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16 July 2012

Interview with Barry Trower, Microwave Expert: Part 8 - This is the first generation of children who will die before their parents

In 2003, Leif Salford conducted studies on the blood-brain barrier (BBB).  When he came out with the results, he said “it’s the biggest biological experiment on living organisms and human beings ever.  Stress is a very profitable market, and stress and depression will become the biggest causes of illness.”

Julius remarked that he has been trying to wake up people about burnout, stress and depression because he’s seen the increase coming along with all the new technologies on the market.  Most people are in a chronic stress situation due to microwaves.

“The blood-brain barrier,” says Trower, “is like a fishing net around the brain and it’s full of small holes.  It has no joint and it takes about a year and a half to form in a baby.  The same material is around other organs in the body and what it does in the brain is to allow all the things that have to come in and out of the brain.  It allows the toxins and poisons out and the good bits in.  It keeps the toxins in the blood out and keeps them from poisoning the brain.

“When microwaves come across this, they weaken this and the holes get bigger.  So now you have toxins in the body going into the brain and other organs and that can lead to all sorts of neurological and pathological diseases. 

“Dr. Carlo and I met a few years ago and produced a paper showing that about 40 to 50% of all illnesses in people today are caused deliberately by industry, airplanes, cars, food…  ‘We are a product to profit from.’  It comes down to money.”

Talking about cancer, Julius referred to Christoffer Johansen who in 2009 told a European Union Commission meeting with many experts, “Everybody agrees that radiofrequency is a tumor promoter.”  He could not lie in this meeting.

“You have one person in countries who declares they are an expert and government scientists say, we’re referring to him.  If the expert says this, then it’s true.  They ignore all of the rest of the world and it’s like that in several countries.  They use one person to refer to.”

The Minister of Schools in the UK said he could do nothing when Trower mentioned the devastation of children.  The health protection agency and the people that look after microwaves – and it’s only a few people – have the last word and the Minister can do nothing without their say-so.  And they say it is safe.

“The average person is too busy worrying about paying their bills, keeping their job to take on the government and the most powerful industry on the planet.  It’s impossible.

“We had the government proof in 1976, all the research that ever needed doing and published.  The American government wanted to put this out to make a profit and protect the military.  Microwaves have an advantage over radio waves.  Radio waves won’t go through walls, houses, people, trees.  Microwaves will go through anything.  The military and industry persuaded the government to lie to the people. 

“We knew back then that new pulses were being tested so see how much damage they could cause and people were being experimented upon.  We knew damage was being done and since then, it’s been covered up.”

Talking about Smartphones and iPads, Julius remarked that they’re connected with our fingers all the time and asked what kind of pulses come from the display they have.  People touch the display all the time.

“You will have a very tiny electric current going through the body,” replied Trower.  “When this happens, it has to go through the body to the ground.  It takes the path of the least resistance.  This represents only about 10% of all the parts of the body.  It’s a very important 10% because it carries all of the hormones, all of the antibodies, all of the chemicals that have to go around in the blood to keep the body moving.  The hormones and antibodies have a map inside them and know where to go because they have chemical and electrical signals.  When you have the electrical current going through, it affects the electrical signals which in turn affects the chemical signals of the hormones, the antibodies, the neurotransmitters.  Sometimes they’ll go where they have to go, sometimes they will miss.  If this happens for a long time, the body will start to suffer. Initially the body will recover, but every time you are having electric shocks, what you’re doing is affecting your body. 

“When you put a transmitter on a farm with cattle, the charge builds up inside them.  It’s not unknown that when the cattle leave the field and are all charged up, and their wet nose touches the metal gate, the current discharges through them and some of them drop dead. 

“When people are moved away from electrosmog, it takes six weeks for them to get better.  The brain of a child making a two-minute phone call will take two hours to recover.  Imagine children on the phone in a playground.  They won’t be able to learn properly for the whole morning or afternoon if their call is a few minutes.

“Blindness:  There are special cells on the side of the eye which absorb radiation and can affect the eye.  The frequency of the microwave can affect the circadian rhythm of the eye.  It’s normal to have vision problems in a microwave field.  Regarding eyeglasses, the metal will absorb the radiation and will readmit it to the eyes, as will a metal cup in a bra.  It will absorb the radiation.  The metal is in the shape of a parabola so radiation will focus in a small group of mammary cells which can turn cancerous.

“Bedsprings:  Anyone who is the tiniest bit sensitive in a strong magnetic field should get rid of all the springs because they will absorb the radiation at night.  The radiation will come up through the bed while you’re sleeping and will knock your melatonin sideways.  Melatonin is produced at night to boost the immune system and you’ll be waking up feeling very tired, very headachy, very sick, and you will never get better.”

“Many of the connections inside the brain have been destroyed and will not be restored,” said Julius.

This will be the first generation of children to die before their parents.

“There is actually proof, apart from all the scientific documents, that microwaves cause cancer.  To date there are five high court cases, all within Europe, brought by unions which have proved that mobile phones cause brain tumors and cell towers cause microwave sickness, leukemia, cancer.

“There are 19 other legal judgments, not high court – a magistrate, mayor, saying this has caused this, take it down.  Twenty-four legal judgments against the industry and 14 epidemiological studies proving they cause cancer.

The mobile industry is changing the behavior of countries.  Julius says it is an attack on human decency, dignity and values.  “We are being disconnected from our essence, what we truly are.”

“Children don’t interact at all.  They come straight home, go onto their computer or Facebook.  (Teenagers in Denmark often spend 4-5 hours a day on Facebook.)  Then these children sneak under the covers with some microwave device.

“I’m a retard because whenever I communicate, I use a land line and write letters with pen and ink.  Children don’t go out to play, don’t get any fresh air or exercise.  It was said on the radio, this is probably the first generation of children who are going to die before their parents for lack of exercise, lack of ability to communicate, being overweight…   They are deliberately microwaving themselves.  I see the younger generation as empty vessels.  Pope Benedict in 2005 said, ‘People will end up in spiritual barrenness with emptiness of heart’.”

Julius asks, “Is the wireless revolution the Second Fall of Man?  It seems like in 20-30 years we’ve lost what has taken hundreds of thousands of years to develop.  It seems like we’ve been set back or degraded or become less than we are.

Trower replies, “Only if we fail in our attempt to educate people.  We will come to a time when people will realize with all of their power and all of their money and lawyers, there is one thing this industry cannot do.  They cannot stop people dying.

“Sooner or later, when enough children have leukemia and enough people have died and become sick, like smoking, people will say, we’ve been lied to all this time.  Let’s turn against industry.  I think it will happen and the industry are preparing for this, working on new systems for phones and Wi-Fi that don’t use microwaves.  They use light which doesn’t have the same effect on the body.

“We will have changed governments and all the guilty people will be living somewhere, very rich.

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