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21 August 2017

Wi-Fi: A Slow, Silent Killer

Wi-Fi: A slow, silent killer
Source: Health Awareness, 3 August 2017

Almost everyone has Wi-Fi at home due to its convenience. However, there have been some safety concerns and the conclusion is that Wi-Fi can be detrimental to the overall health, especially in children.

Wi-Fi has a negative effect on various things, from brain health to sleep quality.

Potential Dangers of Wi-Fi

Damages Childhood Development

The non-thermal radio frequency radiation from Wi-Fi can disrupt normal cellular development, especially fetal development. This radiation affects growing tissues, such as in children and youth. Consequently, they would be more susceptible than average to the described effects and are at greater risk of developmental issues.

Contributes to the Development of Insomnia
Wi-Fi has also a great effect on sleep. If you feel like you cannot fall asleep, have an irregular sleeping pattern, it may be due to the low-frequency modulation from cell phones and Wi-Fi. People who are exposed to electromagnetic radiation have a significantly more difficult time falling asleep. And we all know that sleep deprivation can be harmful to the health.

Agitates Brain Function
Wi-Fi affects the concentration and the brain function. So, the brain activity is reduced, and as a result, you may experience trouble concentrating or have memory loss.

Neutralizes Sperm
Wi-Fi threatens a man’s virility. Exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies reduce sperm movement and cause DNA fragmentation. Moreover, it may impact fertility or increase the risk of abnormal pregnancy.

Causes Cardiac Stress
Many people experience a real physical response to electromagnetic frequencies, including increased heart rate. Therefore, Wi-Fi increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Increases the Risk of Cancer
The exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of tumor development.

Wi-Fi Radiation – How To Protect Yourself

Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself from the dangers, including:

Avoid placing a wireless router in your kitchen or bedroom.

Do not keep the phone in your pocket.

Use wired phones when at home, to reduce electromagnetic radiation.

If you’re pregnant, don’t keep the phone close to the belly.

Make sure you keep your phone at the other end of the room, or on the seat of the car.

Use texting more than talking.

Do not use wireless baby monitors, as they all operate on microwave frequency.

Disconnect all Wi-Fi devices before going to sleep.


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