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30 April 2018

Switzerland: With Tricks and Lies, Yet More Radiation from Mobile Phone Masts

With tricks and lies yet more radiation from mobile phone masts
Press Release, funkstrahlung.ch
20 April 2018 (translation)

Lobbyists and Federal Councilor Leuthard want to avoid the two-fold decision of the Council of States to maintain the limits for mobile communications systems via the back door. An opinion of the umbrella organization Electrosmog Switzerland and Liechtenstein reveals the background.

Not even a month ago, the Council of States rejected for the second time, as in 2016, a limit value increase for the radiation of mobile radio systems. Nevertheless, the mobile communications industry and its lobby by Federal Councilor Leuthard demand that the limits be relaxed on their own and bypassing the parliament. Corresponding orders to the Federal Office for the Environment have apparently already been issued.

Turn to the Left. Turn to the Right. 2010 NBC Article Says 1 in 3 Are Sensitive To WiFi and Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) and 3% Are HyperSensitive

Turn to the Left. Turn to the Right. 2010 NBC Article Says 1 in 3 Are Sensitive To WiFi and Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) and 3% Are HyperSensitive
by B.N. Frankactivistpost.com, 26 April 2018

Research and warnings about health issues caused or increased from exposure to cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation and other sources of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) are nothing new. In 2010, NBCNews.com posted its article, “Is Electrosmog Harming Our Health?” According to it:

1. Electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) is becoming more widespread.
2. Experts say up to 3% of all people are clinically hypersensitive (to sources of Electrosmog), as many as 1/3 of us to a lesser degree.
3. Electrical pollution is increasing dramatically.

Electronics-Recycling Innovator Is Going to Prison for Trying to Extend Computers' Lives

"Hopefully my story can shine some light on the e-waste epidemic we have in the United States, how wasteful we are. At what point do people stand up and say something? I didn't say something, I just did it."

Electronics-recycling innovator is going to prison for trying to extend computers' lives
by WASHINGTON POST, latimes.com, 26 April 2018

Eric Lundgren dismantles e-waste for hybrid recycling at his facility
in Chatsworth. 
(David Sprague)
A Southern California man who built a sizable business out of recycling electronic waste is headed to federal prison for 15 months after a federal appeals court in Miami rejected his claim that the "restore discs" he made to extend computers' lives had no financial value, instead ruling that he had infringed on Microsoft Corp. to the tune of $700,000.

The appeals court upheld a federal district judge's ruling that the discs Eric Lundgren made to restore Microsoft operating systems had a value of $25 apiece, even though the software they contained could be downloaded free and the discs could only be used on computers that already had a valid Microsoft license. The U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals initially granted Lundgren an emergency stay of his prison sentence, shortly before he was to surrender, but then affirmed his original 15-month sentence and $50,000 fine without hearing oral argument in a ruling issued April 11.

Blue Light Like that from Smartphones Linked to Some Cancers, Study Finds

Blue light like that from smartphones linked to some cancers, study finds
by Mark Lieber, CNN, 27 April 2018

Story highlights

  • People exposed to higher levels of blue light were at more risk of breast and prostate cancer
  • Those exposed to LEDs with less blue in them did not see an increased risk of cancer

Photo Los Angeles LED street lights.  The Sixth Street bridge
over the Los Angeles River looks a bit different with old,
left, and new streetlights.
(CNN)Exposure to the kind of blue light emitted by outdoor LEDs, smartphones and tablets may increase your risk of breast or prostate cancer, a new study suggests.

The study, published Monday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, compared previous exposure to artificial lights at night between approximately 2,000 breast or prostate cancer patients and approximately 2,000 controls living in Barcelona and Madrid.

The researchers measured exposure to outdoor artificial light, such as streetlights, using images from the International Space Station and to indoor artificial light using self-reported questionnaires.

The researchers found that those exposed to high levels of outdoor blue light at night had around a 1.5-fold higher risk of developing breast cancer and a twofold higher risk of developing prostate cancer, compared with those who were less exposed. Men exposed to high levels of indoor artificial light also had 2.8-fold higher risk of developing prostate cancer, according to the study.

World Renowned Scientists Have Their Lab Shut Down after Troublesome Vaccine Discovery

World Renowned Scientists Have Their Lab Shut Down after Troublesome Vaccine Discovery
by ARJUN WALIAcollective-evolution.com, 17 April 2018

In the 90’s, Dr. Antonietta Gatti discovered the relationship between micro- and nano-particles as well as a great number of pathologies: cardiovascular diseases, many forms of cancer, multiple neurological diseases, and autoimmune diseases. She’s taken part in many international research projects, including the pathologies induced by depleted uranium, waste incineration, food polluted with inorganic particles, and more.

Currently, she is the coordinator of the Italian Institute of Technology’s Project of Nanoecotoxicology, called INESE.

She is also a selected expert of the FAO/WHO for the safety in nanotechnological food, and a Member of the NANOTOX Cluster of the European Commission and the author of a book titled “Nanopathology: the health impact of nanoparticles,” and on the Editorial Board of Journal of Biomaterials Applications and a member of the CPCM of the Italian Ministry of Defense.

Furthermore, her and her husband Dr. Stefano Montanari founded a laboratory called Nano-diagnostics for the evaluation of the pathological tissues of patients, it’s presently at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy.

IT Programmer Killed Himself After Developing Tinnitus

IT programmer killed himself after developing tinnitus that kept him awake for nights on end after he used a pair of Bose headphones, inquest hears

  • A friend of Mr. Derricutt, who was a
    talented computer programmer, said he
    suffered tinnitus "like a nagging toothache.
    His father said he also had an eye condition.
    Talented computer programmer was found hanged at his home last year
  • His friend tells an inquest he had suffered tinnitus after use of earphones
  • Man's father told a coroner he also had a eye condition which caused problems 
  • Both his father and his friend said his death came as a complete shock
  • Coroner records suicide verdict after hearing some evidence of planning 

An IT programmer killed himself after he developed the ear condition tinnitus due to him wearing headphones, an inquest heard.

Daniel Derricutt, 28, suffered sleepless nights due to the constant ringing in his ears and told a friend it only started when he bought a pair of Bose earphones to listen to music, it was said.

29 April 2018

Will Scientists Develop a Zero-Waste Cell Phone?

The circuit board of a cell phone.  Raimond Spekking
Will Scientists Develop a Zero-Waste Cell Phone?
By Marlene Cimons, Nexus Media / EcoWatch, 24 April 2018

How often do you swap out your old smartphone for a new one? Every two or three years? Every year? Today, phone companies make it easy with deals to trade in your old phone for the newest version. But those discarded phones are becoming a huge source of waste, with many components ending up in landfills or incinerators.

When a cell phone gets tossed, only a few materials get recycled, mostly useful metals like gold, silver, copper and palladium, which can be used in manufacturing other products. But other materials—especially fiberglass and resins—which make up the bulk of cell phones' circuit boards, often end up at sites where they can leak dangerous chemicals into our groundwater, soil and air.

Researcher, Dr. Paul Héroux, Explains How Electromagnetic Fields Damage Your Health

Researcher Explains How Electromagnetic Fields Damage Your Health
by Dr. Mercola, 29 April 2018

Story at-a-glance
(Choice of image by Editor, "Towards Better Health")
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) include electric, magnetic and higher frequency radio fields
  • While the literature discriminates between low- and high-frequency fields, microwaves, electric and magnetic fields, all of these have similar biological effects
  • Even low magnetic fields, such as 60 Hertz, can have drastic effects on cancer cells in culture. Effects begin around 20 nanotesla, and are fully developed around 50 nT
  • At levels over 160 nT, magnetic fields have been shown to affect sperm production
  • EMFs impair the flow of protons through ATP synthase. This increases mitochondrial membrane polarization, triggering a massive increase in reactive oxygen species. This oxidative stress causes most of the damage

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been shown to cause biological damage and even cancer, but exactly how does this happen? In this interview, Paul Héroux, Ph.D., a researcher and professor of toxicology and health effects of electromagnetism at the faculty of medicine at McGill University in Montreal, helps answer that question.

European Union Agrees Total Ban on Bee-Harming Pesticides

EU agrees total ban on bee-harming pesticides
by Damian Carrington Environment editor, The Guardian, 27 April 2018
People protest ahead of the historic EU vote on a full
neonicotinoids ban at Plan Schman in Brussels, Belgium.
Photo: Olivier Matthys/AP

The world’s most widely used insecticides will be banned from all fields within six months, to protect both wild and honeybees that are vital to crop pollination

The European Union will ban the world’s most widely used insecticides from all fields due to the serious danger they pose to bees.

The ban on neonicotinoids, approved by member nations on Friday, is expected to come into force by the end of 2018 and will mean they can only be used in closed greenhouses.

Bees and other insects are vital for global food production as they pollinate three-quarters of all crops. The plummeting numbers of pollinators in recent years has been blamed, in part, on the widespread use of pesticides. The EU banned the use of neonicotinoids on flowering crops that attract bees, such as oil seed rape, in 2013.

Dr. Samuel Epstein, 91, Cassandra of Cancer Prevention, Dies

Dr Epstein's "strength was in realizing that most cancers are preventable, caused by exposures to carcinogens. That is still a truth worth telling."

"While much is known about the science of cancer, its prevention depends largely, if not exclusively, on political action," he said.  He blamed greedy manufacturers, lax regulators, misguided researchers and complicit charitable groups for what he saw as a coming cancer epidemic.

Dr. Samuel Epstein, 91, Cassandra of Cancer Prevention, Dies
By Sam Roberts, The New York Times, 25 April 2018

(Photo):  Dr. Samuel Epstein in his office at the University of Illinois in 1998. “He showed that powerful industries could cause cancer,” a colleague said, “that cancer was a political disease, requiring political solutions, which made him a bit like the Rachel Carson or Ralph Nader of Cancer.”CreditSue Ogrocki/Reuters

In 1926, when Samuel S. Epstein was born in Yorkshire, an English baby boy’s estimated life span was about 60 years. Dr. Epstein lived to be 91, after devoting his career to preventing cancer and heeding his own advice. He died of cardiac arrest on March 18 in Chicago.

Transcription of Prof. Belpomme's Presentation: "Diagnosing, Treating and Preventing the Electromagnetic Fields Impact on Adults and Children", - Krakow, 27 November 2017

The city of Krakow has a webpage called Protection against electromagnetic fields which includes “Practical Guidance on reducing EMFs” which recommends “Reducing mobile call to an absolute minimum; Turn off the phone, Wi-Fi, mobile broadband (3G / 4G) and Bluetooth; Turning off Wi-Fi router if it is not used, especially in the night; Giving preference to wired Internet, and the occasional use of mobile Internet (wired link, and especially fiber is safer, more stable and faster than wireless).

Prof. Dominique Belpomme, “Diagnosing, treating and preventing the Electromagnetic Fields impact on adults and children", Krakow, 27 November 2017 - in English - 46 min.

See transcription below.


Following is a transcription of the presentation, thanks to Lloyd Burell of ElectricSense:
(Read his article here.)

‘This is a very difficult topic I will speak about. Health is already a complicated approach. But in addition to that, the interaction of electromagnetic fields with health problems is very complicated. So I would like to try to simplify but to present the truth at the moment and as you will see, the children problem is a very important problem.

This is to record the technological advances that we are dealing with since 1900, the first discovery of electricity, radio, wireless radio, radar, television, computers, cell phones, and now smart meters. So associated with these technical advances, there are some diseases, some pathological disorders which have been described. Electrocution, cancers, what we call radio wave sickness, cancers again, and screen dermatitis which was described in Sweden first. It’s a cutaneous disorder which was associated with the cathodic computer at that time. And now, brain tumors notably in children and what we call electro-hypersensitivity.

International Symposium Hosted by Medwatcher Japan "The Current Status of Worldwide Injuries from the HPV Vaccine"

"Through the presentations in Part 1, it becomes clear that various and multilayered symptoms of victims affected by HPV vaccine are common in each country, and that adverse reaction report of HPV vaccine victims in each country is overwhelmingly more than other vaccines, etc."

International symposium hosted by Medwatcher Japan "The Current Status of Worldwide Injuries from the HPV Vaccine" was a great success

yakugai.gr.jp, 26 March 2018

International symposium hosted by Medwatcher Japan "The Current Status of Worldwide Injuries from the HPV Vaccine" was held at Takeda Hall of the University of Tokyo on Saturday, March 24, 2018, and it was successfully completed with 340 participants.

Gardasil Vaccine Documentary “Sacrificial Virgins” Wins World Social Impact Award at Queens World Film Festival

Gardasil Vaccine Documentary “Sacrificial Virgins” Wins World Social Impact Award at Queens World Film Festival
healthimpactnews.com, 27 March 2018

Ruby is 16 and almost totally paralyzed from the HPV
vaccine.  Her story is part of the documentary,
Sacrificial Virgins.
HPV vaccine documentary, Sacrificial Virgins: Film makers scoop Special Jury Prize for second year at Queens World Film Festival, New York

HPV vaccine documentary Sacrificial Virgins recognised in prestigious Special Jury Prize for World Social Impact at the Queens World Film Festival (QWFF) in Queens, New York.
Follows awards earlier this month at Watchdog Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia
Also follows last year’s QWFF Special Jury Prize awarded to the same team for their film Positive Hell

Fresh from recent film festival success in Australia, the documentary Sacrificial Virgins scooped the prestigious Special Jury Prize for World Social Impact at the Queens World Film Festival (QWFF) in Queens, New York.

European Union Cybersecurity Agency Warns Of ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Risks Of 5G Technology

Cybersecurity Agency Warns Of ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Risks Of 5G TechnologyBy Catherine Stupp, EurActiveurasiareview.com, 30 March 2018

(EurActiv) — Superfast 5G mobile networks come with “extremely dangerous” cybersecurity risks, the EU cybersecurity agency ENISA has warned. 5G is expected to become available to European consumers by 2025.

The European Commission and national governments around Europe are racing to make 5G available quickly, and have been pushing telecoms operators to invest billions of euros in the new technology.

But ENISA has poked holes in the high-flying political talk about 5G: fast mobile connections come with a “medium to high risk” of cybersecurity attacks, according to the Athens-based agency.

WhatsApp to Raise Minimum Age Limit to 16 in European Union

WhatsApp to raise minimum age limit to 16 in EU
bbc.com, 25 April 2018

It will be up to youngsters and their parents to ensure the
new age limit is respected. 
Getty Images
Popular messaging service WhatsApp is banning under-16s from using its platform in the European Union.

Users must currently be at least 13, but the firm is changing the rules ahead of the introduction of new EU data privacy regulations in May.

The app, which is owned by Facebook, will ask users to confirm their age when prompted to agree new terms of service in the next few weeks.

It has not said how the age limit will be enforced.

New Study on Electrohypersensitivity

Liz Barris: Please take part in our new EHS study!
beingelectrosensitive.blogspot.ch, 25 April 2018

(Electrosensitive individuals only)

Message from Liz Barris:

We are very happy to announce we have a new study underway from the same team that recently decimated the myth that EHS is a psychological problem by producing the ground breaking study * showing EHS in pictures on an fMRI (functional MRI scan), finally making the invisible - wireless radiation's affect on the brain - visible, as seen above!

This is allegedly what our government uses to look at effects on the brain and/or EHS from microwave targeting, such as with the American Embassy employees in Cuba, only they don't tell the public this is a way to see if your brain has been damaged by wireless radiation.

Samsung's Latest Smartphone Can't Connect to the Internet

Samsung's latest smartphone can't connect to the internet. Like, at all
by RAYMOND WONGmashable.com, 14 April 2018

Run, if your parents ever buy you this phone.
Image: Samsung, Mashable composite
Well, here's something you don't see announced often (or ever, for that matter): A smartphone that can't connect to the Internet.

That's right, Samsung's new Galaxy J2 Pro (it ain't a "pro" anything if it can't go online) is intentionally designed to have no way to go online. And nope, we haven't slipped into a Tardis and time traveled into April Fool's Day 2019.

Apparently made for students and senior citizens, the J2 Pro lacks any kind of cellular data connectivity.

28 April 2018

New Research Shows 9/11 First Responders Are Twice as Likely to Develop Blood Cancer

New research shows 9/11 first responders are twice as likely to develop blood cancer
by Chase Purdyqz.com/, 27 April 2018

The twin towers of the World Trade Center burn behind the Empire
State Building in New York.  (AP Photo/Marty Lederhandler, File)
A team of New York-based researchers have presented new findings showing that firefighters who responded to the chaotic scene of the Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attack are twice as likely than the average person to suffer from a condition that can lead to multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer.

The team had already been the first to show, in a 2011 study, that 9/11 responders were more likely to get many different types of cancers than other people. In the chaos of that day, they were exposed to unprecedented levels of aerosolized dust from the collapsed skyscrapers. All sorts of carcinogens—polychlorinated biphenyls, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, asbestos, and diesel smoke, among them—were swirling in the air as firefighters carried out emergency responses that day and in the 10 months after the attack as they continued to help clear the site.

27 April 2018

Blue Light that Comes from Streetlights and Smartphones May Increase the Risk of Breast and Prostate Cancer

Blue light that comes from streetlights and smartphones may increase the risk of breast and prostate cancer

Blue light has long been suspected to be the reason that
night shift workers, exposed to artificial light for
longer, have a greater risk of cancer
  • The blue light which comes from smartphones may help to cause cancer
  • People exposed to high levels of blue light have double risk of prostate cancer
  • They also have one and a half times the risk of breast cancer, according to study

The blue light which comes from smartphones, tablets and LED street lights may help to cause cancer.

People exposed to high levels of blue light at night have double the risk of prostate cancer and one and a half times the risk of breast cancer, an international study involving the University of Exeter found.

The light which glows from electronic devices is already believed to disrupt our body clocks, with people who use Kindles taking longer to fall asleep.

UN Staff Pension Fund Mired in 'Dirty Profits' from Firms Guilty of Rights Abuses

UN staff pension fund mired in 'dirty profits' from firms guilty of rights abuses
by Jack Davies, The Guardian, 25 April 2018

Guardian investigation reveals $64bn fund includes investments in companies involved in bribery and major environmental damage

A man covers his hands in crude oil during protest against
oil spills in Bonga, Nigeria. 
Photo: George Esiri/EPA
The United Nations is facing calls for a full review of its staff pension fund after the Guardian uncovered that it has around a billion dollars invested in companies whose activities are or have been incompatible with core UN principles and programmes.

Established in 1948 by the UN general assembly, the fund provides retirement, death and disability benefits to employees. At present it has 203,050 beneficiaries and a market value of $64bn (£45bn), of which nearly $1.5bn is invested in 24 publicly traded companies. Many of those companies have been or are being prosecuted for corrupt practices, implicated in human rights abuses or in environmental catastrophes.

26 April 2018

State of Washington: Demand That Seattle Ban Smart Meters and 5G

"The electromagnetic spectrum is important and should be made use of. We are not Luddites. We are not opposed to better technology just to protect the jobs of meter readers. We are opposed to the reckless and rapidly increasing overuse of electromagnetic radiation at harmful frequencies, at harmful intensity levels, and in far too many places."

Demand That Seattle Ban Smart Meters and 5G
Letter to Seattle Mayor, Seattle City Council, Governor of the State of Washington, Attorney-General - State of Washington, etc., April 25, 2018

Read the latest version online at:

To Our Representatives:

I write as attorney for the Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G, formerly known as Hard Wired For Safety, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

The Coalition opposes so-called advanced or smart meters and 5G technology and informs politicians, the public, insurance commissioners, and lawyers, regarding their defects, the harms they cause to humans and other life forms, the damage they cause to property, their failure economically, their surveillance violations, their violation of trespass laws, their failure to qualify according existing regulations, and the refusal of insurance carriers to cover some or all damages caused by these technologies.

24 April 2018

Chemtrails in Switzerland

RE-POSTED:  24 April 2018.   Particulate spraying is going on more and more in the skies above Geneva!

"Dennis Kucinich, former Congressional Representative, had placed chemtrails and weaponization of the atmosphere and space on the agenda for discussion of the Space Preservation Act, but was then pressured into removing these items. He was one of the few persons of integrity in the United States Congress to raise the issues of electromagnetic radiation from wireless technology, nanoparticles,  genetically modified organisms, and chemtrails."

Lately, we have noticed more and more "chemtrails" in the skies over Geneva. So much so, that we wrote the following opinion piece, published in the Tribune de Genève on 8 July. One "doubting Thomas" or should we say, "troll", phoned us to challenge the opinion, saying these were only condensation trails from planes, that special weather conditions were causing these to linger in the skies, and the newer reactors produced such trails. This person also does not believe that electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless technologies may cause adverse health effects.

No better than GMOs...
Tribune de Genève, 8 July 2016

« Berne leaves the door open to GMOs », a technology which could threaten the health of man, animals, and the environment. And other technologies? For some time, on fair-weather days, we notice airplanes leaving vast white trails in the sky. Afterwards, the sky becomes white, gray, temperatures fall and sometimes, it rains. Are these planes spraying chemical substances? Who owns these planes? We fear the substances being sprayed are harmful to man and the environment. Agrochemical companies like Monsanto are developing GMOs resistant to these chemical substances, aluminum, for example, which affects the quality of the soil.

21 April 2018

Switzerland and 5G: The Cat is Out of the Bag: 36 Times Stronger Mobile Telephony Transmitters!

"What is required now is nothing less than to use the 24-hour average instead of the short-term peak load when setting the limit value. In the worst case, this would increase the limit value for places of sensitive use from 5 to 30V/m, and would allow up to 36 times stronger transmitters than before. Imagine that: 30V/m in our bedrooms and living rooms. Or even in school and hospital rooms!" 

The cat is out of the bag - 36 times stronger mobile telephony transmitters !

by Hans-U. Jacob, President of Gigaherz.ch. 19 April 2018  (DeepL translation)

Now the mobile phone lobby, or rather the mobile phone mafia, has let the cat out of the bag and for the first time made public how the population is to be made happy for the second time with a giant fraud.

The first lie spread over years with gigantic PR efforts is probably the completely untenable assertion that Switzerland has 10 times stricter limits than other European countries with regard to mobile radiation. Have a look at: https://www.gigaherz.ch/schweizer-grenzwertschwindel-kurz-und-klar/

After the storm that now follows, the already known Swiss threshold swindle may only have been a mild breeze. Because the preliminary advisory commission in the National Council (KVF-N) demands nothing less than 36 times stronger mobile radio stations with a nasty cattle trader trick. Even the business-friendly "Tages-Anzeiger" and "der Bund" speak of a "boy trick".

20 April 2018

Greenpeace To Apple: Forget The Robots And Make iPhones Repairable

Greenpeace To Apple: Forget The Robots And Make iPhones Repairable
by MARK SULLIVANfastcompany.com, 19 April 2018

Apple has made important strides in its green efforts, but it continues to oppose efforts to make iPhones more repairable.

[Photo: ThamKC/iStock]
Apple is out with its 2018 Environmental Responsibility Report today, and in it is news of a new iPhone disassembly robot named Daisy that can rip apart 200 iPhones in an hour to get to the reusable and recyclable parts. (Daisy is an upgraded version of Apple’s first such robot, 2016’s Liam.)

Greenpeace quickly released a statement saying, in effect, that Apple should focus its green energies on making iPhones more repairable in the first place, so that they last longer and don’t show up in landfills quite so soon. Greenpeace senior analyst Gary Cook wrote:

Switzerland: Despite Concerns about Possible Health Consequences, the National Council Wants to Circumvent Current Radiation Protection Limits in Order to Launch 5G

The Commission for Transport and Telecommunications of the National Council wants to ask the government to take into account an average value for transmission power over 24 hours instead of fixed maximum values as before. This would artificially increase the limit values. 

Other measuring method - stronger antennas would already be allowed
by Jon Mettlerderbund.ch, 19 April 2018 (translation by DeepL)

Leading the way:  The new 5G standard allows a
transmission speed 100 times faster.
Frank Augstein (Keystone)
Despite concerns about possible health consequences, the National Council wants to use a "boy trick" to circumvent the current radiation protection limits.

There is political resistance to the rapid development of the fast fifth generation (5G) mobile communications standard. At the beginning of March, the Council of States refused to relax the strict radiation protection values for antennas and thus stood up against the will of the National Council and the state government.

Higher limits are regarded as a prerequisite for the three Swiss mobile phone providers to be able to rapidly set up the new 5G network and offer it in a commercially viable manner. In the Council of States, however, concerns about possible health consequences predominated. 5G allows 100 times higher transmission speeds on the smartphone than the current 4G standard.

Cell Phone Radiation Affects Fertility

Cell phone Radiation Affects Fertility
by Manas Ganguly, Founder, Brightsandz Clean Tech, dqindia.com, 19 April 2018

Today, cell phones have become an integral part of human life. They are truly changing our life by making everything convenient and time saving. The cell phone that gives you regular updates on news, sports and social media, unfortunately affects your fertility. Cell phones emit harmful radiation waves that affect sperm count and its quality in men.

The radiation waves emitted from cell phones are non- ionizing and considered as one of the most dangerous forms of pollution created by technology. These invisible radiation waves cause significant damage to reproductive organs in human beings. The long hour exposure to cell phones in front and back pocket of trousers impacts the health of testes and quality of sperm in men. Moreover, the close proximity of cell phones to men’s lower halves of the body directly exposes it to Electromagnetic radiation adversely affecting their sperm count.

Switzerland: Parliamentary Commission Discusses Network Blocking, 5G, Regulated Access

Swiss parliamentary commission discusses network blocking, 5G, regulated access
telecompaper.com, 19 April 2018

The Swiss Parliamentary Commission for Transport and Telecommunications conducted additional hearings on the draft revision of the Telecommunications Act, especially the topics network blocking, 5G and access regulation.

On network blocking, the commission looked at how to combat online child pornography and the advantages and disadvantages of content deletions and website blocking. The Commission also requested information on cooperation between the Fedpol and the international organisation Inhope, whose representatives attended the hearing.

A hearing with the association Asut and the Directorate for Environment and Energy of the city of St. Gallen focused on 5G. An adaptation of the calculation and measurement methods for base station emissions is possible at short notice without changes to the system limit values. The Commission will now write to the Bundesrat asking it to consider a 24-hour average for the transmitter's power measurement. It would thus be possible to implement the Ordinance on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection in practice. The measurement of the average values ​​should be automated, and there should be a simplified approval procedure for existing installations, the Commission said.

19 April 2018

Croatia: More and More Antenna and Base Stations, Citizens in Fear of Harmful Radiation

Croatia is one of only four countries in Europe (with Romania, Slovakia and Portugal), where it is not necessary to consult with local government bodies and the local community and the only country in Europe where the base station location is to be located, where no building permit is needed for such facilities.

More and more antenna and base stations, citizens in fear of harmful radiation
by ELS / HRT, magazin.hrt.hr, 13 April 2018 (translation)

There are more frequent issues, but also negative public reactions to electromagnetic radiation, or antenna and transmitter installation.

Mobile teleoperators set telecommunication aerials (base stations), hospitals, cultural monuments, even churches. Antenna columns are uncontrolled, without any order, permits, knowledge of local self-government, information about the population and respect for spatial plans.

Eighteen New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health (18 April 2018)

Since August, 2016, Dr. Moscowitz has been circulating abstracts of newly-published scientific papers on wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) about once a month. These updates are sent to several hundred EMF scientists around the world who have subscribed to his email list. The collection of abstracts currently contains more than 350 papers. Due to numerous requests to post these abstracts, he has compiled the collection into a document which can be downloaded from his web site. [Our blog, "Towards Better Health" will continue to post the latest studies and keep them on our site for one year.]

For more information

Eighteen new papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health, courtesy of Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 18 April 2018

Recent News Stories

Maryland Schools May Tell Children When It’s Time to Log Off

Maryland Schools May Tell Children When It’s Time to Log Off
By Natasha Singer, The New York Times, 18 April 2018

Maryland could become the first state to address parental concerns about computer screen time for children in the classroom.

(Photo): Church Lane Elementary Technology School, a public school in Baltimore County, Md. Maryland could become the first state to address parents’ concerns about extensive computer screen time in schools.CreditMatt Roth for The New York Times

Legislation passed this month would require state education officials to develop optimum health and safety practices for the use of digital devices in schools. Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, has not taken a public position on the legislation. If he does not sign or veto it before May 28, the measure will become law without his signature.

The bill throws Maryland into an already heated national debate over the potential for digital devices and apps to addict children — and whether it is up to the tech industry or parents to make sure children don’t get hooked.

18 April 2018

China-Made Mobile Phone Cases Contain High Levels of Toxic, Carcinogenic Substances: Study

China-made mobile phone cases contain high levels of toxic, carcinogenic substances: Study
By SAYS.COM, 18 April 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: A consumer watchdog in China conducted an investigation recently and found that phone cases from several popular manufacturers contain harmful substances.

(Photo:)  File pix) A consumer watchdog in China conducted an investigation recently and found that phone cases from several popular manufacturers contain harmful substances. China Daily/Asia News Network/SAYS.COM Photo

According to media reports, the Shenzhen Institute of Consumption Quality (SICQ), led by the Shenzhen Consumer Council, conducted tests on 30 popular phone cases from 28 different brands using European safety standards as the benchmark.

The Shenzhen Consumer Council held a press conference last week to reveal the findings of their investigation to the public.

Out of the 30 phone cases that were tested, seven phone covers from five brands – Apple, Xiaomi, Yuening, Tiya, and Q-Guo – failed to meet the safety standards determined by European regulators.

Published Scientific Research on 5G and Health

Published Scientific Research on 5G and Health
Environmental Health Trust, April 2018

Published peer reviewed science already indicates that the current wireless technologies of 2G, 3G and 4G – in use today with our cell phones, computers and wearable tech – creates radiofrequency exposures which poses a serious health risk to humans, animals and the environment. Scientists are cautioning that before rolling out 5G, research on human health effects urgently needs to be done first to ensure the public and environment are protected. 5G will utilize not only the frequencies currently in use, but also higher millimeter wave and submillimeter wave frequencies. This page lists important research on 5G, the environment and human health. Learn more about 5G on EHT’s database of resources here.
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Russell CL. 5G wireless telecommunications expansion: Public health and environmental implications. Environmental Research. Available online 11 April 2018. in press.

17 April 2018

Hearing at the Danish Parliament on Wireless Radiation

View the streamed version of the public hearing on EMFs in the Danish Parliament's Health and Elder council 12 April 2018 in the original languages (Danish/English). Speaking in English were:  Olle Johansson (6.07-22.09), Lennart Hardell (38.38-54.30) who talked about brain cancers and acoustic neuromas, and mentioned ANFR's test results on mobile phones showing high SAR levels when in contact with the skin, and Ghislaine Bouvier, Univ. Bordeaux, representing France, who spoke about the ELFE health birth cohort study (55.04- ). NTP study results were mentioned several times. The Q/A period is worth a listen with Johansson and Hardell answering in English questions about difficulties in finding funding for EMF studies and the IARC reclassification of EMFs (do not yet know when this will take place).
Hearing at the Danish Parliament on wireless radiation puts pressure on the National Board of Health.earing at the Danish Parliament on wireless radiation puts pressure on the National Board of Health
Press Release by EHS foreningen (EHS Association), 10 April 2018


Hearing at the Danish Parliament on wireless radiation puts pressure on the National Board of Health.

Politicians on the Parliament Committee for Health and Elder care will investigate the health risks from mobile radiation and wireless networks with a public hearing on April 12 at the Parliament building, Christiansborg in Copenhagen. The consultation has been in preparation for a while and several leading international researchers in the field will speak. The National Board of Health will, however, not participate.

The main reason for this hearing is that Parliament politicians do not believe it has been clarified whether radiation from mobile telephony, wireless networks, etc. are associated with health effects or not.

You're Addicted to Your Smartphone. This Company Thinks It Can Change That

You're Addicted to Your Smartphone. This Company Thinks It Can Change That
By HALEY SWEETLAND EDWARDS, Time, 12 April 2018, Updated 13 April 2018

New apps can push better habits, more transparency
Illustration by Martin Gee for TIME
The headquarters of Boundless Mind looks as if it were created by a set designer to satisfy a cultural cliché. The tech startup is run out of a one-car garage a few blocks from California’s Venice Beach.

On the morning I visited, in March, it was populated by a dozen screens–phones, tablets, monitors–and half as many 20-something engineers, all of whom were male and bearded, and one of whom wore a cowboy hat. Someone had written in blue marker across the top of a whiteboard in all caps: You’re building amazing sh-t.

But that, more or less, is where the Silicon Valley stereotypes end. Ramsay Brown, 29, and T. Dalton Combs, 32, the co-founders of Boundless Mind, are hardly the college dropouts of tech lore; they’re trained neuroscientists. And unlike most tech entrepreneurs, they are not trying to build the next big thing that will go viral. In fact, Boundless Mind’s mission is almost the opposite. The company wants to disrupt America’s addiction to technology. “It used to be that pathogens and cars were killing us,” Brown says. “Now it’s cheeseburgers and social media. It’s our habits and addictions.”

Getting to Grips with the 'Invisible Enemy' of RF Radiation

Getting to grips with the ‘invisible enemy’ of RF radiation
By Ian Litchfield, Comment, eandt.theiet.org, 12 March 2018

A UK register is the first database of its kind to explore the effects of long-term occupational exposure to radiofrequency fields.

The use of radiofrequency (RF) radiation has become intrinsic to modern life, and the connectivity it provides central to the way we communicate with colleagues, clients, friends and family. The technology has been with us since the turn of the 20th century and part of the working environment since the introduction of radio broadcasting in the 1930s. Its use extends beyond telecommunication and broadcasting to include applications across healthcare, engineering and manufacturing.

RF radiation refers to electromagnetic fields that lie between the 3kHz and 300GHz frequencies; the variation in the properties of these fields alters not only their commercial use but also the way in which they interact with the human body. Compared to many hazards RF cannot be seen, heard or felt and has been termed ‘the invisible enemy’.

School Kids' Mental Health Suffering Due to Late-Night Tablet and Phone Use, Teachers Say

School kids' mental health suffering due to late-night tablet and phone use, teachers say
by Jake Evans, abc.net.au, 13 April 2018

Disrupting a child's body clock can affect hormones,
appetite, metabolism and mood (ABC News: Jake Evans)
Night-time technology use is disrupting the sleeping habits of children and damaging their mental health, the effects of which are becoming increasingly apparent in classrooms, educators say.

The trend is causing some children to behave like device vampires, according to teachers in Canberra, who report students whose sleep cycles are pushed out as they play on phones and tablets into the early hours of the morning, then sleep through the school day.

"Ten or 15 years ago, this was not an issue at all," Liz Bobos, co-president of ACT Principals Association, said.

"We tuck our children into bed, we read them a story, we say goodnight and we assume that eyes are shut — but there's no guarantee that that happens."

School staff say and the services available to children presenting with mental health issues are limited.

Primary school kids self-harming, teacher says

Documentary — Stare Into the Lights My Pretties

Documentary — Stare Into the Lights My Pretties
by Dr. Mercola, 14 April 2018

Story at-a-glance

  • In the beginning, there were only a few ways to get new technology funded, known as the ABCs. “A” for armed forces, “B” for bureaucracy and “C” for corporate power; social engagement is the new driver of technology that has taken off more so in recent years
  • The environmental stimuli that come through screens may be keeping us permanently distracted, such that we’re unable to engage in deep thinking and knowledge
  • While the internet is viewed as a way to bring the world to our fingertips, there are those who say it’s actually a tool for amplifying the voice of corporate control
  • We tend to think about the internet as this medium where we can connect to everything and anyone, but in actuality most of the information is flowing through a couple of major gatekeepers, such as Google
  • You can customize and filter what you see, but how these things are architected actually may keep you in a carefully constructed bubble

16 April 2018

[Press release] Phonegate developments in the Netherlands. Our mobile phones are not safe !

[Press release] Phonegate developments in the Netherlands. Our mobile phones are not safe !

Press release , April, 16, 2018


On April 5, 2018, the French site, “60 Millions de consommateurs”announced the recall by the mobile telephony operator Orange of 90,000 cell phones of the model “Hapi 30”. The reason for the recall is that studies conducted in 2016 by the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) showed that the SAR limits to which the telephone must comply were exceeded when in contact with the body. ANFR says recalls could be repeated since they have recorded some other phones that exceed the limits.

As in France, a study of the SAR values was also carried out in the Netherlands by Agentschap Telecom – which controls the compliance of the placing on the market of mobile phones sold in the Netherlands – in its ‘Onderzoek inzake SAR-waarden van mobiele telefoons’ in 2009. The reason was that an inspection in 2008 revealed that a phone exceeded the prescribed SAR value of 2W/kg and was therefore withdrawn from the market. After 2009, Agentschap Telecom saw no reason to carry out another investigation. The ANFR’s test results, which are relevant not only for France but also for all European countries, urgently call for this as well as for transparency. The Dutch have the right to know what levels of radiofrequency radiation they are exposed to on a daily basis and they must be informed about this.

14 April 2018

Letter by Prof. Dominique Belpomme Addressed to Electrohypersensitive Persons

Letter from Prof. Dominique Belpomme addressed to electrohypersensitive persons
by Prof. Dominique Belpomme, Information Letter no.6, March 2018, ehs-mcs.org (translation)

Why I filed a complaint!

This sixth letter is addressed more specifically to all those who suffer from electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and to all the associations that, fortunately, have taken up their cause. From a scientific point of view, there is no doubt that electrohypersensitivity is an acquired condition of environmental origin and that, in one way or another, artificial electromagnetic fields (which are polarized and pulsed, unlike natural electromagnetic fields) are most likely involved. There are thousands of scientific articles and even several journals entirely devoted to this subject. No doubt, even if it is still hesitant about the truth of this cause and the individualization of EHS as a new pathological condition, we should recall that following the 2004 Prague Congress, the WHO formally recognized the existence of EHS as a deleterious health "condition"[1]. Since then, numerous scientific studies have come to confirm the harmfulness of electromagnetic fields on health and, as we have shown, the possibility that chemicals may also be involved in the genesis and/or manifestations of EHS, since multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a condition often associated with it[2], whether it be the cause or consequence.

Belgium: Beware of the Radiation of Your Mobile Phone: "A Health Scandal" Could Soon Be Revealed

Beware of the radiation of your mobile phone: "A health scandal" could soon be revealed
by Camille Mathoulin, rtl.be/info, 14 April 2018

We are close to the health scandal in France because of the radiation emitted by a mobile phone.  Is it the only one that emits too much? Where are we in Belgium?

A phone  has been withdrawn from sales in France because it exceeds the health threshold of the radiation emitted. A first that has never happened in Belgium. Yet, according to Test-Achats and scientists, it could happen soon.

A phone not for sale in Belgium

The phone withdrawn from sales in France is the Hapi 30 of the brand Mobilwire, a model that is not for sale in Belgium, according to Test-Achats. This phone marketed by Orange has been recalled. It was the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR, which has no equivalent in Belgium) which forced the telephone operator to recall this product.

The device in fact exceeds the health threshold of 2 W/kg. 2.1 W/kg have indeed been measured on the rear face of the Hapi 30, so the level of waves emitted is even more important at the place where we put our ear.

The scandal could be much bigger: "All users in the world are concerned"

13 April 2018

Doctors See Increase of Ear Tumor Cases

Doctors See Increase of Ear Tumor Cases
by Bianca Castronbcdfw.com, 5 April 2018

Hearing loss can be caused by a number of things, but don't assume it just comes with old age.

Doctors say they're seeing more and more cases of ear tumors called acoustic neuroma.

When longtime Dallas radio personality Mark McCray started to lose some of his hearing, he thought maybe it was just a hazard of the job. He went to a doctor to get it checked out, but was told it wasn't anything to worry about.

Years later, the hearing loss got worse and he began to suffer nausea and dizziness.

Will Driverless Cars Cause DNA Damage and Cancer?

Will Driverless Cars Cause DNA Damage and Cancer?
by John P. Thomas, Health Impact News
13 April 2018

Driverless cars are seen as the next big market potential for the automotive industry.

But before we get too excited about these driverless cars, we need to carefully consider the many levels of health risks involved with this technology, as well as the loss of privacy. Vehicle crashes and fatalities are minor concerns compared to potential human DNA damage and increased risks of cancer.

Now that the fifth generation (5G) of small microwave cell towers is being rolled out by telecom companies, their 5G press releases keep reminding us how their new technology will give us instantaneous internet downloads and will permit us to use driverless cars. [1, 2, 16]

Of course, these press releases never mention the potential health risks.

11 April 2018

Swiss Parliamentarians Thwart Risky Mobile Plans

Parliamentarians thwart risky mobile plans
by diagnose-funk.org, 5 April 2018

Demand for higher limits fails in the Council of States

Antenna radiation: The requirement of Swisscom and Co. for higher limit values ​​failed in the Council of States. Massive lobbying by the telecom corporations almost led the Council of States to ease the protection limits against mobile phone antenna radiation. But only almost - the pressure from the population worked.

The Council of States 2017/2018
The result was extremely close: with 22 votes to 21 and two abstentions, the Council of States said "no" on 5 March to the requirement to increase the radiation protection limits for mobile phone antennas. The advocates argued that this step was necessary "to prevent a collapse of mobile networks and ensure the further digitization." The intention behind the easing was to roll out the red carpet for the cell phone network operators for the most cost-effective introduction of the new mobile communications standard 5G.

Health Effects of Mobile Telephony: First Withdrawals in France and International Wake-Up Call

Health Effects of Mobile Telephony: First Withdrawals in France and International Wake-Up Call
by Damien Coulomb, lequotidiendumedecin.fr, 10 April 2018 (translation)

The operator Orange decided to stop marketing the HAPI 30 phone and to recall the devices already sold because these exceed the regulatory limit of the specific absorption rate (SAR) “trunk”, as detected by the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR). Measurements were 0.1 W/kg above the regulatory limit of 2 W/kg, that is, a value of 2.1 W/kg on the back of the phone.

This recall is not an isolated case. Contacted by “le Quotidien”, ANFR confirmed that procedures were under way with regard to other non-compliant devices. The latter could soon be subject to fines or even criminal action or a request for withdrawal from the market. Since the transposition into French law of the European RED Directive in June 2017, ANFR can impose administrative sanctions in the event of devices exceeding the SAR, including administrative fines (€ 7,500 for a legal entity), requests for withdrawal from the market and recall of devices already purchased.

« Clear evidence of carcinogenicity » in rats

10 April 2018

Cellphones Strongly Linked to Cancer — New Study Reproduces Government Findings

Cellphones Strongly Linked to Cancer — New Study Reproduces Government Findings
by Dr. Mercola, 10 April 2018

Story at-a-glance
  • In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified cellphones as a “possible human carcinogen.” In light of three new studies, IARC is urged to upgrade it to “probable” carcinogen
  • In February, the findings of two National Toxicology Program (NTP) animal studies were published. Male rats exposed to cellphone radiation were more likely to develop heart tumors than unexposed rats. DNA damage and damage to heart tissue was also observed
  • In March the Ramazzini Institute published a lifetime exposure study showing a clear link between cellphone radiation and Schwann cell tumors — the same kind of tumors found by NTP
  • Ramazzini’s study found RF radiation increased both brain and heart tumors in exposed rats. This, despite using power levels that were up to 1,000 times lower than those used in the NTP studies
  • The proposed transition to 5G will dramatically increase radiation exposure as it will require the installation of small antennas every 250 feet or so to ensure connectivity
In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified cellphones as a Group 2B “possible carcinogen,”1 and the evidence supporting the theory that electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from cellphones can trigger abnormal cell growth and cancer2,3 just keeps growing and getting stronger.

South Africa : Electrohypersensitivity, Wireless Radiation Health Investigative Report

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is a growing health concern worldwide. With increased exposure to WiFi, smart meters and mobile phone towers, patients report diverse symptoms of illness, which only seem to dissipate when they are far away from electromagnetic fields or radiation. Carte Blanche, South Africa’s longest running investigative journalism program, explores this medical phenomenon in a short, excellent documentary.

South Africa, Electrical Sensitivity, Wireless Radiation Health Investigative Report (posted on YouTube on 4 April 2018 - 8 mn)

09 April 2018

NTP Study of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation (Rats): “Clear Evidence” of Cell Phone Cancer Risk, Say Leading Pathologists

“Clear Evidence” of Cell Phone Cancer Risk, Say Leading Pathologists
microwavenews.com, 9 April 2018

Why Peer Review Panel and NTP Interpreted the Same Animal Data Differently

“You had it right the first time.” That was the implicit message to the National Toxicology Program (NTP) from an expert panel after a point-by-point review of NTP’s draft reports on its $25 million study of cancer risks of cell phone radiation on mice and rats.

Two years ago, with the results in hand, the NTP had rushed to warn the public about the dangers of cell phones. It issued an interim report pointing to higher rates of tumors in the hearts and brains of male rats exposed to two different kinds of phone radiation. Then early this February with the release of the formal draft reports, the NTP made a U-turn, saying that using a cell phone “is not a high-risk situation.”

Now a peer review panel —11 pathologists and toxicologists from academia and industry and one statistician— has concluded that there is “clear evidence of carcinogenic activity” in those male rats. The panel, which met* March 26-28, in Research Triangle Park, NC, determined that both GSM and CDMA signals had led to the development of a rare tumor in the hearts of rats, malignant schwannoma. The NTP, on the other hand, had concluded there was only “some evidence” for this association.

Frying Ohio: Dr. Oz, Environmentalists, Scientists, Security Experts Concerned About 4G & 5G Small Cell Towers. Ohio Officials Voting to Install Them in Yards and Everywhere Else

Frying Ohio: Dr. Oz, Environmentalists, Scientists, Security Experts Concerned About 4G & 5G Small Cell Towers. Ohio Officials Voting to Install Them in Yards and Everywhere Else
By B.N. Frankactivistpost.com, 8 April 2018

In December 2016, Governor John Kasich signed Senate Bill 331 (aka “The Petland Bill”) which had originally been written regarding puppy mills and the humane treatment of animals. At the last minute, several completely unrelated clauses were added to it. One of them eliminated municipal governments’ ability to stop telecom companies from installing small cell tower infrastructure wherever they wanted – including in front of homes, in public rights of ways, historical districts, etc. This violated the Ohio Constitution’s “single subject rule” and many immediately cried foul.

On March 20, 2017, press conferences were held in Cleveland and Central Ohio to announce that 80 Ohio municipal governments had filed lawsuits against the cell tower clause in this bill. Eventually 90 Ohio municipal governments filed lawsuits.

[Press release] Phonegate*: Millions of mobile phones will have to be withdrawn from the market in France and internationally

[Press release] Phonegate*: Millions of mobile phones will have to be withdrawn from the market in France and internationally
phonegatealert.org, 9 April 2018

On April 5, 2018, the site, "60 Millions de consommateurs" (“60 Million Consumers”) announced the recall by the mobile telephony operator Orange of 90,000 cell phones of the model “Hapi 30” (made by “MobiWire”) and marketed through its network in 2017.

On its part, the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) stated in a press release published on April 6, 2018:

“Pursuant to Article L43 II bis of the Postal and Electronic Communications Code, ANFR gave notice to the company MobiWire on January 22, 2018 to take all appropriate measures to put an end to the non-compliance detected of the devices currently on the market as well as those already sold.”

08 April 2018

Cell Tower Radiation Linked with Cancer in New Study

Cell Tower Radiation Linked with Cancer in New Study
whsc.on.ca, 6 April 2018

Is your workplace or home located near a cell tower? There may be reason for concern.

A new study, billed as the largest of its kind, has shown that radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitted from cell towers increases cancer rates in rats.

The finding has the potential to shatter Health Canada’s radiofrequency exposure guidelines outlined in Safety Code 6.

“…a person can legally be exposed to this level of radiation,” says Ronald Melnick, senior science advisor with the Environmental Health Trust. “Yet cancers occurred in these animals at these legally permitted levels.

“Governments need to strengthen regulations to protect the public from these harmful non-thermal exposures,” adds Melnick.