include

1. If you are a person employed in an organization with lots of servers, WiFi, wiring, wireless devices – there is a higher rate of Autism attributable to your children. Dr. Dietrich Klinghart reported higher Autism instances in the employees of Microsoft corp in Seattle. Many doctors in Delhi will tell you of higher cases of unfertility in call centre employees. Another study by the university of Texas found that children of fathers engaged in wireless and technical jobs had a higher risk of Autism.
2. Chances of fathering an Autistic child are enhanced in men who carry their cellphones inside their front trouser pockets. An overwhelming majority of research into this topic suggests cellphone wireless radiation can damage the sperm, reduce motility and cause DNA damage.
3. Pregnant ladies are advised to stay clear of EMF radiation in their living space. Persistent expsoure to EMF radiation is known to cause neurological impairments and Autism in children.

Future unsure

Every new generation of technology and technology adoption is adding to the electromagnetic smog around us, exponentially.

As individuals, we all have different tolerance limits against EMF radiation. However sometime very soon, the thresholds will tip over.

In the near future, our exposures to sources of EMF Radiation will magnify. Internet of things, connected homes, smart cities, sensor networks will intensify the EMF smog around us considerably. Possibly, that is when the high risk premium will be taken into consideration by the public conciousness – and that is when we expect to see action on preventives. By then most of the pandemic prophecies would have realized themselves. Given the billions of revenues and profits riding on the nature of such projects, expecting the government or federal bodies to take a stand in favour of public health preservation would be foolish. Therefore, it is left to our means of prudence, precaution and prevention to reduce our exposures to EMF radiation for us as well as our families.

Prevention begins at home

To reduce the sensory overload of EMF Radiation in your family (with a child or a expecting mother), or if you have an autistic person in your home, a few small lifestyle tips go a long way.

1. Reduce dependence on your cellphone. (You may possibly think differently if you realise that you are carrying a microwave oven equivalent on yourself always.)
2. Reduce your cell phone time. (Expecting mothers should be off cell phones.)
3. Switch of electronics not required. (Save yourself electricity bills. More importantly “switching off” reduces the in-premise EMF radiation.)
4. Donot encourage screen habits in children – TV, Laptop, Phone, Gaming console.(These screens are extremely addictive – thereby multiplying the EMF signature and its hazard on your children)
5. Use land phones as often possible
6. Use wired computers – avoid WiFi (If the mobile phone antenna outside your home bothers you, why do you house a mini-mobile antenna in your home?)
7. Switch of WiFi when not in use (This is especially true if you have an autistic child in your home, or an expecting mother.)
8. Donot carry your phone in your trouser pockets (The distance of separation of the phone from your vital body parts is a clear violation of FCC norms. Even cell phone manufacturers suggest 5mm- 15mm distance between the phone and yourself).
9. Assess your home for hidden source of EMF radiation (Many of our radiation audits have established the home wiring and circuitry as the key source of EMF radiation).
10. If your home is within 150 metres distance of a cell phone tower, we suggest you to take preventive actions including shielding solutions – or vacate the premises.
11. Keep your bedroom gadget free. (Reduce your Kindle time, your last minute social media upgrade before sleeping, TV or any other source of EMF in bedroom.)
12.Evaluate the Autistic member’s room for EMF and ELF. Get a radiation audit done. (This is critical – sources of EMF radiation could be your neighbour’s WiFi, the transformer station near your home or your home wiring)
13, Use radiation shielding products at home if in any doubt. (Brightsandz provides in premise fabric curtains, paints, window films as well as personal shielding solutions such as maternity smock and belly band and device solutions such as microwave oven shield, laptop shield, radiation free airtubes)
14. Limit use of electronics or wireless at home in case there is an autistic person at home or if the family is expecting a baby

Any source of EMF radiation in your home and outside of it – has a negative health effect on an autistic kid. It keeps giving the sensory overload on the brain cells of the ASD victim, not providing the recovery time. A very important aspect of Autism therapy is a concious isolation between sources of EMF radiation and the victim.

End lines

Brightsandz Technologies is a venture that deals with Electromagnetic shielding products and solutions. We are not anti-technology (or may be we are). Instead we believe in creating awareness in terms of technology and its effect on humans and on the ecology. Blind sided use of technology without adequate understanding creates a disbalance in terms of health effects there-of. Awareness and precaution can help reduce health stress impact of technology.


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