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07 August 2016

Connecticut Department of Public Health Recommends Reducing Cell Phone Exposure

Connecticut Department Of Public Health Recommends Reducing Cell Phone Exposure
Environmental Health Trust

EHT has learned that in May 2015 the Connecticut Department of Public Health issued specific recommendations to reduce exposure to cellphone radiation. It is notable that the Department has gone further than the CDC, EPA and FDA in detailing 7 steps on how people can reduce exposure. Furthermore, the Department also gives the opinion that “It is wise to reduce your exposure to radiofrequency energy from cell phones whenever possible.”

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What about children and cell phones?

Children may be at greater risk than adults from exposure to RF energy when using a cell phone.  Their bodies and brains are still developing and are more vulnerable to exposures that could cause harm.  Because their heads are smaller than those of adults, children have relatively greater exposure to the field of RF energy of cell phones.  Children also have the potential to accumulate many more years of cell phone exposure than adults.  So far, research studies have not identified higher cell phone risks in children.  However, in order to fully understand the risks to children, there needs to be more research focusing on children.  Until more is known, it is wise to limit a child's use of cell phone as much as possible.  The younger the child, the more at risk they may be from exposure.


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