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15 September 2021

France: According to a Study by Credoc, the French are Increasingly Concerned about the Danger of Cell Phone Waves

[Press release] According to a study by Credoc, the French are increasingly concerned about the danger of cell phone waves
Phonegate Alert Association, Equipe Phonegate 14 Sep 2021

Credoc published in July 2021 its “Digital Barometer”. This document is the report analyzing the results of questions inserted by the Authority for the Regulation of Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution (ARCEP), the General Economic Council (CGE) and the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT) in a dedicated survey, conducted among 4,000 people aged 12 and over residing in metropolitan France.

Cell phone waves “rather unsafe” for a majority of French people

As shown in the graph below, a majority of respondents are wary of the waves present in their daily lives. Here is the essence of the analysis made by the Credoc investigators:

“The four devices are therefore judged, overall, as unsafe for human health. More than half of respondents (52%) consider the magnetic fields generated by all domestic devices to be unsafe, 46% think that devices as unsafe, 46% think the same of relay antennas or mobile phones and 42% consider and 42% consider Wi-Fi networks inside the home to be a risk to human health.human health”.

The French are more worried about waves than about chemical products

Furthermore, compared to other products and environments in daily life, telecommunications and new technology products are at the bottom of the hierarchy of the safest products and environments (Figure 184). Thus, 74% distrust cell phones and cell phone antennas, compared to only 29% of the French who distrust processed foods and 35% who distrust tap water. And only 17% consider them as safe and 3% as very safe. Particularly bad figures that are only slightly surpassed by insecticides and nanomaterials….

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