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03 December 2017

Canada: Health Issues Related to Exposure to Microwave Radiation from Wireless Technology (2014 Article)

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This article from 2014  is about electrohypersensitivity in Canada.  The person written about here was treated at the Environmental Health Clinic, Women's College Hospital in Toronto.

Microwave radiation from wireless technology causes deleterious health issues.
healthunlocked.com, 3 years ago - Extracts

... When my daughter returned from Italy within 2 weeks she was sick and house bound. She started having severe pressure headaches and she believed her head was going to explode. She had neck pain and face pain. Some days every tooth in her mouth ached and she has lovely teeth, not one cavity. Then her hand started to tremble and she started to have severe dizzy spells and it felt like her heart would stop and jerk her when it started again (arrhythmia). She was afraid to drive the car in case she passed out and killed someone. Then her symptoms started to merge with mine, heart palpitations, muscle and joint pain, severe insomnia, ringing in the ears or sounds of white noise (tinnitus), burning in the back of the head, tingling/itchy/burning skin, chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, severe memory loss, and extremely poor concentration. It goes without saying we suffered from terrible anxiety.

The doctors and medical professionals exhausted their resources running tests for diabetes, hypothyroidism, anemia, heart tests, spinal tests, teeth exams, eye exams, hearing tests, tests for vitamin deficiencies, blood tests, etc. and all reports came back negative. We were sent to the Environmental Health Clinic in Toronto and the Medical Director told us we were suffering from “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” (EHS) caused by the new wireless utility smart meter they had installed on our house. This is a recognized medical illness and is supported by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, yet few Canadians have heard of it and our medical professionals are not trained to diagnose or treat EHS. We learned the wireless smart meters infiltrate your home with electromagnetic radiation that increases health risk of disease and disorders. The smart meter radiation (microwave radiation) travels for a few miles in all directions and pierces through all non-metallic mediums. If your community has 1000 homes then 1000 smart meters are exposing you and your family to their radiations, even while sleeping! Although the smart meters fire off intermittently, they collectively have a cumulative effect on our health over time. Smart meter radiation sickness in its variety of forms is infiltrating our children, babies, pregnant mothers, elderly, pets, etc.

Of particular concern are homes where the meter is mounted on the same wall as a bedroom or a room where any occupant spends much time. Even more worrying are homes that have multiple meters mounted just outside living areas, such as some townhouses, some apartments and some multiple residence units. Having multiple meters can cause even higher radiation levels and more danger for the persons exposed. Each meter transmits radiation at different strengths and at different time periods, depending on the distance the signal has to travel, the physical barriers between the meter and the collection point, and the number of meters using the meter as a stepping stone to pass their information along the line to the collection point.

At the Environmental Health Clinic we met hundreds of people suffering from the same symptoms, and learned that there are millions of people across the country who have EHS. We met bank managers from downtown Toronto who have been off work for over 2 years since the bank installed WIFI, teachers who left their profession because the schools are now blanketed in WiFi, real-estate brokers who got sick immediately after a smart meter was installed on their house, a university professor who had slept in a car for a number of years out in the country. A car acts like a faraday cage keeping radiation out when it isn’t running, but if you are travelling with a cell phone inside the car it has the opposite effect and pings from door to door/ceiling to floor, all the while searching for a signal and sending microwave radiation travelling through your body. To make matters worse and because the smart meter was the catalyst that began our health problems, we are now sensitive to all wireless products and must avoid cell phones, cordless DECT phones, WiFi and the list goes on.

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