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30 December 2018

From "Dieselgate" to "Phonegate": Article Published by Diagnose-Funk

We thank the environmental and consumer protection organization, Diagnostik: Funk, for having recently published on its site a very good article in German on the Phonegate health and industrial scandal, "From 'Dieselgate' to 'Phonegate'."  The article includes:

- Tedx Talk by Dr. Devra Davis, President of the Environmental Health Trust: "Rapid Fire- What Brain and Sperm Share and Why Care", November 2018

- The Phonegate Scandal - lecture by Dr. Marc Arazi, President of the Phonegate Alert Association, given in English in Krakow, Poland, September 2018

- Interview with Dr. Marc Arazi on the Phonegate scandal by Nick Pineault, investigative health journalist, June 2018

From "Dieselgate" to "Phonegate"
diagnose-funk.org, December 2018

SAR value of mobile devices 3-4 times higher than allowed - 90% of devices affected

More than five billion mobile phones are currently in use, and this number is increasing daily. When used close to the body, the radiation on many models is above the allowable SAR (limit) value. As with the diesel scandal trick the mobile operators in their tests. That's what French scientists have revealed. This is documented by Prof. D. Davis in her presentation.

Compared to radar, mobile radio radiation has been considered harmless in established science because it does not like X-rays. At the moment, as a result of new research, there is a profound change in how scientists think about it. Recent research links non-ionizing radiation with a decreased sperm count, an increased risk of Alzheimer's and cancer.

Unrealistic test procedures gloss over the radiation performance

In a compact 15-minute talk, Devra Davis tells the story of the dangers that the mobile industry, seeking profit, knowingly exposes us and our children to. Davis reviews the findings of leading experts in electrobiology and neuroscience and explains simple safety measures.

About Diagnostik: Funk

For environmentally friendly mobile technology and protection against electrosmog.
The goal of diagnose: funk is to educate people about the health and environmental impact of electromagnetic fields caused by mobile phones, smartphones, cell phone antennas, WLAN, DECT and other sources of electrosmog, as well as the psycho-social impact of digital media. It aims to change consumer and policy behaviors and promote solutions for sustainable technologies.

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