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05 December 2019

Phonegate: [Press release] Users warned about 3 French mobile phone models from 3 manufacturers

This warning most certainly concerns users who have purchased these 3 models from the brands BlackBerry, Doro and Selecline in other European countries.

[Press release] Users warned about 3 French mobile phone models from 3 manufacturers
Equipe Phonegate 5 Dec 2019

Our analysis of the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) database revealed that 3 smartphone models controlled in 2018 and 2019 by ANFR and announced as having a “compliant” trunk specific absorption rate (SAR) were tested more than 5mm from the skin. This is confirmed by the extract from the database below. We therefore wrote to ANFR in August 2019 to inform them of this apparent anomaly in view of the test results and ask for explanations.

Unscrupulous application of the principle of anteriority of the law

These three phones were put on the market after June 2017 even though they had been certified compliant according to the previous version of the European RTTE directive.

As a result, we have uncovered an unscrupulous application of the principle of anteriority and non-retroactivity of the law by certain manufacturers. Indeed, these manufacturers have deliberately continued to sell their products on the French market in complete legality, knowing that they are potentially putting their customers’ health at risk. It goes without saying that for us, some distributors of these products are all equally responsible!

An underestimation of the exposure of users of these 3 models

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