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08 August 2019

International Phonegate Scandal

The Phonegate Alert Association has just updated its Website with this information explaining the Phonegate scandal: See original article for videos and information leaflet.

phonegatealert.org, 8 August 2019

There are hundreds of millions of victims worldwide, more than 300 million electrohypersensitive persons, and how many deaths and sick people suffering from pathologies such as begnin and malignant brain tumors, fertility disorders, particularly severe cognitive disorders in children

  • The European and international standards that have been regulating the placing on the market of mobile phones for 30 years are seriously deficient to protect the health and safety of users.
  • The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) that measures our level of thermal exposure to waves is a faulty and misleading indicator.
  • By using parameters that have nothing to do with real usage, manufacturers have knowingly misled consumers about the real SAR levels of their mobile phones.
  • One of the artifices used is the indicator, until the launch of the alert in July 2016 in France, of a distance measurement between 15 and 25 mm from the skin to measure body SARs.
  • During the control tests carried out in 2015 by the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) on 95 mobile phone models taken from stores, 9 out of 10 exceeded the regulatory thresholdsof 2W/kg and 1 in 4, thethreshold of 4W/kg.
  • By using other artifices (which concerns more than 150 countries), such as the choice of testing on 10gr of tissues and an exposure time of 6mn, the SAR is once again reduced by at least three times.
  • Between the body SAR displayed by the manufacturer on the notice or in the store, and the real SAR, there may be deviations of more than 50 times.
  • Manufacturers are preparing to do the same for the new indicator, power density, which will be implemented (under development) on smartphones using the new 5G technology


  • ANFR was forced by the actions of Phonegate Alert and Dr Arazi to publish on its open data website the list of more than 500 mobile phone control tests.
  • Since April 2018, in France, 18 models have been either withdrawn or updated for exceeding the SAR threshold.
  • More than 250 of the best-selling models tested on the market have body SAR thresholds well above the values not to be exceeded to respect the health and safety of users.
  • The public authorities in France and Europe have not yet taken the necessary measures to remove or update them.
  • And this does not only concern the phones tested, but almost all mobile phones present this risk to users.
  • In Italy, in connection with the Phonegate data, a recent decision of the Administrative Court of Rome condemned the Italian State to launch a national information campaign on the health risks of mobile phones.
  • On the eve of the global development of 5G technology and with the knowledge that manufacturers are endangering the health of users, a conclusion must be drawn, to no longer trust them and refuse to serve as guinea pigs.


  • The standards must be re-evaluated on real scientific grounds and lowered to a level corresponding to the minimum level recommended by Council of Europe Resolution 1815. As a whole, their designs must be removed from ICNIRP.
  • The placing on the market of a new mobile phone will have to take into account rigorous control procedures and be accompanied by a technical manual indicating the number of micro antennas, the maximum transmission power under usual and maximum operating conditions.
  • States must engage in a systematic post-control process. In Europe, only France and to a lesser extent, the Netherlands, do it in ridiculous ways.
  • Users must be informed by manufacturers, distributors, operators and public authorities of the real SAR levels of mobile phones used and how to protect themselves effectively.
  • Phones placed on the market under conditions that do not reflect real usage will have to be dealt with by manufacturers, in particular refurbished models sold second-hand.
  • Scientists, doctors, non-governmental organizations highlight the need for a moratorium before the irreversible deployment of 5G. There is still time to listen to them in the light of the many recent scientific studies highlighting the health risks associated with mobile phone waves (NTP, Ramazzini).
  • The instructions for the devices must include truthful information on health effects and recommendations for use of these devices, taking into account all currently known biological and health data.


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