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19 October 2021

Don’t Put Your Cell Phone in Your Pocket Anymore !

Don’t put your cell phone in your pocket anymore !
by Equipe Phonegate | 18 Oct 2021

Every day, hundreds of millions of men and women slip their cell phone into their trouser or jeans pocket without thinking about it. It has become, in a few years, a very mechanical gesture but is it however without risks for human health?

In your pocket, your phone irradiates you

First of all, you should know that the phone, even when you are not calling with it, remains active! It will connect regularly with the nearest antenna. But also without you paying attention, receive data (sms, emails, documents, videos, etc. …). You are therefore just as exposed as during a call. And this sometimes longer, knowing that your cell phone can stay several hours in your pocket.

A SAR extremity twice as high that does not protect your health

Nothing scientifically can seriously explain why the regulation surrounding the level of the specific absorption rate (SAR) located at the level of the limbs (thighs, hands) of 4 W/kg is twice higher than that of the head (2 W/kg) and trunk (2 W/kg). This is one of the many anomalies that surround the SAR indicator supposed to protect our health. Moreover, the ANSES considers since its reports of 2016 and 2019, the SAR as a bad indicator to protect the health of users.

The SAR displayed by the manufacturer is greatly reduced

Can we trust the SAR value presented by the manufacturer in its leaflet or advertising? Our answer is clearly no! And we have been able to demonstrate this for five years through the various revelations of the Phonegate scandal. Thus, the deliberate use of certain factors for the calculation of the SAR, such as the choice of an exposure on 10 g of tissue in Europe instead of 1 g in the United States, increases the SAR level by 3 on average.

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