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08 August 2016

New Blog Describes What It Is Like to Live with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) in the Modern World

Dave Ashton, the author of this post "Joining Up the Dots", is also the creator of this excellent new blog, 

I am honored to work with him.  His awareness-raising and understanding of the issues of the effects of wireless technology and electrohypersensitivity have been invaluable in carrying out our advocacy in Switzerland.

Dave describes his blog:

"The blog publishes articles on what it is like to live with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) in the modern world, written by people who know only too well.

I'd welcome contributions for publishing - please send me an email to have your story included, or contact me via one of the Facebook links.

Very often, articles in the media seek to dismiss electrosensitivity as a psychological issue, and one that is unrelated to electromagnetic fields and radiation.

I believe that the scientific evidence shows that this industry-friendly view of the condition is catastrophically wrong, and I hope that the tales of what electrosensitive people have to endure, and what our backgrounds are, will help to dispel the myth that we have some irrational fear of technology, and that it's "all in our heads".

Please join me on this quest for recognition of this debilitating condition, and for the support and empathy of those around us.


Here is an extract of Dave's testimony of electrohypersensitivity, "Joining Up the Dots", which may be read in full here:

What you'd like politicians, and those in authority, to do:

Listen - you guys need to wake up and smell the coffee. The UK, and elsewhere, is facing an unprecedented crisis, as more and more people are made sick by environmental pollution, in which EMFs play a large part.

Stop pretending that electrosensitivity doesn't exist, and that it's a psychological issue. Also, stop taking your radiation advice from conflicted organisations (WHO, SCENIHR, AGNIR, PHE, ICNIRP etc.) who care more about keeping the wireless gravy train rolling than they do about protecting people.

Act with integrity, and act on a precautionary basis, by implementing biologically-based maximum exposure levels, such as those recommended by the BioInitiative Report.

Realise that the problems associated with exposure to this radiation aren't confined to electrosensitive individuals - what about pregnant women, infants and children, the elderly, and those who are already predisposed to disease? What about everyone else, too?

Understand that ignoring this issue and kicking it into the long grass just delays the inevitable day of reckoning, and makes the cost of dealing with the crisis so much greater.

Appreciate that the economy is based on a healthy workforce, and try to comprehend the economic cost of inaction - both on productivity, and on the further endless drain of "investment" into a failing, crisis-riven NHS.

Act with urgency to 1) recognise electrosensitivity, 2) support sufferers, and 3) divert resources into research, education and treatment.

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