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17 July 2012

Interview with Barrie Trower, Microwave Expert: Part 9 - You can't take the mobile industry to court because it is too powerful

You can’t take the mobile industry to court because it is too powerful.

“Insurance companies started putting in policies if your illness can be linked to electromagnetic fields, there is no coverage.  Lloyds started that in 2000-2001, followed by SwissRe.  Private health insurance has also put this in their policies now. 

“This is why I think when we get to court in America and children are already getting sick from this and there’s no insurance and you are the decision-maker, I’ll take you to court and have your house and car and land and you don’t realize that.  We have a case here where a farmer is being sued for 5.2 million pounds when he had a transmitter put up on his farm and it made people ill in the surrounding houses.  There is another one where councilors followed the law and we had leukemia clusters around a transmitter.  The councilors are being taken to court and there’s no insurance.  If these people lose, they lose everything they stood for.

“Same case in America.  If the school is found guilty, the school insurance won’t touch it and it’ll be the people who signed the document and authorized the Wi-Fi.  They’ll be sued and lose everything.

“So,” Julius said, “we should encourage everyone to find out where the mobile phone towers are, what kind of illnesses people are having.”

“You can’t take the industry to court, it’s too powerful.  You can take an individual to court.  When you sign to have a transmitter on your land, you sign to take responsibility for it, all of its health problems.  Because you’re taking money, you take responsibility for all of the legal documents.  People don’t know this.  The farmer with the transmitter on his property can be sued for ill health.  You can also take the company to court if your property is devalued because somebody has put up a transmitter outside your house.

“These contracts for mobile towers are for years.  At a school, for instance, at the end of its five-year contract, they said, it’s making children sick.  The contract is finished, take it away.  The company said no, you’ve agreed to have the tower here permanently.  You have only agreed to take the money for 5 years.  You can’t get the towers taken down because you agreed to take the money.  If you decide you want to break the contract, they will charge you all of the money they would have made.

“This is the problem with some countries when you have one person who lets this in and you sign the contract.  The cost of breaking it is absolutely phenomenal.  We are going to sue your country for however many billions.

“The industry’s policy is to target the poor or people who need money.  In many countries, the biggest transmitters go up in the poorest areas because they don’t have the ability to fight.  They go to schools and say, we’ll give you 20,000 to 30,000 pounds a year.  You can buy books, chairs… universities, colleges, churches, buildings that need lots of money. 

“Before they move in, they get the cancer charity on their side which means that the official cancer figures will be manipulated.  You get the government on your side, radiation watchdogs, and nobody can argue.”

They are taking money for killing people.

“It’s all money and greed.  They are taking money for killing people.  They are taking money to kill children and give women breast cancer and the cancer charities and drug companies benefit.  There is a lot of money to be made out of human suffering.

“We have the right to defend ourselves if we are invaded.  Here we’re being invaded by something that comes through the walls, through our schools, into our children.  We need to take self-responsibility.  We have to remove it.  If people stopped buying and using mobile phones, the industry will collapse. 

“How can we make people take this responsibility?  We have all been conditioned that it’s the responsibility of the government and the health care system, but we see that they do not take responsibility.  You would need to get an organization like the BBC to make programs about how dangerous these are.  The BBC doesn’t answer to anyone other than government.  No one knows what industries the top people at the BBC represent or what boards they sit on.” 

Trower is on the BBC’s black list.  His letters and comments are never read out.  “When you have an organization like the BBC blocking information going out, there’s nothing you can really do.  You have the big papers that take all the advertising from industry.  Until you get the media on your side, the only thing you can do is what I’m doing now, working every day answering questions, writing letters, seeing people like yourself.

We are going to cause illness and suffering right across the world and destroy a whole generation or more.

“The one thing the industry cannot do is to stop people dying.  More children will have to die before parents realize.  Parents are too busy.  They both work.  They can’t take on the industry.  There’s no one to complain to.  The Minister of Schools has no power to get Wi-Fi out of schools.  Parents are afraid:  what will other parents think, the School Board?  Will their children be bullied? 

“We’re going to destroy a generation or more and cause illness and suffering right across the world, not just for this generation.  In 60 years’ time, there’ll still be genetic damage.  In 60, 80 years’ time, this will still be causing problems.

Trower represented Collingwood School in Canada which took Wi-Fi out of the school.  In the schools nearby, parents are now saying if it’s dangerous there, it’s dangerous here and they are taking Wi-Fi out.  The wall has started to fall in Canada, France.  There’s a way to beat this industry with right intention and right spirit.”

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