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17 January 2020

Electrosensitivity - an Environmental Illness, an Authentic Diagnosis, not a Delusional Disorder - by Dr. Andrew Tresidder

Physicians could learn from the example of British general practitioner Dr. Andrew Tresidder, who wrote an article with the purpose of educating public health professionals in his country about electrosmog. 

The article has been translated into French and is posted on the Swiss association site of ARRA .   Link to pdf in English and  Link to pdf in French

To my Medical Colleagues, GPs, Psychiatrists, Neurologists and others:

Electrosensitivity – an Environmental illness, an Authentic Diagnosis, not a Delusional Disorder
November 2018

How much is a life worth?
Summary: Electrosensitivity is the symptomatic sensitivity to Electric or Magnetic Fields of any frequency, including RadioFrequency (RF or Microwave) transmissions. As a symptomatic condition, it is becoming common due to the increasing environmental pressure on human biology. The source is pollution from wireless and other EM fields. Doctors as yet rarely recognize it due to educational issues. Safety always lags technological advance. There are barriers to recognition of harms. Current UK Advisory Safety Limits are based upon the outdated and disproven myth that Non-Thermal means Non-Harmful. Society and organizations have yet to fully travel the road from ‘there isn’t a problem’, ‘there might be a problem but it’s very small’ to ‘there is a problem’. Society does not recognize humans as electromagnetic beings, as well as physical bodies needing careful nutrition to maintain health. Meanwhile, increasing numbers of people suffer, often ignored or dismissed because society doesn’t yet appreciate the issue, and doctors have no answers. Electrosensitivity is soundly supported by both biology and physics.

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