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27 December 2015

Suspects Mobile Phones Cause Cancer

Christian Blom lives most of the year in the country to avoid mobile phone
radiation.  This device measures radiation from the nearest base station.
This is a summary of the Google translation.  Christian Blom talks about his electro-hypersensitivy and subsequent cancer in the neck and throat from 10 years of cell phone use.  His doctors did not question him about cell phone use and did not want to know anything about it.  Afterwards, he was sent to a psychiatric clinic and became scared he would be classified as a madman.

Suspects mobile phones cause cancer
by Elin Von Wright, Helsinki, svenska.yle.fi/,  26 September 2014

Christian Blom was electrosensitive two days before midsummer 2003. He slowly began to feel worse and worse until he developed the disease six years later.

- I reacted to street dust and mold in our workplace and it had already been going on for a while. But it just got worse and worse. When connected, I realized how bad I was feeling by the time I used the phone several hours each day.
Became electrosensitive

Christian Blom realized that he was oversensitive to electricity in 2003, when he was about to celebrate midsummer with his family in Viitasaari.

- I had a seizure in the car while I was driving. I got a red rash and had difficulty breathing. We quickly drove to the hospital in Lahti and I was treated for allergic shock, because it was what the doctors thought it was about.

- On Midsummer Eve, I got up and put on the TV, and then my body began to tremble. It was like I had put my fingers in the socket. I turned off the TV and it felt better immediately throughout the body. After repeating this a number of times, I realized that my allergic reactions must have something to do with electricity.

Today we are surrounded constantly by mobile phones and wireless networks. We subject our bodies to radiation throughout life. Can we be sure that its use is harmless? And what about the radiation from base stations known as cell towers? The researchers are not unanimous on the phones' health effects, especially in terms of long-term effects. But according to the radiation protection authorities there is no reason for concern. How are we to know who to listen to?


A couple of years after the event, he managed to rebuild his life. But some years later it got worse again.

- Early in the spring of 2009, I noticed that the glands under the right ear began to swell, ie the place where I had the cell phone for 10 years of my life, before I became electrosensitive. I went to the doctor and found out I had an aggressive cancer that had spread to the whole area around the neck and throat.
Christian Blom told several doctors during the cancer treatment that he believed that the disease could have to do with his mobile phone use.

- When I told the doctors about my suspicions, they took me seriously.

Christian filled in a form of cancer statistics with doctors, but there were no questions about cell phone use.

- You would fill in how much you've smoked, how much you have consumed alcohol and how much you have been exposed to the one and the other. But there was no question about how you use mobile phones and for how long. I took up the matter and asked why there was not a single question about cell phone use. But doctors at HYKS said that this is an issue that they do not talk about. They forbade me said there is no point that I raise this question because there is no one who will discuss it with me.
Was sent to a psychiatrist

- Fortunately, I got to come to an allergy hospital, where they took me seriously. But they began to send me to a psychiatric clinic in Meilahti where I saw a psychologist six to seven times. I was really scared that I would be classified as a madman and become incarcerated. But I was declared healthy.

Christian retired after six years of struggle against the authorities. He was diagnosed with depression because no other diagnoses succeeded.

Christian was treated throughout the spring, summer and autumn of 2009.

- I got the maximum radiation therapy and they had to remove the cancer. It is now five years since treatment. I had hoped that when the cancer disappeared, the electrosensitivity would likewise disappear. But it did not, it took new forms.

Christian Blom still feels today allergic and is sensitive to cell phone radiation. He lives most of the year out in the country to avoid the worst of the radiation.

- It was awful the first few years. There were times when I did not believe in myself. I thought, I've gone crazy, or is this just a figment? And especially when leading doctors said that now, you should stop feeling after all this time and walk around and think about this.

After six years, Christian became so healthy that he managed to go to the theater again.

- Since I have been working in the theater world for over 20 years, this was very important for me.
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  1. CSIRO Australia found EMF causes Cancer Decades ago. I have worked with Electronics myself since Television came to Australia, Cancer has increased since then prior to Mobile phones we never heard about Brain Tumors.Jeff


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