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01 March 2017

New York: Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications

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Jack O'Dwyer has kindly shared his excellent article with one of our Facebook friends:

O'Dwyer on radiation
O'Dwyer's, 28 February 2017 (text courtesy of Jack O'Dwyer)

A new group of radiation health advocates has been formed in New York to battle the profusion of radiating celltowers that sit atop many, if not most, buildings.

“Nowhere have I seen radiating antennas as densely situated as in Manhattan,” says Camilla Rees, founder of Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications (http://manhattanneighbors.org/)

Much of the world is polluted in the same way, adds Rees, who says people “are not connecting the dots between exposures to electromagnetic energy and things like fatigue, attention and memory difficulties, insomnia, irritability, headaches, low energy, immune challenges, heart irregularities, inflammatory conditions, neurological conditions, depression and much more.”

Landlords, condo and co-op boards are accepting thousands of dollars monthly to rent space to the transmitter companies that use “high-power, commercial grade, wireless equipment when safe connectivity solutions are readily available,” she says.

The transmitters are on the roofs, sides of buildings, and water towers and sometimes in elevator shafts, she notes.

Tenants are not told about transmitters on the other side of a wall, “right next to a baby’s crib, perhaps, or inches from one’s pillow,” she adds.

Buildings Reap Big Bucks

Cell Tower Leases (http://www.cell-tower-leases.com/) tells how it can help buildings to get the maximum amount of income by leasing cell towers. It says it helped one landlord get an additional $208,887 in cell tower rental income over the 25-year term of the contract. It describes itself as “the No. 1 Cell Tower Co-Location Consulting Experts and wireless landlord advocates.”

It says more than 100,000 new cell phone towers will be built in the U.S. during the next decade. “More cell towers are coming. A lot more!” it adds.

A concerned, capacity audience of 60 packed a conference room in New York May 22, 2016 to discuss the dangers of Wi-Fi and other radiation. Biggest victims are said to be children, babies and fetuses.

Rees, founder of Electromagneticheath.org, said the “industrial-strength 5GHz routers commonly found in schools are designed to go through cement, brick and to cover the campus.”

They’re higher wattage and configured to be able to serve hundreds of users simultaneously, she said. Presentations included one by babysafeproject.org.

Rees, a graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall, Columbia University and the Georgetown Graduate School of Business Administration, has written a 54-part description of EMF dangers and possible solutions that is the most comprehensive overview of the dangers of EMF.

She addressed a session at the Left Forum on dangers of radiation at the John Jay Criminal College. More than 5,000 attended the three-day conference.

New York Apartment Dwellers at Risk

New Yorkers and others should pay close attention to Rees since Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision and other cable suppliers are forcing new 5GHz routers on customers, this writer included.

Apprised of this new danger (radiation pulsing 24/7 billions of times a second), we contacted Time Warner and had them turn off the 5GHz and 2Ghz lights on the router. Other customers of the cable companies should do the same.

A technician came to our home and found high levels of radiation throughout the apartment and particularly near windows. The highest apartments get the most radiation from hundreds of cell towers atop apartment buildings. The New York real estate industry must look into this problem.

The technician immediately shut down Bluetooth on our MacBook and told us to get rid of the landline phone that had a wireless companion. An antenna on the landline part spewed radiation 24/7 and was the same as a wireless phone.

Keep Phones Away from Body

Advice from Rees includes keeping cellphones away from the body, never putting them in a breast pocket, pants pocket or over the heart. Don’t sleep near a cordless phone or with a wireless router or computer nearby, she advises. The radiation emitted all night “depletes melatonin leading to poor sleep quality and insomnia.”

She says she knows of a Manhattan woman who lived behind a cluster of antennas and “lost her life.” She has encountered “many EMF related deaths, suicides and situations of great despair while immersing myself in this subject over eight years.”

Rees recently published “The Wireless Elephant in the Room” which can be read at www.manhattanneighbors.org.

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