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16 October 2014

Boil the Frog Slowly Radio Interview with Kevin Mottus, 2014 Congressional Candidate from California District 33

Listen to this very informative broadcast from "Boil the Frog Slowly" radio with guest Kevin Mottus, 2014 Congressional Candidate from California District 33. He shares an important part of his platform – minimizing radio frequency radiation exposure from all wireless devices and infrastructure to protect the health of our children. (Kevin Mottus's website)

Kevin Mottus, who is a school social worker, talks about the increasing numbers of persons he has heard about who have head, neck, and face tumors most likely from excessive cell phone use, and breast cancers, including men, from keeping cell phones in shirt pockets and bras. He reminds us that the FCC Guidelines do not protect us against radiofrequency radiation, as they are based on the 30-minute exposure of a 6-foot, 220-pound adult male. The non-thermal effects of exposure are not taken into account. Furthermore, the FCC ignores the many thousands of studies on health effects dating back to the 1940’s. The FCC and wireless industry are buying time to do more studies, manufacturing science to make its gadgets and infrastructure look safe. There is a great need for independent studies which show the health effects on heavy wireless users (3-5 hours a day exposure) and cumulative exposure.

Kevin reminds us that when using wireless devices, we are micro-waving our body. People do not know this and also don’t hear about the growing numbers of people with head and neck tumors, including well-known sports personalities (Lebron James, Jim Kelly), because the telecoms industry is doing an excellent job of keeping them in ignorance and denial. If the media runs a story about this, the industry threatens them with loss of advertising. All forms of media, including TV programs and movies, are being used to sell wireless technology, just as once industry did for cigarettes.

Doctors comment that they are seeing more and more cases of head, neck, and face tumors as well as pancreatic cancer (the cancer that killed Steve Jobs), once rare. They are also seeing more and more salesmen and lawyers – heavy cell phone users - with brain tumors. The lack of action on the part of most doctors is “disgusting”; they need to educate their patients and each other. Improving the patient experience through wireless technology, including wearable devices, is also very troubling. This only increases people’s exposure. Vice-President Joe Biden’s son, Beau, 44 years old, was diagnosed with a tumor behind his ear, but would not talk about it. Why? Because the Vice President and President Obama have allocated $25 billion for nationwide wireless. What we need instead is money for other types of infrastructure - water, roads, housing. The industry is funding the election campaigns of government officials who will then ensure wireless is installed everywhere. President Obama is compromising our water and food supply and air quality by embracing fracking, GMOs and wireless technology.

What can we do? Get ourselves elected to office so that we can change things. This is everyone’s issue and all of us are being affected by radiofrequency radiation from wireless technology, although we may not be aware of this invisible and silent danger.

Kevin cites the following excellent sources of information on EMF:

- California Brain Tumor Association - http://www.cabta.org/
- Citizens for Safe Technology - http://www.citizensforsafetechnology.org/
- Safe School California - http://www.safeschool.ca/
- Electromagnetic Radiation Safety - University of California Berkeley School of Public Health - http://www.saferemr.com/

(Summary by Meris Michaels, Editor of "Towards Better Health")

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