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26 November 2017

Digipigi: Credit Suisse's Multi-Million Campaign Flops

One of the most popular comments to this article: "Such bullshit! As a father, I fight daily against the internet abuse of my children." 

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Hardly any demand for children's app - Digital piggy bank devours TV million - Private Banking with Pigi instead of Platinum.

Credit Suisse bosses are proud of their youngest baby. It is called Digipigi, consists of a computer app and a digital piggy bank and should bring children to the bank early.

It's great, they say. In fact, hardly anyone wants the app. In Google Play, the US giant's electronic store, the Digipigi app has a non-measurable demand.

Between 50 and 100 people have previously downloaded the Digipigi program on their mobile phone.

Equally modest is the so-called download number in the application for parents to monitor their "kids". So far, it also registers only 50 to 100 downloads.

The number for Apple mobile devices is unknown. CS emphasizes that demand is greater there. In addition, the action has been running for a week, and there are many phone orders.

The mini-demand was surprising. CS launched its new Digipigi with a brilliant media campaign in Switzerland.

In the cities, there were the faces of funny children on the billboards all over, advertising he modern CS piggy bank. Even on television, the Digipigis of the financial multinational were omnipresent.

The spots are good, the posters as well. But the campaign did not ignite. There are barely any reviews on Google Play and also on Apple's comparable store called iTunes.

And if there are, these obviously come from CS employees...

In fact, the head of CS Switzerland under its CEO Thomas Gottstein has given the command to internally promote Digipigi.

Since then, senior executives have increasingly mentioned in meetings that employees with small children at home should try out the digipigi of their own employer.

The call has hitherto gone unheard. Digipigi is a "nonvaleur" in the worldwide Google App offer after the important startup phase. The only thing that has gone through the roof so far is the advertising costs.

Everything takes time, the CS leaders say. Only: The Digipigi also raises questions regardless of any subsequent success.

The flagship offensive of Switzerland's number 2 bank shows, by way of example, where those responsible want to steer their bank - and where they see no future.

They position CS as a financial institution for all, with Digipigi for the youngest, Bonviva for private clients and CS Invest for investors.

Everything digitized and standardized.  Whoever wants more, must have 50 million at the bank. Then there's special care.

The masses are not among the few chosen ones...

The consequences of such a positioning with a uniform offer for the majority of the customers are not to be underestimated. The CS...  finally becomes the Socialist Bank .

Everything is the same for everyone. And basically less.

The reduction in performance is reflected in details. In the past, CS's good private banking customers had one million or more of an American Express credit card.

The most expensive version of the American credit card, the one called Platinum , allowed holders to wait for departure at any airport in the top lounge in the U.S.

Over the past few years, CS consultants have persuaded these customers to switch from the American Platinum card to the Platinum version of Bonviva, following orders from above .

Then you get everything beautifully from one source, was the argument: account, card, care. And all advantages remained.

Explicitly there was talk of "worldwide access to over 1000 airport lounges including free snacks and refreshments".

Many of CS's private banking customers joined the company, holding a new Bonviva Platinum credit card. Then they experienced their blue miracle. "Bonviva what?" was the question of the receptionist in the lounges of the U.S. airports.

The entrance remained closed. Only one lounge remained accessible to Bonviva Platinum customers.

The realization that Bonviva is not equal to American Express had penetrated into the consciousness of the CS customers by the time it hit. The reaction in the form of anger and anger followed.

It is such cost-driven and supposedly minimal service adjustments that are driving CS Private Banking down.

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