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02 December 2017

Risk of Brain Cancer Maximum Among Teenagers Excessively Using Cellphones: Study

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Risk of Brain Cancer Maximum Among Teenagers Excessively Using Cellphones: Study
india.com, 1st December 2017

New Delhi, Dec 1: A recent study by a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, Girish Kumar showed that teenagers who use mobile phones excessively up the risk of brain cancer by at least 400 per cent. Based on research by World Health Organisation (WHO), the study focuses on the effects of mobile phone usage on the human body. The study also stated that excessive use also leads to several other physical and psychological ailments.

Speaking to Zee, Professor Kumar said WHO has listed cell phones among possible carcinogenic, meaning item which can cause cancer. The study on such lines began in early 2000 and within a decade, the study conducted case studies of 5117 brain tumour cases in 10 countries, reports claimed.

Kumar filed the research report in 2010 and he also presented the paper at the Inter-Committee Meeting. The report received the nod from the Ministerial Committee in 2011.

He said the average users have nothing much to worry about regarding their mobile phone usage. He said if anyone uses their phone at an average of four minutes per day, then s/he has nothing to worry about. Kumar said that, however, if a person uses phone for over 30 minutes a day, the risk of brain tumor rises from 200 per cent to 400 per cent. This is based on a WHO study which it followed since 2011.

Smart phone radiation has higher penetration among children, followed by teenagers, the report claimed. According to it, radiation penetration among children is over 75 per cent, among teenagers is over 50 per cent and among adults is at least 25 per cent. Professor Kumar claimed he has studied over thousand papers and analysed them to reach at these conclusions.

Using of cellphones also impact one’s blood temperature, the report claimed. Following this when the brain detects any change in the temperature, it initiates a process called ‘Thermo-Regulatory Mechanism’. While this cools down the blood temperature, after excessive usage of cellphones, the whole process starts from the scratch.

Kumar also said that the cellphone towers emit radiations which lasts til 24 hours and since mobile phones are linked to them, it is transmitted onto its users. The study observed that during peak hours, radiation emission is higher than otherwise. This also impacts other living beings, apart from human beings.

The study revealed that such radiations can be checked once fiber optics come into popular use. He said that although the technology is costly for mass use, but its impact on health is minimal.


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