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29 June 2013

Barrie Trower's Presentation to the Irish Doctors Environmental Association on the Danger of Microwave-Based Communications Systems (Dublin, 20 April 2013): Part 1

Barrie Trower, former Cold War spy debriefer and academic, warned members of the Irish Doctors Environmental Association (IDEA) at its Annual General Meeting on 20 April 2013 in Dublin about the dangers of microwave based communications systems. Following is the first part of his presentation. The second part, including the effects of microwaves on children, will be the next post. You will also find on this blog the 2011 interview of Danish documentary filmmaker and journalist Morten Julius with Barry Trower. Thank you to John Weigel for this text. 

Expert tells doctors of impending tragedy from EMF radiation as health of nations laid waste by technology

Barrie Trower lives in a world different to the rest of us. His world is every bit as dangerous as anything Tolkien could have dreamed up and with each passing day inches closer to engulf us. Very occasionally he surfaces to warn us but returns back to his world largely ignored.

While his words are reasoned and motivational - much like Tolkein’s wizard, Gandalf - Trower is stoically centered. He sat alone for more than an hour waiting to address the annual general meeting of the Irish Doctors Environmental Association (IDEA) amid stacked chairs against the stark white walls between two tall Georgian windows with only a glass of water molecules to bring clarity before speaking to the group.

A lecturer in Advanced Physics at South Dartmoor College and living in a village in rural Devon - not unlike Tolkein’s beloved Shires - Trower has travelled to 27 countries around the world explaining the unseen wonders of physics and the perilous ways mankind is commercially exploiting the invisible for profit and political power.

From the outset, Trower is courageous. Here is a truth-teller, not just an ordinary whistleblower, but a man who came out of retirement with a warning for all humanity. “I’ll tell you very briefly where I’m coming from very before I start,” began Trower, “In 1959 I studied my first paper on microwaves for my entry examination into the military. I studied all aspects of microwaves in the military - radar, health issues. Microwaves then were being used, as they are today, as stealth weapons. Stealth weapons specifically to cause severe neurological and physiological damage. There never, ever was any safe level of microwave radiation.”

Trower began his career with the British Royal Navy before his peacetime duties with the Secret Service. In addition to his experience he is uniquely qualified to discuss microwaves due to education with a degree in physics, a second degree in research, as well as a teaching diploma in physiology.

Common sense tells us electricity is dangerous. Less generally known are the principles surrounding magnetism which, according to experts like Davis and Rawls in their book Magnetism on Its Effects on the Living System, can be equally dangerous. Combine the two principles, electricity and magnetism, into electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) and there is a recipe for untold misery, pain, death and destruction. Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are the signals used in modern communications systems, from the billions of cell phones and masts that service them to the pulsed signals of WiMAX and Tetra which are stronger still.

Although Trower came to the subject late, the Russians had been studying microwaves from as early as 1920, according to Czech writer Mojmir Babacek, founder of the International Movement Against Manipulation of Central Nervous System. Babacek told El Spectador that Russia was well advanced in the 20’s investigating phenomena such as telepathy, telekinesis and clairvoyance, and that during the 60's and 70's there existed a real arms race between Russia and the U.S. in this area which supports Trower’s explanation of debriefing victims for the British military - cold war spies - following their microwave radiation exposure. And as recently as April 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that Russia plans to ramp up its arsenal with the development of “psychotronic” weapons.1

“Following my time in the military - we’re into the cold war here - and those of you who remember the Cold War it was a very, very tense time for the world, I can specifically remember two occasions when we were within one second of total global nuclear war. A part of my job when I left the military because I had microwave knowledge, and they were being used as weapons, was to question captured spies or agents which I did for eleven years and in my defense and, might I please say, that the program, run by Sir William Melville, I never used pain, humiliation embarrassment, drugs, hypnosis, nothing. I treated the ladies and gentlemen as I would talk to you. It was nothing more than a conversation over a cup of coffee.”

Melville is the real 'M', founding father of MI-5 and the inspiration for Ian Fleming's character in James Bond books and films.

Trower explained that during the Cold War, less than 20 years after the death of Nikola Tesla, the genius of electricity, and less than 15 years after the end of WWII, governments were already researching the effects of pulsed microwave signals in the 1960’s. “I gathered the information,” he said, “because different pulsed systems were being used to cause different neurological and physiological damage.” As a former insider Trower is giving first hand fact-based evidence that microwave signals and radiation cause damage to living organisms and the built environment. Furthermore he is living testimony that governments have used that evidence to inflict pain and suffering on their opponents.

Trower claims that there is no defense against a microwave assault and that by alternating pleasure and pain frequencies broadcast from a van parked nearby “anyone can be broken in 30 hours.” His statement is backed up by Drs. P.D. Whissell and M.A. Persinger of Laurentian University, Ontario, who said in a 2007 paper, that “experiments showed a role of opiates in simple and pulsed EL-EMF response, but opiate-like effects induced by VHF-MF and microwave (MW) field also exist and have been characterized for more than a decade.”2

Trower’s testimony flies in the face of “Product Defense Consultant” Dr. William H. Bailey, advisor to the Irish government, power companies in Nevada and British Columbia as well as companies like Toyota that experience electromagnetic interference with their services or manufactured goods.

Shortly after embarking on a career in education, Trower explained that he was contacted by a police authority in the U.K. to review the literature and explain the implications of the proposed switch to a new communications system using Tetra technology - a microwave signal developed by the Motorola Corporation, a major U.S. military contractor based outside of Chicago, Illinois. “That resulted in me being commissioned to write the first safety report on the Tetra system for the emergency services which I condemned,” said Trower. “Nine years later I was approached by another police union with the increased cancers and other neurological problems, saying would I update my report which I did.”

Before launching into proof that low level microwave radiation causes disease and death, Trower said that he has never charged for his public engagements because once you accept money you can be told what to say and, secondly, even the poorest can afford to hear his message. The idealism of Trower’s position is growing around the world against what is becoming increasingly the most powerful industry on the planet. While her husband has endorsed the electromagnetic Smart Meter, Michelle Obama, quietly contacted Trower for information through an agent in New York. After all, she has two daughters to protect. The hand that rocks the cradle may, yet again, rule ...

“Let’s deal with the most important question first,” he said as he stood behind a pile of documents neatly grouped and tied with string. “With low level microwaves, and lower level is actually more dangerous than a high level, with low level microwaves is there any proof? Let’s deal with the proof argument first. More than you would probably imagine - there are 8,300 military papers proving microwaves cause severe neurological and physiological damage. There are seven high court cases now against the industry showing that they will cause this. There are 12 epidemiological studies. There are another 19 legal judgements around the world - by mayors, magistrates or people who have the ability to make a legal judgement. The industry themselves, this is what they say about the microwaves that children are walking around using.”

Trower quoted a document prepared by the German Ecolog Institut on behalf of the TMobile holding company for Deutsche Telecom with its estimated 150 million customers world-wide. Reading from Section 7 of the document, Trower bridged direct quotes from the Ecolog study with his own links, “These are their actual words. ‘It can be concluded that electromagnetic fields used in the mobile telecoms range do play a role in the development of cancer’... On the cellular level, a multitude of studies found these waves can induce the cancer initiation, cancer promotion agents to act in the body. ‘DNA synthesis and repair mechanisms’ for continuous or pulsed fields can influence or directly damage the DNA.’”3

Trower referenced the ruling of an Italian court against the microwave industry. “I had to read this a few times just to believe it ... it was in the transcript of the judgement against the industry for cancer, and it actually states that if you use a cell phone five to six hours a day for 10 - 12 years you are more likely to develop ipsilateral cancer, that is from the direction of the source of the radiation, you are more likely to develop ipsilateral cancer than the survivors of the atomic bomb in Japan in 1945. There is no doubt microwaves are causing cancer, neurological and physiological damage. No doubt.” said Trower.

If microwave radiation is causing so much damage, why is the public so unaware of the dangers? Before answering the question, Trower again lists the effects from still more sources - some top secret:

- TOP SECRET: From a U.S. conference, 1986. “Concerning low level microwaves, we can change behaviour of cells, tissue... Whole organisms have a six times higher fetal mortality rate, birth defects and induce malignant tumours in human cells.”

- TOP SECRET: Course No. 11, 2001-07. “Students (scientists) will be familiar with current knowledge, ie. cancer, memory, brain function damage to the eye, skin, birth defects from low level microwave radiation.”

- TOP SECRET: Naval Medical Research Institute: Biological and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave Radiation (Low-Level) which lists 2,000 medical references with the main paper, Altered Menstrual and Fetal Development.

- TOP SECRET: World Health Organization (W.H.O.), 1973. Biological Effects: Health and Excess Mortality from Artificial Irradiation of Radio Frequency, Microwave Radiation. The paper was the result of a symposium held in Warsaw and has been referred to by experts such as Dr. Magda Havas, Trent University, Canada, Henry Lai, of the University of Washington and by the Seletun Declaration signed by Prof. Olle Johansson, of the Karolinska Institute, among others.

”The damage caused by microwave radiation is irrefutable,” says Trower, “There never is any doubt. There never was.”

In reference to the Warsaw document, Trower held it high, telling the audience, “Again, top secret paper. This is a surprise. This is actually from the World Health Organization and it says Biological Effects: Health and Excess Mortality from Artificial Irradiation of Radio Frequency, Microwave Radiation. They list pages upon pages of ill effects and when the W.H.O published this it was stamped Top Secret and hasn’t seen the light of day since.”

As it emerges from the shadows of secrecy, the document is becoming a cornerstone of the global reaction to microwave radiation, giving credence to the fact that dangers to human and animal health were established more than 40 years ago and that the evidence has been suppressed. In a sworn affidavit to the State of Oregon, Trower told the court that health effects from microwave radiation had been noted as early as 1932 when it was called “radiowave sickness”.

A 2006 Freedom of Information request by Donald Friedman of Napa, California4 supports Trower implicitly. The buried document revealed both the theory and practice behind inducing neurological events from subjects “hearing things” - the Frey Effect - to suffering epileptic seizures of varying severity.5 The U.S. Army document, Bioeffects of Selected Non Lethal Weapons, which notes that human beings have been used as guinea pigs and the physical effects are a reality, states: Human subjects listened to very high levels of low-frequency noise and infrasound...Two minute duration as high as 140 to 155 dB produced a range of effects from mild discomfort to severe pressure sensations, nausea, gagging, and giddiness. Effects also included blurred vision and visual field distortions in some exposure exposure conditions...”

Naturally, by virtue of the fact that Friedman had to officially request the document and that it was originally labeled “Secret Noforn” until it was stamped unclassified clearly indicates that information is being suppressed and kept well away from public scrutiny. The label "SECRET NOFORN" means documents are designed to never be shown to non-US citizens.

According to Trower the reason is simple. “The question is, ‘Why?’ Why has all of this damage which is known to be caused to children, why is it being suppressed? And the answer is here,” said Trower, holding before him yet another document.

“And I have said this was incredibly top secret. It is from the United States Defense Intelligence Agency. It’s dated 1971 and basically they list all of the illnesses which you can expect at this time from low level radiation including blood-brain barrier damage but it is the first three lines which I think are the most dangerous lines since the declaration of war and it’s certainly going to cause more casualties.... Those three lines of text from the U.S. Naval Centre are telling indeed: ‘If the governments of the more advanced nations of the West are strict in enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavourable effects on industrial output and military effects.’6”

The possibility / probability of costly law suits moved Swiss Re to refuse insurance to companies using microwave technology. The risk-averse insurance sector bases its assessment on risk, the concept explored by Australian Don Maish in his book, The Procrustean Approach: setting exposure standards for telecommunications frequency electromagnetic radiation. Maisch was savaged by the legal team representing FortisBC during hearings in British Columbia in March 2013 to consider deployment of the contentious Smart Meter. The contentious William Bailey, naturally enough, testified on behalf of the industry.

Blame for the paucity of public safety standards rests with the U.S. government, claims Trower. “The United States government are advising Western governments, namely us, to have such a relaxed safety level that the industry can never be taken to court,” he said. “They also say that if we don’t it will have a disastrous effect on industrial profit and, of course, line them up for law suits. Following this, if the American government says ‘Jump’, the English government says, ‘How high?’”

Trower explained that the English government adopted a six-minute heating effect as the official standard and the rest of the world followed suit. There is, however, ample evidence of global financial interests bringing enormous pressure to bear. Names like Motorola. Westinghouse, JPMorgan and Rockefeller litter the resume of Nikola Tesla, the undisputed pioneering genius in the application of electricity and magnetism. Indeed, it was Tesla himself who alerted President Franklin Roosevelt of the theory behind creation of a death ray to end WWII and all wars while a friend petitioned Eleanor Roosevelt for financial help for the inventor who died penniless in January 1943.

Trower’s assertion regarding the arbitrary adoption of the heating or so-called “Thermal Effect” caused by microwaves was expressed as early as 1981 by the World Health Organization. Titled Environmental Health Criteria 16, Radiofrequency and Microwaves, the report notes, “Thermal mechanisms seem wholly inadequate to account for the results of studies indicating that cerebral tissue, exposed to weak electromagnetic fields, responds only over a limited range of intensities and modulation frequencies of the RF carrier field. There appears to be evidence for both amplitude and modulation frequency windows, outside which effects are not observed.”7

“And that is still the only standard today,” said Trower, “six minutes of heating. In other words, providing you don’t feel too warm, after six minutes of being near a transmitter or on the phone or whatever, it is deemed safe, that is it. That is the only safety level and today in the U.K. and the United States they’ll have got away with that.”

In Canada, Dr. Havas8, of Trent University, Ontario, forced admission from health authorities that while they say they are using standards below the Thermal Effect, they are at wide variance with practice. In February 2013, Havas reported: “I just returned from a hearing in Montreal in front of the Superior Court of Quebec where Health Canada scientist, James McNamee, admitted that the Safety Code 6 guideline for microwave radiation (which includes radiation from most of the devices we are concerned about like mobile phones, cell phone antennas, Wi-Fi, wireless toys and baby monitors, smart meters etc.) is based ONLY on preventing a heating effect! Let me state that again. Health Canada admits that Safety Code 6 for frequencies between 100 kHz and 300 GHz are based ONLY on heating.”

Trower is right again and Dr. Havas proved it.

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